(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Hi Augustina,
Wah, IMM is far from my place, dun think will go n check out the shop. Also no need for the contact coz I'll be doing my own. Have designed already, pending buying the materials... Thks anyway!

I have done waxing twice at Strip (think efficient and professional service). So far, so good. I have tried their arm, leg and brazilian waxing. Never tried other salons though, so no basis for comparison.

Hi charsiew,
I'll also be wearing the U-Me bra with my gowns, dun like the thick foam padding. But heard from my very well-endowed friend that it's not recommended for those busty gals as there is not enough support, hence the boobs will look saggy.

Hi Peggy,
Hope you can share your PS pics with me too...U mean the BS coordinator will help u change? Mine didnt leh, just helped me to zip up the gowns after I've changed into them. Otherwise, so paiseh, coz my gowns are bareback ones so cannot wear bra.


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i like cleanliness too... but i lazy sometimes... u like white? but white makes hse look bigger lor...
but 1 thing is in the long run, might get dirty easily...
i did not really specially do anything to my parque also... but given a choice..i dun like parque too...


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Hello Suishi,
U can call this BEE HOCK GUAN @ 62501378, at blastier rd. I been to their shop two year ago, dunno they still got do XI PING.


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I went to try the gowns in June with two frens...most likely I will be choosing bustier cos it seems like it is more suitable for me.

I will going to BS again in Dec together with FH, to try on the gowns again as well as to settle the design if I am able to tell them what I want.


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ya, i like white.
if dirty, every one or two year paint loh. hehehe... this job will leave it to my hb. kekekeke...

i think parque, you have to clean with only damp cloth, cannot be wet otherwise, problems will comes leow.

as for tiles, kekeke... just mop dun need to bother whether is it too wet a not... kekekeke...


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hi gals!
its been a Loooooooooong time since i've come in here! looks like everyone's preps are well under way! am going to meet my BS next week for designing and discussion re my EG...very excited! ;) have cut out all these photos of what dress i want on these glam glam movie stars...hehehe...

wow, u guys have the fitting and everything done so soon..very prepared! must share pics yar?

in other news...me n hubby got ROM 2 weeks ago...my MUA did my ROM makeup and hair too...very satisfied..got some nice feedback fr everyone...i would totally recommend false eyelashes to EVERYONE! it may feel weird at first but it feels just like thick mascara i think!


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my invitation card still not printed yet. now only verifying my artwork.

think will send out next mth bah.
Hi augustina,
hv u signed contract with marriott? I signed already.. so, quite hard for me to negotiate to waive cockage charge leh... sigh sigh. I even told them i dun need $60 room voucher, but they r so rigid leh...
Hi Suishi,

U may want to drop by yishun, a cakeshop there specially do xi ping for wedding, is located along sembawang road..mmmm... opposite blk 711. The shop looks abit ulu but the items are fresh and handmake by them. Not too expensive too.

They even provide u with the traditional baskets but u got to return after use.

Hope the information is useful for u.


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Hi All March BTBs...

Any good suggestions on where is a good outdoor location for PS? Still having a headache on where to go.... esp when my PS is on this coming monday. Will be having my final fitting tomolo... hopefully can find a wedding gown (OTR) that i like for outdoor shoot...

Peggy: When will u b getting ur pics? Muz share share okie?
Meanwhile happy preparations.


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Hi cocoberry,

Have you went to GHA ald? I havent even go try on what gowns suitable and such... procrastinating....Have you went ald or is that what you refer as 1st fitting/ appointment?


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Hey gals, jus wanna share, me n FH hv tentatively fixed our wedding in Nov 06....however, he's been travelling on job...so i went to source for bridal package myself but to find out tht they won't entertain me if i go alone....so how did you gals get prepared for it? i mean it's next year so i still hv a year or more to get ready is it too early to source for bridal package?


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haha augustina... hopefully they turn out ok.. hmm...

heehee peggy & spring,
haha... i see oh... hmm, tat means this silicon bra is more suitable for less endowered gals hor.. hmm..
yes!! looking forward to see yr pics, yea~! :p


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Hi Shelyn,

According to your schedule above, your wedding is on the 18 Mar 06 at Raffles Town club. My will be on 11 Mar 06 at Raffles Town Club too. Due to some reason it has to be postpone to after 13 Mar 06. Not sure can you change the date with me?


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Hello Ladies!
Wow...long time no log on liao..this website is like..pant pant..moved so fast!!

Below is just a few cents of my personal view on the BS..
1) Sophia Wedding Collections
- OTC is very expensive as they are imported from Taiwan,using european material (this is what the person there tell me... heehee). MTM...locally made..cheaper. Photography..nice!
2) Divine Couture
- expensive and the designer who spoke to me when I visited the boutique has a "mighty" attitude. Never considered them after my visit. Nice design with elaborate detailing on the train of the gown.
3) French bridal and Golden horse
- very bad experience. Walk passed their booths during one the wedding show..very pushy! Scared my FH!! heeheee!
4) Dang
- Nice nice gown. Friend highly recommended but find the pple not very friendly. She was trying not to yawn when talking to me..hahaha
5) Bridal Veil
- expensive! But the pple there is nice! Explained and explained...But I find the style a bit too plain but if you like crystals.. this is the place to go.

