Actively searching for BS now - Thread for sharing


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Hi Jaq,
your fren are correct.. some of my fren sign during the roadshows but only realize their gowns are limited or can't find their dream gown..and could be quite different with your expectation when you visit their shop. for myself , i make a wrong choise of signing wz one of the BS with a very good price but end up i had to forfeited my deposit to go for another BS, i am now taking Julia Wedding News..tho abit expensive but i love their Gowns so much, and service is very good as well.. most impt...their photo album very close to what i want( cuz i am super fussy with photo one
... you have to know what is your concern...price/ gown / photo ? once you make up your mind..will be easy for you to choose... i had shop for almost 20 BS for the pass 2 mth..maybe can give some advise for you...
[email protected]


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Hi can anyone email me the package or any wedding shoot pics at [email protected] if you had previously signed up with Precious Moments? seems like there are so many good reviews they have a website cos i cant seem to find any...


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hi yangjiexiang,
Yes she did. Dress delivered was as it looked on the web, and so was the prices. Looked really good! It's a pity that they do not custom-make, but seriously, even with the alterations, it was very very good buy. Quality wise was just as what you get from all bridal shops, nothing shortfall at all. And it's a new dress too!


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Hi all, I am a DIY bride aso. I find tat is really simple and can really save alot of $$$. Btw my studio tat i sign up wif give me bk all the soft copies and they aso gv me advice on my wedding prepration. Am veri happy wif their service. I went to them through my friends whom photos is done by them.


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Hi Rachelw,

Do you mind sending me what u have gather so far on the BS package? I'm a Oct 08 bride, I haven't started sourcing for BS package coz my husband is away for business trip.

Thank you.


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Hi Blessing In Disguise,

I saw Vaughn Tan design on the website. I love his gown. Have u sign up yr BS package with him? How much would his basic BS package cost?


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hi gals... just something to share.. i am a bride to be whom has signed up for U-Style as my BS. Its owned by a taiwanese couple whom are now PR and they are really nice.

When i was there for my gown fitting.. the photographer even offered to help me to take pics so that i can go home and reference. most BS will not allow you to..


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Hi Ally,

I'm a PMB bride and a happy PMB bride thou
Apart from their photos and gowns, I signed with them for their reasonable price and good reviews too. Recently Just completed choosing my gowns and I must say I had enjoyed myself then very much. Most of their gowns are really really nice. Ever since I experience myself, it's true that their service is commendable as the staff were so patience and helpful with a fussy bride like me for so many hours without rushing the entire process. Thumbs up for their good after sales attitude

Btw, don think there is precious moment bridal website. Hope this helps.


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Hi Lushvelvet

I am actually YJX BTB.

Thanks for your reply.
Have already checked with them, hope what I am looking at is still available.


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Hi Tango Bride
I may also want to opt for DIY bec i dont want many of the items in a traditional BS package. Can you advise me on which photographer you choose and where you made you WG etc? I am new in this forum and still busily reading all the threads here. Basically, I just need a good photographer, MUA, WG.. Hmmm that's all! Anyone else can advise on DIY packages?


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Dear all

I've finally decided on my BS - Flamingo, and my photographer - Avenue 8.

But let me just share my experiences at the following BS:
1. Kelvin Seah
(Good service but too pricey. Gowns start from $4K which is way off my budget. Tried my first gown there.. not bad.)
2. Viva Weddings
(Typical taiwanese style BS. The sales person very pushy. The MUA also quite fierce. The photography is too posey! Very obiang!)
3. Precious Moment Bridal
(Also taiwanese style BS. Similar to Viva Weddings although the package they offered quite cheap. Gowns also rather new.)
4. Ted Collection
(Nice gowns. Good service. But beyond my budget. Only MTM here..)
5. Flamingo
(Great service. Gowns not too bad.)

My two cents worth
All the best to those still deciding for a suitable BS.


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Hi SG KLCC, I think I will most probably go ala carte but sometimes when you look at the package, you realise its much cheaper to take the basic package because they charge sky high prices for ala carte dresses. And going ala carte just means like deducting 50 per make up session from the photography or 600 for the photography. Which is so not true. I've been to about 10 bridal designers already and saw some photographers also. You're looking for actual day or pre wedding photgrapher? Must also see your budget, the good ones are really pricey.

And CYC, I also went to Kevin Seah... His gowns not bad, but yes very out of budget.

Annabelle, I went to Vaughn Tan and saw his gowns. He's a very nice person who will offer you loads of advice. I can't remember his package but its about 3-5K, I think.


