(2007) Brides of year 2007


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they keep saying that it will be good cos i am fair.. but is very "shocking" for me.. especially when is whole piece red.. My EG was suppose to be red.. then i found another color which i like more.. so they say then take red cheongsam.. I am just afraid that it will be too plain then i will be like a big angbao walking around... hahaha


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agnes, ur dream EG sounds like something my designer did up...the one in the style weddings mag =P

sherrfy...sounds very cool leh..but true lah, if too plain might look like a big ang bao...hahaha...but am sure it looks great on u


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nope esther...
din have the time to pop by..


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Hi Ladies...

I m a sept bride. Can add mi into the list oso, thks

Customary: 29/09/07

BS : Everbliss
PS : Everbliss
Age : 31
AD PG : My friend
Dinner Venue : Yishun Lake Garden Resturant at OCC
Lovenest : Punggol ( Edgedale Green )
Email : [email protected]


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talking about EG?
hmmm my mind is currently occupied by the ongoing reno at our new place though i have went for fittings and selection last fri. =)


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same as me, haha... gown too long with long train. My mum is afraid i'll trip as I am by nature clumsy LOL.

I am having my ROM/Tea ceremony @ 6pm, my make up artist will be there at 4pm.

I actually had 2 outfits, last week added one more. My package actually had 3 dresses, 1 WG, 2 EG. Then I transferred one dress to my MIL. Last min she tell me she bought a dress, ask me go pick another dress.

Any of you changing 3 outfits? 1st march in WG, 2nd march in EG, when change to the 3rd EG?

I actually have a ivory tea dress I bought from USA. I was thinking of wearing that to my ROM/Tea ceremony (and maybe cocktails?)

But during dinner change of 3 outfits leh cheh or not? Don't know if got enough time. Around 32 tables.....

Advise please


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Mona, ur arrange same as mine hehe...

thurs take gown, friday hand bouquet!

some of my tables last minute also got people back out.

Some are people I thought "die die" also will turn up, usually very chummy with me. haiz... what to do. my hubby ask me dun stress, no choice


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I am going to be in my cheongsam for the cocktail, change to WG for first march in, followed by EG and finally if there's time to change back to my CS to send off the guests.

Haii, I do not mean to be mean, but now 2 of my friends and one relative can't come coz someone close to them passed away.


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suelynn, be happy n excited lah..before you go down, agree with your HB on the top-up quantum and be firm with it, then wun burn your pocket lor ;P


Pris: you look good.
Have fun tmr!!!

Happylife: Enjoy your PS!!
It must be tough balancing school and wedding preps!

Welcome to this thread Lim!
Do you intend to have your AD on the same day?

Ambush: I am glad its all over. :S Have you had your MTP?


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hey maochong congrats.. my FH n I oso tinkin of gettting tampines flat leh.. ;( but too ex..
so still tinking lolx..

guessed everyone already start to buzi liao rite??
i juz asked my hotel frm sea bass change to red garoupa need to top hw much for each table.. they told me need to top up 40+++ per table! nearly faint lor.. ;(


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thx sailormoonwt, i think i will opt out cos still need to find kids doing that for me, very troublesome haha...

anqi, can we send out the invitation cards to frens b4 the GDL, no issue is it cos i need the RSVP list from frens leh...relatives usually will go so no need RSVP from them.


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brightstar> unless the package is ald a premium one, else to change to garoupa sure need top up . I asked merchant court before, its $60++++ or subjected to market value. Seabass is supposedly one of the cheapest fish


Hi girls, I may not be able to host on 7April. May be able to attend at 12pm but have to leave to meet someone at 2pm.
Can we arrange another place to meet? Pocalyndas say she can host but her house is small, so may be able to host only for 3 to 4 couples. Any other suggestions?


maochong.. cannot postpone.. i alreadi tried but the company still wan me start wrk on tis fri. lame rite. i ask can start wrk 20th or not coz i 19th(monday) gg for fianl fitting. might as well start wrk on 20th right..
dan ask me go wrk for 1 fri dan mon off dan tues wrk again. hurrrrrrrrrrrr


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Hi Summerice!

