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Sourcing of the right ID can be a stressful & risky job. Came across stories about IDs who promised the moon & sky before contract signed & that’s included inconsistency performance from IDs who are referred by words of mouth. Not to mention we read through so many positive feedbacks about individual IDs but is kind of weird that most are without IDs taking photo with owners?

After spending so much money in our BTO 4rm HDB flat, every dollars & cents count. We dun want to over spend too much in renovation but somehow, we hope to have our dream home, our first home which really belongs to us. We prefer the hotel feel with a luxury design theme for our whole house. For the luxury design theme that we wanted is kind of challenging due to space constraints.

Anyway, we came across this ID by the name of Brice from Sky Creation, he is not someone that can give u that kind of “Wow” first impression comparing with those IDs we met & on top of that his quotation is not lowest we received. These really hold us back but his sincerity & genuine endorsements by his clients convinced us that he might be the right ID we are looking for. We still remember he told us, he dun take up every single projects that he came across because he dun want to over stretch himself & ended up disappointed his clients. If he wanted to take up the project, he will give his best shot.

In the design stage, Brice shared with us his ideas & at the same time advised us which are the ideas that we proposed are suitable & which are not. We met up with him couple of times to share those new ideas we have in mind, we really appreciate his patience & commitment.

During the reno of our house, Brice constantly keep us in the loop to reduce our stress & curiosity. However due to my work place is nearby, on & off I will visit my new house to have a look. I was happy to see Brice in my house often to ensure work are done properly. I was even shocked to see him in the late night such as 11pm in my new house, hand on to help me to touch up my house to his expectation without us demanding it.

To sum it up, we are really happy with the work well done & the 200% commitment from Brice. Thanks a lot.

P.S.: Brice can be reach at: 8233 3344

We are very satisfied with Brice, a talented ID who really knows how to bring out the design theme that we wanted.

We have our own expectations, we are glad that the end result is what we expected & on top of that with Brice supervision & he even “hand on” to ensure work done is up to his expectations we are very pleased.

What can we expected more from an ID who really put his heart & soul into our house?

Value for Money
Absolutely! 100% no doubt about that. Thanks Brice & Sky Creation for creating our dream house. Thanks a lot.


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