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I just sign up with J&C Bridal. I also intend to be a ala carte BTB, but some bridal shop they say not worth it, ala carte pricing can be almost the same as package. Cos the gown if we wa to bring out for PS, some shop they charge a fee. I went to see J&C, saw an album there which is wa I wa... but nt too sure I will get the same product ma.... start worry now.


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Hi Jules,
Thank for your reply. Wow... 3-5k, I'm targetting at 3.5k BS package only. But will likely drop by to take a look.

~ How much is yr package at Flamingo?


Recommended by my colleague who took the pre-wedding package from em. They're satisfied wif their service. Not sure if the price hv gone up. Cos this price was quoted sometimes ago in Jul 07.

Hv to travel to their bridal shop in JB. U can request em to come over to S'pore to take the shot. Additional cost will be charged.

They only provide Actual Day service in S'pore located @ 747,north bridge road,#02-01.

For more details, pls contact Kelvin Eng's hp no. 96905420.

I Do Wedding-Package:

Wedding Gown—1pc
Evening Gown --- 1pc
Gents Coat ---1pc
Bridal Bouquet ---1
Car Decoration
Free Bridal Make Up & Hairdo For Photography
All Accessories For Photography and Wedding Day
5 Suits For Photography( Wedding Gown-2pcs, Evening Gown-2pcs,costume-1pc)
Indoor & Outdoor shooting

Photo ----
15 R album,15 R photo –24pcs + 1pc (cover size),( digital design-30 pose)
8 R album,5R photo –21pcs
4R photo---60 pcs
24 x 30 photo with frame ---1pc
Free : 10 R Table Top –1pc

Promotion Price : RM 3288.00


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I got Flamingo's package at a special tie up price with Avenue 8. $3488 for Flamingo package. Original is $3688.. Then since i most prob will be getting gown OTR, i paid $3088. Not decided.


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Hi all, just wanna share that if any of you hasn't signed up for package, you can consider Jawn.happy.ever.after. The designer, Euzart is funny and has good taste. Not sure abt after sales service, but they seem nice enough. The gowns also quite unique. Package is $3188. Do drop by and check it out yourself!


Hi Janet, whom did you speak to at the aisle? I am quite interested the aisle. =) Or anyone here used the aisle before?


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Hi.. I m new here and I urgently needed some help... I m getting married THIS YEAR OCT but till now have not started to source for a BS.. Can any1 enlightened mi wats the diff between a bridal package and wedding package?? Can any1 email the packages tat they have purchased recently and the price to [email protected]. I m looking for a BS which is good and reasonably priced.. I m quite plump and my face is quite round, any recommendations on which WG style I go for?? TQ very much..


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hi!! any one here care to share their BS package details (either SG or Malaysia JB) PLEASE!! wat freebies do u gals neg for??? Price please state also...SGD or RM


please kindly email to [email protected]

sep 08 bride to be....


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hi all
i went back to PJ recently to check out the BS, photographers etc What I saw re: photos shocked me in that I didn't know their standard is so high. I have checkout all famous ones here when i go around BS - Margarets'; Julia; Amanda Lee etc

there is one particular good one who has photos of msian celebrities in his studio.

as for BS, i think their SS2 is similar to Tg Pagar here. i went to mont kiara, a high class reseidential area there with lots of expats (something like Holland Rd here)Only 2 shops opened - one of them seem pretty good, there's a copy of Vera Wang gown for RM3000.

let me know if anyone interested. i may be driving up again soon,


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hi all,

went to PMB juz nw
the Guy Mr roland is very friendly n nice..
the basic pckg is v Basic n covers photos, gowns but all 1pc, hmmm...

add on photos may sum up to another $2000, but i guess overall q ok, cept no car de, lucky i dun need to get the ar, else better get car rental service ba, haa

i tink i will opt for their ala carte services such as AD PHOTOGRAPHY, MUA, etc...



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Hi All, I am a BTB in June 2008 and just like to share my experience with hotels and BS. It is important that you list down what you need, want and your budget before any hunting takes place.

For BS, it is adviseable that you compare not only the price, but also the contents of the package as well as the gowns. If possible try them on before signing up with the BS. Be specific when it comes down to details. Like do you get MTM or OTR? Corsages included? (Dun be surprised but some dun include corsages enough for bridesmaids and brothers!) What about deco for following cars? Are they included? How many photos? What kind of sizes and styles? What will your album be like? Magazine? Digital layout? Any editing? What are the extra costs? It may seem minor but its a prevention to misunderstandings further down the road!

As for hotel, the first and foremost is of course your guest list and budget. Which is more impt to you. The food or the atmosphere? Or keeping within the budget? Its almost impossible to breakeven these days, so how much extra are you willing to put in? Are you having it on a weekday or weekend? Some places have different rates for Fridays and Sundays. One may consider Friday a weekend and Sunday a weekday...