Congrats on surviving the wedding! I'm sure you looked great and had fun.

Yup,there's a bumper crop of us getting married this weekend.

I'll also be having tea ceremony at the hotel, so see how i feel... if not wiped out tired, will mingle with guests at reception.


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not too sure too.. but i dun tink is an issue coz if GDL is 1 week b4 wedding then is too late to send invitation cards..


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hi all,

I'm a hongkong bride will be getting married at 9-Apr-07 in Singapore.

I read from some websites that the bride should be waiting at bridal room until 1st march-in, can anyone tell me is it ture??

So u gals got how many dresses changing during the dinner session?? I never attend the wedding ceremony in singapore, it really make me hard to planning the rundown on AD, can anyone share the rundown with me, thx.

my email: [email protected]


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Hello anyone can advise whether it's ok to purchase a 1 carat solitaire with only in-house cert from T*ka. Any experience or comments? Thanks in advance


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Hi all, I am really excited by all your preparations. *Sigh* My BS said that they would only contact me in June and my PS is in Sep.


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hey hui..

yup..haha.. was quite an experience.. but my hb's parents are nice.. very soft-spoken, gentle folks.. my dad on the other hand.. spoke too much.. haha.. he loves yakking away.. but hb had it harder..coz gotta entertain my dad..

hey hui..

tsk..oh dear.. can you stay longer? hmm.. if you girls dun mind, my place is oso available.. but im staying at sembawang.. how? or you girls wanna eat out? im fine with anything..

hey pris..

dun worry.. the weather will hold for you.. i did my ps during the rainy season last dec.. was literally playing hide-and-seek witht the rain..aiyoh..

dun worry.. this won't happen to u tmr.. the weather is bright and sunny these days..


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macjoe & brightstar : i nv top up lah.. cos its my PIL who wans mah.. but i feel dats dats alot lor.. ;( furthermore i dun eat fish haha.. so i wont bother is it sea bass or red garoupa.. ;P


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congrats maochong.

finally, ROM is over. tomorrow will be PS. after today ROM PS, i already feel tired. don't know tomorrow how.


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cpigl> u very brave lei, have rom n ps so near kekeke! All the best.

Jus came back fr photo selection,dinner n bathe end up my hb cant bear to reduce, so top up $1.2k......damage....to pockets...


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Hi Strawberry, my actual day is on 16June. Till now, had only booked the hotel and selected the gowns. Going for second fitting this sun and photoshoot next wed. Think I still have lots to do, prepare guestlist, look for photo+videography packages, arrange parents meetup plus all the minor stuff etc.... so tired...

Hi Happyface, dont worry, I also have not gone thru my photoshoot yet. :>


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oh.. you mean must give ang pao? haha.. i didn't know and didn't factor in. Maybe just yi shi i guess.

Yes Huiz, show off your CS.

Okie set, i shall be there at cocktail session. Wonder why the oldies always ask us to stay in the room until march in.

For me another 2 more weeks. I am so excited..


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Hello ladies.. thanks! *hugz*

junie.. we are only looking at CCK area coz we want to be near our parents and get the $40k grant from HDB..

today not so mood leh .. haha.. coz my fiance got a lovely present from me hahaha.. for my birthday... so touched.. ~~~

Thanks snowiee~~~ i just send an email to Don and he just replied!! think his charges is very reasonable and affordable! My hubby says we can engage him on our ROM since it is within our budget.. so happy!!! probably going to contact him soon to confirm him... heehee. =) Thank Thanks snowiee.. =)


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hihi Jul btb,
i'm new to this thread. saw alot of 07 jul 07 btb, me too....hehe....joining in the fun! : )

kinda late start off, cos only decided beginning of the year to get hitched! scrambling to get things done now....anyone has any checklist on the things to be done before wedding?

Have decided on bridal pkg, still sourcing for ROM location =P