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waxie>if your mom says cannot attend then better don't attend bah. For me, I think I'll check with my mom what she thinks. If she say ok, I'll attend the wedding. If not, then I tell my FH sorry and maybe ask him to attend himself if he wants...

Oh, I think your TV deal is good.

Net>I oso donno wad to say... Pick your battles lor. Sometimes the guys chi ruan bu chi ying. How often you have to give in? Anyway to compromise on other battles mah? Maybe he feel more stress since the relative is his mom's only relative and have to give face. Marriage is not just 2 of u. Is also with another family.


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Net>sorry, I super blur. What you want us to ponder? She so pantang still got suay things happen to her. Means we no need to be pantang since it makes no diff?
I also hope to attend my friend's wedding banquet in august.

I asked my mum and landlady just now. They said ppl avoid events within 3mths from AD in their times 20years ago, while our generation ppl avoid events within 1mth from AD.
Different ppl have different ways of handling the same matter. If I'm u, I'll let my bf decide himself whether to attend funderals or banquets whatever. We tend to let each other have our freedom.

If your BF isn't so heated up before, it shows that he's indeed very stressed by your reactions. Maybe u be more sensitive to his feelings and say things in a nicer manner next time instead of getting angry? What LSnTYL said makes sense, a marriage doesn't just involve u and bf, it also involves your family and his family. U need to spare a thought for his position.

Your pantang friend's plight just shows me that pantang beliefs may not be real afterall. :p
When are u gals sending out the sms-es and emails to ask abt attendance to banquets? I have received invitations for august, sept and dec hehe.

Now I still can't release any news out because I'm still pondering abt my wedding decision. Tough decision argh. Besides the stocks habit, he is Wo Xin Wo Su type and likes to procastinate on tasks. This makes me vomit blood sometimes although he treats me very nice. If I've found out about his stock investment earlier, I will reject his proposal in Jan and not proceed with wedding tasks.


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i also gotta miss my buddy's wedding, which is in 21 june, my AD is 14 sep, just 1 week to hit the 3month!!! sigh... too bad lah. Btw, can we attend baby's full month shower? Does this consider as 'red'? My cousin just given birth so she will definitely invite us.

wow... tat's quite a no. of invitations you've got :p So far i know my cousin is getting married in Jan 09, my friend has plans to ROM in Jan 09 but all has not officially inform me yet.


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Hi all,
seems like so many of u are having problems these days... issit bcos of the wedding around the corner, more stress?

I also hv problems, and always complain to my mum abt my bf. He's v lazy, disorganised, likes to procrastinate, not much planning. So my mum asked me why I still wanna marry him when I know he's like tt.

So you have to know lor. What issit that you like and dislike about this person, and how important is each factor.

Actually my grandma is also in ill health and I asked my mum about it. She say if my grandma pass away before my wedding, all relatives will not turn up, but she didn't say we hv to postpone the event.

As for inviting pple, my mum say if they hv family members pass away within 3 mths then cannot invite, if more than 3 mths then ok.

I hv 2 friends getting married in sept also. Actually I didn't mind and invited them. But they declined my invitation. I also inviting pple who would be giving birth in july. they're ok with it...

I'm not pantang, just listen to wat the elders say lor. It's more important to them than it is to me. It doesn't hurt tt much... have to "kan kai" a bit.

Rach, Neko,
I called ray and nicholas liao. thanks a lot. But my mum say she found someone.


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hello gals i am back.... finally. touch down last night about 10.30 ..

am totally dead! .... so tired and now back to office.

so what is new here? am totally lost liao...

mei, update me hehehe...


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Hi post may brides,
Jus drop a note to say hello 2 all.
Marriage life is a lot of adjustment from me...imagine diverting ur attention from ur family 2 ur man or even his family members (if u stay w them)

Jus a flashback...
31 May - simple but meaningful church wedding. My
last minute mua did an ok job 4 my face.
My hubby did e following 4 gatecrashing.
a. Write and design on a piece of
coloured paper 1. why he loves me and
2. how he loves me. (5 reasons each)
b. shout it out from door gate 4 me 2
hear n gain permission 2 enter into e
c. sing yue liang dai biao wou de xin *
- wedding dinner @ MM. MUA did a tiara on
my hair w e WG/EG. My galfrienz were
gushing over e gowns selected. Due to
e long flowing train, my hubby kept
stepping on them...mge 2 hav 2 tables
saboing him...but he seemed blur blur
- My 2 PGs n 1 VG were always on standby.
E VG did a superbly light hearted
morning highlight for e evening guests.
We laughed heartily. My hubby commented
tat he* hubby seemed 2 hav a natural
flair in amusing others...haha
- My PG did a lovely but simple montage 4
us 2...
On e whole, e wedding was a smooth affair...there
were some slight inconsistencies but still acceptable...beri fun! Commented 2 my galfrienz tat if they wish 2 get married, they can simply retrieve e documents from me n hey, fast job done!