I realised through my prep as well as a fren who's getting married in March that alot of minor details overlooked at the beginning can lead to alot of unnecessary works and misunderstandings. Guess if you get it right the first time, you get it right all the time!

Have fun!


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Wedding package from S.Broadway to let go (purchased on 24th Feb 2008)

I have a wedding package to let go at $ 2888, deposit paid is $ 200.

Package includes :
1 MTM bridal gown
1 MTM evening gown
2 gent’s coat, one white shirt, and a pair of custom made trousers
1 bridal bouquet
1 car decoration
1 bridal car, driver inclusive
1 bridal make up, unlimited trial, day, night, and studio, eyelashes and ampules included for the studio photo
1 fresh flower for indoor studio photo taking
Head flower

5 outfit and 5 hair do for the photo taking
1 brides maid make up
1 brides maid dress
1 best man jacket

30 pcs, 18 x 12 photo with album + CD of selected photo in metallic with art (most bridal shop will give 15 x 12 only !!)

1 pcs of 20x 24 with frame
1 pcs of 3 in 1 with frame (worth $ 500 !!)
1 pcs of 10 x 12 with frame
30 pcs of 5R mini album with duplicate pose
1 signature book

Please contact me at 91914205.


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Hi dolly polly,

I have read so much of PMB good reviews and wish to visit this BS. Mind telling me where is it located?


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For those brides doing ala-carte, any advices you are able to offer?

Which bridal boutiques did you guys go to?
What's the price range?
issit too troublesome?

can email me @ [email protected]


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I am planning to go ala-carte too.
Desire and Allure Clarix have nice and reasonable price Wedding gown for purchase.

Any, advice where to purchase off the rack evening gown instead of MTM?


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Due to unforseen circumstances, we've to let go our bridal package @ S. Broadway.
Willing to let go @ $2888/-.

Opendate package $2988, Deposit $1800

Package Includes:
1 MTM Bridal gown
1 MTM Evening gown
2 Gent's Coat (One white shirt & a pair of custom made trousers)
1 Bridal bouquet (Able to select)
1 Car decoration (Able to select)
1 Bridal Car (Inclusive of driver)
Unlimited Trials of Bridal make-up, @ studio, day & night
Fresh flowers for indoor studio photo-taking
Head flowers
Necklaces & earrings

6 Outfits with 6 diff hair-dos for photo-taking
1 Bride maid's gown
2 Best man's jacket
1 Tea-dress or KUA

* Should you not require the car, able to deduct $200 off the package or exchangeable for photos

30 Pcs 12 x 15" photos + CD + Designing of photos
1 Pc 12 x 10" table-top photo
1 Pc 20 x 24" portrait OR 3 in 1 with frame
36 Pcs 4R Photos for relatives (6x6 poses)
1 Pc Guest Book
30 Pcs 8R album with duplicate photos
20 Pcs 3s mini album

* Able to split photo shoot into 2 days (Indoor & Outdoor photo shoot w/o extra charges)

If interested, Pls call me @ 92770534


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Hi Fellow Brides

I agree with Janet...i m a bride of The Aisle.

u can refer to this thread to view comment on Aisle..

tHE Aisle is located at Hotel Winsor, off Macperson is a big bridal studio..they even produced wedding music alblum..u can see it selling @ e music stores..

Thumbs up for their wonderful service, reasonable package n beautiful photos..

They also offer me 30 photos for $2988 package..
i m impressed by their photos n gowns..they r very nice..they allow me to try more than 10 gowns even b4 they start to discuss with me their package..

Allow me to share the BS i visited
1) Seletar/HK Broadway/French Bridal/White Link - their photos(Taiwanese Style) n gowns r quite normal to me..did not impress me cos they don't really allow me to try e gowns..which makes me rather disapointed.

2) Vaughn Tan - Very professional designer..i love his service n design..but i can't afford his is $3k w/o photos..$3k only consists of just the gowns n suit for me n my hubby..i need to spend extra $2000 to source for photographer..

3) Precious Moment - I heard fr the forum tat they r e cheapest i m on tight budget, i went to try them..but it was very disappointing ..when i call them several times for appt, they keep telling them they r busy n ask me call them back later..they do not bother to return my e end i m very frustated n decide no pt going when e start was so unpleasant..

This is my wedding photos from friends all commented it is very unique n beautiful..

Just my 3 cents worth ..

Most impt find a BS tat u r comfortable with n e photos is up 2 yr expectation..


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Hi Faith,
I think I know your hubby. He looks very familiar. He used to be from Bizad (NUS)? Hehe... Well... I click on your link to look at your photos. They are very pretty indeed.


