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Hi Clarinet..

Saw ur home pics..believe we are living in the same area. Ur foyer and house layout are exactly the same as mine. Am still in the midst of renovation. How's the neighbourhood? Any places with nice food to recommend? You may pm me. =)


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hi.. like to share my jurong little budget DIY house of mine...
all design and painting are done by my hubby... altogether cost us less than $15k including furniture








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are the flooring existing, or u hack away then replaced with new floor tiles and parquet? n ot much hacking, shld be able to. the hacking, built ins console, wardraobe, kitchen, new doors with designs, are the killers, actually.


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Hi Noobguy.. Sorie.. I am seldom on msn. But I check my emails rather frequently. We could chat via email instead.Too tired to use the computer when home...


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hi pebbles! i love ur pink house! especially the dining table & sofa..where did u get them?
ur hubby designed the house? he is great!


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tks risis.. actually all furntiure are red.. hehe.. the photo looks pink.. i got the dining table from the sofa from furnituer warehouse.. yeah.. my husband and i came out witht he idea and he's the one doing all the DIY stuff like painting,
installing the ikea shelf all these lor.. he even did his own painting on the wall and cabinett


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Hi Pebbles,

Do you mind sending me a list of your contractors & where you bought all your furniture & appliances?

Hope you can help me on this. Thanks.


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hi.. merly, my contractors is a friend of my husband... his outlet at toa payhoh hub there.. we got him to do the kitchen and room wardrobe only lor.. no stuff like down lights or partition....

furniture mostly brought from furniture warehouse..
--dining table with chairs
from furntirue warehouse $600...
--sofa from furniture warehouse $400..
--tv console from white collection $400
--bed (can't rememebr what the shop name
anyway its at hub 21... $1400 including
mattress orthopedice

appliances i brought from kong tai at jurong west st 41 there...

hi jan jan, yeah the wardrobe is bulit in as there's a allowance there most prob for putting the wardrobe there.. anyway, i went to see feng shuai and was advise to put the bed and wardrobe there lor..


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hi vivien,
Your house looks great!! Tried to PM u for the quote but failed. Can u email me at [email protected]? if its ok, do let me know yr experience with them and who is yr ID? As i shortlisting NW and prob going to meet them for the 2nd time in 1-2 weeks time.

Thank you so much!!


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Hi guys,

Just to share some pics of our recently completed house..hope you guys enjoy it =) cheers!

Living Room



Master Bedroom



Guest Room





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Hi Qwerty, Very nice design for your hse indeed. It gives me a very comfy feeling.. btw hw much did u spend for the whole hse reno? Where can i get a bed and bed frame like the one in your master bedroom? Looks like the bedframe is mounted on the floor?


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Thanks alot Adeline =) excluding electrical applicances, we spent about $50k+ for all the furnishings including the curtains.

As for the bed and bedframe, it was designed by our ID and built upon the existential floor. The floor area surrounding the mattress are in fact hidden compartments for us to keep our stuffs.


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Hi qwerty, nice view from the master room!
like the decor of your house. but u mentioned $50K... hmm... gotta work my ass off man. =)


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Hi Qwerty,
May i know where u got yr grey sofa, i've been looking high and low for a similar set with metal rectangular framed legs. Pls PM me


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Hi Qwerty,

It's very beautiful of your new house. I like the sofa design for dining table. May I know how much does it cost ? Do we need to engage contractor for that kindda dining ?

Thanks ~!


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Your mbr is really nice! The full length curtain really complements your tall window very well. Nice view from the mbr! =)


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Hi Germaine

You can contact Mr Wee - he mainly does painting and polishing of marble/parquet. I don't think homo tiles can be polished but you can check with him. He charged me $500-600 for painting whole house (inclusive of paint) and another $100 (i think) for marble polishing. His number is 9631 9798.

ABout my DI, I have no idea who did it as it was coordinated by the ex-owner. i merely gave the house a fresh coat of paint.

Hope this helps.


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Hi ladies

In case u found ur perfect furniture at Barang Barang, I can offer 25% off my voucher value of $500. Reason for letting go is because the items there don't fit my house decor theme. Pls PM me if interested.