As 4 e honeymoon, we went 2 Japan...Universal Studio...Disneyland...Osaka etc. Tiring but fun...last but not least do e THING lah...tougher than I imagine but eventually succeeded!

Oki...cant wait 2 get e pics n share w u all ladies!



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Just a suggestion, for those with issues, have you tried pre-marriage counselling? Might be useful as a neutral way to work out all the issues before actually getting married.

I spoke to my mom and she is not pantang. So will attend FH's uni fren's wedding with him in Aug. As long as the elders are ok, I'm ok.


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its really dependant on how close u are with yr Jie Mei n how generous u want to be lor ...

My jie mei's consist of frens who i've been close to for 10yrs ++ & collegues at work whom i'm close with n known for 4yrs .... Overall they are all my very good frens hence I gave them each $50 AP. Gate crash amt was $330 (6 jie mei's)

Some of them returned me in my dinner hong bao ... that's usually the case for good frens ... $$ is not the issue ... the main thing is they are there to help their best fren on the most impt day of her life....

So that's what good frens are for ....


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hi Ah Net,
i can understand why you are angry. Cool down. I am quite superstitious also and will try to avoid attending anything prior to my wedding.

I think your FH grab your arm is because he’s pekcek being sandwich between the both of you. Sometime my FH will shout at me too if I make things difficult for him. But we must understand their situation. Try to put ourselves into their situation lor.


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actually i'm so busy recently, that i'm feeling so tired each day.. doesn't feel like doing anything else after work..

I got 4 bubble guns yesterday.. one more thing off my list now..


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ah net, jus tell ur bf tat ur own parents dun allow u to go...
i tink he and his parents can understand such point..
if his parents cannot, then i can understand why u dislike his MIL...

my cousin oso didnt come to my granny funeral after her wedding..i believe is either my uncle ask her dun come or my cousin PIL dun allow her to come..
my granny pass away on 19th may, my cousin wedding on 20th may...
so all our relatives nv attend her wedding..
i tink tat is e method most ppl will use..dun really need to postpone..
But if postpone and deposit will not be forfeited by the hotel..then i tink is ok la..
but i feel try to go ahead la..postpone means REDO again in future time..v ma fan le..

me owas quarrel wit my husband on goin his parents hse to eat la, go out wit his family la..etc..
and it owas depending on my mood whether i wan to go or not...
for such attitude, of cos PIL will not have gd impression of me..i owas TRY my very best to go..cos my PIL are very nice ppl..
then if i really dun feel like goin, hubby will come out wit excuses sayin i not feeling well etc in front of his family..
he owas say i m making things difficult for him..cos his parents brought him up and he cannot understand why i owas dislike goin to his parents hse...and somemore his parents are so nice ppl..
actually i oso dunno y..keke
like wat every1 say, try to put urself in his shoes (although i nv can put myself in my hubby shoes :p)

if ur bf is hurting u, i really tink u need to b careful...try to talk to him..
my dad is a violent person too..
for my case, my hubby will not hurt me..but he hurt himself..is oso not healthy...but after i talk to him for so many times and as times passes, now he dun use his hands to hit walls liao..
but he bcome more anger whenever we quarrel...he raise his voice...but i tink is beta..cos i dun wan him to hurt himself or turn and hit me oso :p i rather him raising his voice as another alternative..

as for hong bai shi, i tink is really up to individual..
if i got a wedding, and then my granny pass away, i will still go to her wake cos granny is my closest relative..
if e dead is very close to u, e dead wont harm u when u go to e wake mah...rite? lolz..
it really depend on the relationship wit the dead..

i dunno whether to believe or not...
like wat i mention i will not be doing GDL...my frens actually told me...cannot go w/o GDL...not gd for e couple..etc..
but my PIL oso nv do GDL...but they still so loving..
as for my own parent, they do GDL, they oso divorce..
so my husband say marriage is not abt having GDL or attending hong bai shi or not, is abt e couple itself..whether themselves can maintain the relationship well or not...

talkin abt maintaining r/s, i tink i not doin v well oso..i owas bully my hubby...


Net> I counted last nite.. 22th jun is the start of ur 3 mths.. so u can attend the funeral, you are safe.. since u mention both incidents are regarding families gathering etc.. Maybe he want you to blend into his family so much that when u refused., he exploded

Green> i’ve confirm my inserts.. shld be in the midst of printing as I m typing here … I’ll still have to collect card from my hotel..

Babe> hm..i m attending baby’s full month shower this Sunday.. well.. I think me n FH are ok with it..

Neko> I agree with wat ur hubby said.. its about the couple.. my FH's parents never "an chuan" or watever stuff, now still happy..