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Hi Space Girl

thk for e compliment..

yes my hubby is Billy..he is frm Bizad(NUS).
so u know him? u also from same faculty?


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Hi Faith,

Yup! Same fac. But he is actually a friend's friend. Ask him about Lilian, he should remember. Hehe... small world.

Tell me more about Vaughn Tan? I am quite keen after reading your comments. I am also considering The Wedding Present and Flamingo. Any dealings with them? My big day is Dec 09, so I have not really gone down yet. But these are my short listed BS.

Any advice for me? Will appreciate it! =)


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Hi Space girl

yes..billy remember lilian..they r gd friends..
do billy know u? can give me yr name n i ask him..

Vaughn is a NTU enginering grad who went to chase his passion for fashion designing..tat why i quite admire him.. he provide MTM/OTR gowns ..however his package consist only of 1)rental of gown 2) make up 3)hair accessories..this alone already cost $3k..
no bedhead photo/no wedding alblum/no father jacket or sis dress,etc..tat is e bad part...i calculate if i need to hire a freelance photographer e package is just photo alblum n cost $2k..u need to top up extra for bedhead photo/8r photo frame i stil need to source Father jacket, in e end i find it is more troublesome..
unless u have e budget n time 2 coordinate or else it is not advisable.However Vaugh is a nice person..even i did not sign up with him he stil provide very good service..

Flamingo.i find it very expensive too..they r not like Aisle to just let u try e gowns ...these high end boutique ...u can't really try e gowns which is putting me in size is not very slim i want to find suitable gowns b4 i commit to any BS..Wedding present-never ask b4..

i suggest for BS, GOWNS & Photography is e most impt..if yr BS dun allow u to try, u better dun sign.i have few friends who signed up at rdshow,then to regret as they can't find suitable gowns...then some BS will take e chance to make more $..if u can't find suitable one, they wil recommend u take those "special series" and u top up another few hundred dollar lor...

hope this helps..


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hello all...
i am new here. i am a Nov08 BTB. would like to find out more about:-
1) The Aisle
2) Precious Moments
Would anyone share their package and pic with me? Also, since Precious Moments has no website, anyone know their address + contacts? TIA! =)

p.s. Faith!!...your pic is really v.well taken. v.pretty! =)


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Hi Poppy Gal

thk for yr compliment..hehe..gald tat u like e photos..

1) the aisle - u can refer to this thread to find more on their service..

when i sign up with them , e package cost $2988..6 gowns(OTR) ,30 photos in 22 pg,in digital style. 2 Suit n pants for groom, 6 corages, father jacket*2, sister gown *1, 4 make up & hairdo, 3 in 1 portriat, 1 bedside photo frame,a small alblum, 60 give aways photo & all e stardard stuff ..tat is all i can remember now..u can go aisle ,,find Vicky n see whether u can offer u my same package ..
Aisle is located at Hotel Winsor,tel - 62896888

2) Precious Moment - i already delete e no.i know they located at upper thomson..near e LONGHOUSE..they have no website..u call yellow pg to find their no ..that is what i do..

i know for precious moment , their package is one of e cheapest ard..i tink $1988..

most impt , u need to compare e package cos i read on e forum b4 they only offer 15 photos for their $1988 package..when i calculate, 15 photos is not really enough for me to make a nice alblum..

n also whether e alblum have "white break line in b/w e alblum " ..usually for $3k n below package , they give u normal type alblum where there is this white line in b/w e it may affect e photo as a whole..

when u see my photo , it is actually 2 pages into one(right n left, landscape) white line in b/w..but for normal bridal shop i ask ard, u need to top up if u dun want e white line..

when i calcuate although aisle is 1k more exp than precious moment they r giving me 15 MORE pic in digital format..normal TOP UP per photo is $100 i calculate back it is still worth it ..esp for e quality in e photography..

i been to several BS seems tat e stardard package is ard $2888/3988/4988..depend on no of i think e key is to find a BS tat u r comfortable with their environment,e gowns, e pple..

Although my experience in Precious Moment wasn't gd i would encourage u to make a trip down to both BS n compare for yrself cos everyone experience can b different..most impt ask them to let u try e gowns to see whether u can find suitable one..n look at their photo alblum ( of real life couples,not model) ..there is where u can really compare n see which one u like more..
enjoy e is tiring but FUN since it is once in a life time


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thanks faith for your advice.

i showed my bf your PS and he is full of praises & said we should really go down to take a look.

i saw that your pic comes with design n layout. (is it call montage?) is it that the softcopy provided by The Aisle is exactly the same as that seen on the actual album? meaning, it include all the design + special effect, instead of the normal pic by pic?

i am deciding btw Sophia n The Aisle.