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welcome back!!! i was telling koyoyo dat u'll b back online....i remembered cos it's fri d 13th...u had enuff rest or not?
PS really v tired but fun....can u imagine dat 1 day alrdy took me 12 hrs den when i reached home, no more salons n i had to wash my own hair, alrdy 1/2 dead by den :p


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Neko and Waxie>I totally agree with what you 2 say. The relationship is most important bah. And with everything, sometimes we must give and take. My GDL is v simplified cos the parents want to make things easier for us. As long as the elders are happy, we are happy.

All this talk about pantang made me realise my cousin's wedding that I'm supposed to attend next Sat is exactly 3 months before my own wedding. My parents and FMIL not pantang so say up to us if we are attending but I asked my mom to check my cousin's side. If they are also not pantang, then I guess FH and I will attend.


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Anyway, to happier topics. I've placed a reservation for us at Ms Clarity le. Details are as below:

Place: Ms Clarity, Purvis Street.
Meetup @ Body Shop, Raffles City (just above from City Hall MRT at 7pm.
Current confirmed list: LSnTYL, rach , strawclare, neko, straylamb, spoiltbabe, waxie, soyabeans, ahnetsan, crown, ivy

Anyone else can join, please come!


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what do you mean by Chia Swee Tin being a superstar? I read that she requires very gentlemanly behaviour. Was your friend's solemnisation er...solemn?

Yeah but my solemnisation will be at about 1 pm leh...so even if we get Chia Ti Yu, i think he still have to travel.

Ya, we also want to book JP early...but i heard Chia Swee Tin normally ask ppl to call her back like 2 months before...will just call later.

the window display pics will def stand out

alamak, still have so many gowns to take pics in....i wonder how much $$ you'll have to top up for all the nice pics
I've decided to postpone my wedding to next year Jan to observe my bf's stock speculation habit. So far my bf and I have no arguments, except I had to chase his guestlist for 4mths. We also have no problems with my mum and his parents on the pantang things.

What reasons should I give to hotel to postpone banquet so that they won't fine me? Ideas please!

I'm happy to see some of you resolving the issues well. Gambate!


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Coolz... R&J... sorry I didn't manage to find them...

Feeling tired each day too... Work work and more work... Just lectured my fiance for not submitting his updated guest list to me. He's been saying it for weeks already and still no action done. Was super pissed


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我回æ¥äº†!! Ha ha. Just dropping by to say hi. The posts are overwhelming!!

MeiLing, u had your PS already? So cool, must show us the photos when you get them. U having another PS day?

Flora, gd luck for ur papers, U'll ace them!!


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wat i mean is dat she's got tis superstar feel ard her....yah, dat's rite, she expects gentlemanly behaviour...d emcee had to go n escort her to n fro :p not really, my fren had her solemnisation at d poolside so it's q casual n relaxed

yah lor, now start to break out in cold sweat if i see all my pics....if they dun turn out nice den will oso feel sad, in a dilemma :p


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hi providencia,
glad to see u back....where have u been? u went for ur holis until now? missed ur presence
yup, i had my outdoor PS on wed n indoor PS will b tm....no need to worry abt d weather, yest's really hot n today's abit gloomy :p sure, when i get my photos, i'll show u gals


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mei you bought your own accessories to match gowns? must have cost a lot..

welcome back sue..

haven't "seen" lex in a while.. how's she doin? anyone?


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Green>I think no need to give reason to hotel bah. Just say is private matter and you need to postpone it? Jan is a quiet month I think so might be better for them too?

But don't disappear on us, k? If you free, please still join us next Mon.


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Hey koyoyo/ mei,

Ya … I was just totally washed out when I was back last night… and guess wat I actually missed my connecting flight when I was there best right hahaha… my departure flight was past midnight so it was really terrible as I cannot sleep in the plane . so its like practically 48 hours going without sleep since I woke up on Friday morning.

Mei, ya … I am finally back so nice to sleep on my own bed. How was your PS? I wan to see pics hehehehe…


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woah.. sue, glad u made it back.. sounds like a v tiring trip..

just to share, mum bought me dowry yesterday.. very happy.


Hi all - Just finished my exams, I'm back.. Wow.. This thread moves very fast & it's really exciting.. Some of you have taken your PS.. How about the rest of the brides here.. When is your PS date? Mine will be at end Jul. But, now, still not very satisfied with my selection on the gown.. Anyone from Digio bridal here? How's your gown selection going on?

Hi Sotong - No photos to share at the moment as the BS disallowed photo-taking..
Yes, I'm considering to MTM my EG.. But, it will cost around $1.2K for that.. Can't decide if I should make that investment.. Haha..

Hi Earthsea, Florabliss & SCL, thanks for the re-comendation on the program to do the Photo Montage. Will try to do a mini trial this weekend. If anyone will like to meet up to explore together, please let me know..

Hi Pinjie - Is yours done? Maybe you can provide the name of the software u use? Is it good?


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Calvin> Mr Chia Ti Yu is not bad...

Mr Chan Kai Yau is good too..

Both JP's pics are available on my PG's website..
You all can take a look if u are keen..


Mr Chia is young.. heard he'll share some buddhist teaching before Solemnisation starts...

Mr Chan is very experienced..he's a Christian..


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yah i bought my own accessories to match my gowns, even prepared my own earrings....still ok lah, not too ex, at least i got more choices to select

yah lex has not been making her appearance for weeks, perhaps she's busy wif her wedding prep n furnishing for her new room....her mtm gowns will b ready in jul....

congrats! same here, my mum bought me some pcs of jewellery le, will b choosing some more soon b4 d GSS ends :p

yah i understand how it felt like to b finally resting on our own bed after a long tiring trip :p i didnt manage to take any pics....so sad, not allowed to n i didnt asked anyone along wif us on d day of PS :p


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it's ok s'rene.. no problem at all..

think now only left less than one month for me, others abt one month to go.. we are getting more n more heated each day.. work is also putting me into lots n lots of stress.. just now I even told my boss, I only got one pair of hands, I need to do things that are more impt 1st.. don't keep pressing me for things.. i can't do by my own.. haiz.. so tired..


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Ivy> thats rather cheap leh.. hehe..

Mine is 98 poses.. and we split into 2 albums.. we spend about $7588..
Yours is 1 album or 2?? Which BS u from ah?

Its worth it to top up if u had went to Redang... nice scenery.. usually when u go OS..tend to top up more de..


Ah Net>Mmm...actually its really up to individual abt attending Hong Bai stuffs...if u are superstituous..then bobian.. but if its someone close..then have to go...
But...then... why would u trust ur happines based on attending some events... but its individual preference..

Karen> i tot if he passed away...just need to marry within 100 days??? Its either 100 days or 1-3 years..depending on family....
So if its 100 days..its well within wat.....

spoiltbabe>exactly... i feel more comfortable with XXX & YYY rather than Mr & Mrs XXX..coz all close frens what.. we are close thats why we address in a close manner ma..

green> how come is after 100 days??? i know one is must hold within 100 days.. Mmm...

YL> its really up to u...most people will say before & after 3 months cannot attend...but there're variations like 1 year or 1 month...
so up to u... if u not pantang and dun believe that ur marriage might suffer coz u attended some red or white events before ur wedding..its okie...up to u really...

Ah Net> sometimes the more pantang she gets...the more she'll 'make' things happen.. so its best to take things easy....
watever will come will come...whatever wont come wont come.. sometimes u can hear of couple who dun bother abt anything..and everything also turn out well..
ultimately...its what u believe in...that really matter..

Sometimes i feel sad that just because i'm getting married and my fren who is pantang cant attend just coz she's getting married soon too...
Sooo.... bo liaoz.. 2 good frens cant attend coz they getting married in the same year... so its a bit really up to individuals la...

green> we already sms the bulk of the frens liaoz... just waiting to print card and send out invite..

why Jan??? more ex rite??? no?? MMmm... u've decided???

babe> really up to u la... if u want to attend.... then attend.. but then... depends if u are pantang.. if u believe that attending wont do anyharm to ur marraige... then why not???
Its ur best fren's wedding loh...

I've got wedding 7th June.. 21 & 22 June.. and I'm jiemei for both 21 & 22 also..


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hee, ultra long post, Rach. I'm not pantang lah. But I donno if the other side is pantang or not. So at least check with them. If they are pantang, then don't attend lor.

For me, I got 2 close friends who are giving birth around my marriage. One confirmed cannot attend cos date is too close and the other not sure yet. So sad lor esp since I wanted to ask them to be jiemeis. But no choice. I also want them to be happy and healthy mommies.


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dear all, i need more contact for photographer... Melvin from Melvin Biz MISSED my email and booked someone else when I confirmed earlier. Sad...In need of photographer now...Thanks

1. Budget: Below $1,000
2. Style: Journalistic style
3. AD: 7 Sep, 2008


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sorry to hear that, wongfam.
If you are interested, can pm me for my PG's contacts. But his charges are more than $1,000 for the AD...


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Thx for all your advise .

oh so must marry b4 100days hope he can kana for one more week so is within 100days . Still dunno what his family want us to do . Maybe if really die then we see how now all in sad mood so we wont not voice up . This few days will know . 92 year old still need brain opt leh , very serious .haiz haiz

This is the 1st "Bai shi " in his family if he pass away that why all so gai cheong.


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One question if I postpone my wedding , will the deposit gone ? I think if really gone I think I rather go overseas wedding as go a farrer country as I might dun want BQ lor.

How abt BS can I ask for more thing har ?? Becasue I paid for car and AD gown all in package ?