Other BS I visited
1) Ritz Couture
- Nice sales lady. But not impressed by gowns
2) Kai
- beautiful gowns and lovely pple there but expensive!! heehee! One certain one of the best I visited
3) Camellia Haute Couture (hope I spell rite)
- Very affordable price..have a very difficult to find boutique..hahaha..nice pple..but not impress with her style.

As for my final choice ...The Wedding Present.. heehee! Choose them more because me and my FH can "click" with the pple there..But of course they got nice gowns and good good service..


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Hi ladies.. I'm an oct06 bride too!!.. Thinking of signing up with U bridal.. Recommended by frens..

Anyone had experience with U bridal before? how's the service and PS???


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Hi Bear,
Mine is also 6 Oct 06.. Mine at RTP. Maybe we can share more tog thru email.. Mine is [email protected]

Hi minniemouse,
I think my package at French shld be pretty standard.. $3.1-2k They are quite generous with the photos. And I can get back the negatives for the selected ones. Mine is 1 OTR 1 MTM and 1 Tea dress. Car included.. Merc 240 I think. Still many other stuff.. Anyway u can email me at airex7@hotmail to share the details of our package together...

Hi oct06_bride,
U bridal n French bridal are the same.. They are opp each other. That's what I heard from the coordinator at French


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Hi gals, I'm back from Sth Africa!! Wine there is really cheap & good. But now down with flu coz too heaty - I ate too much game meat (ostrich, impala, kudu, etc). 2 were sick when they went on trip, 3 more fell sick plus me, so there was 6 sick folks out of 15.

Hi Dorami, Your pix are lovely! Rest well & be the most beautiful bride at ROM tomolo!!

Chomecc, I think I better not think anymore. Just stick with the gown I have confirmed. Sure bust budget like dat.

Welcome Sharon & Frais Bleu.

Hi Frais Bleu, my FH cannot see my gown until wedding day, so I went gown shopping alone to shortlist, then got a close friend to go with me on the final shortlisted ones. I think the bridal shops don't want to entertain as they think that the FH is the one that foots the bill or that it's a joint decision. Just tell them that you want to short list first. So far, all the salons were very nice to me. If they are not nice, it shows that they are not professional, then it's better not to consider them.


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Great to see so many BTB for Oct 06
Welcome all!

The thread moving super fast leh,I am sorta lost already.

Anywayz, when are you gals heading down for first fitting for yr gown? Our ADs are in Oct, so we shld be going in Feb? or later?


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Hi you like to check out ,

you can try julie news wedding along tanjong pagar, package abt 3.5 to 4K, but nice pictures and gown


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Hi Sel, i have yet to sign up with a bridal studio leh.. Not sure which one I shld sign up..

Anyway, tink we shld start fitting on the gown at least in Mar.. tink need to take PS at least 4 mths before our AD.


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Wah! So many posts!


Essex Walk very ex leh! I saw a few pairs which I fancy but cost a few hundreds, so no choice but to drop the idea...By the way, are u in working in town area?


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hi lyn
congrats on ur rom..
do u have ur pictures to share with us? hee..
my email is [email protected]
i simply agreed with u..fake eyelashes are a MUST coz it actually make our EYES bigger..hee.

hi ladies..
i wil be having my PS in dec. Am very worried that it will rain on that day- weather is so unpredictable these days. anyway, do u gers have any nice suggestions for PS? please throw ur ideas to me..hee..


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hi gers.. have been sick the whole week.. and guess what..sick during the "semi-holiday" week.. what can i say?? Am i fated to be a "workaholic"

Have not done anything since i last posted as work had been busy too...

Em.. cannot... I must start feeling to be a bride ... all the work last few weeks have thrown me off my track and i somehow forget that we had not confirmed any photographers yet

So far, Sam Wong and Alex from Captured Moments have reply to my email..

Oh yah.. do all of you engage a VG too?? I am very tempted to after seeing the Captured Moments' samples


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hi ling
1st appointment - to discuss the designs of ur MTM gowns/ur designer will give u some OTR gowns to try on based on ur preferences/designs u have in mind. this is to see if the designs u like suit ur bodyshape, etc.

1st fitting - to try on ur own MTM gowns. usually, the embellishment is not complete at this time. the 1st fit is to try on the gowns and see if u need further alteration.

hope this helps.


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Hi Linda, i'm the first among my gf's to get married so don't think they can give me much of an advice too...plus they're kind of hip n fashion ppl...i'm afraid they might give me the wrong advice....tht's why i'm here to seek those bride-to-be info as well as exchanging them....hope it's of a use to me ;)

Hi sweets....i thought of tht too...don't let him see my gown until the wedding day...but he'll be payin for it...how to don't go with me?? photograph taking also hv to do it together rite?? how to not let him see it till tht dy?? tell you the one i went is at bugis...think it's the 3rd or 4th fl....attitude very bad....i went with a gf as my FH is out of town...coincidentally they're havin a roadshow jus at bugis (near Mac) so thought can hv a look at the same time compare price n package....but tht guy jus ask me to sit down n ask "so when getting married?" then i said "next year nov" n he said "Ok, nah look this is our package price"(turning to the page) n jus stop there.....i mean "hello" i'm ur potential customer is tht the way to treat a customer?? i was so pissed....

Anyway, my friend intro Bridal Veil to me....she says 3 of her friends hv been there for their bridal package....any comments on tht???

Actually, i jus thought it's a bit too early for me to actually start sourcing for bridal package...anyway it's next year nov not next year jan...


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Hey tcflabby, may i also be included in your 2006 brides details list?? looks interesting to know who's AD is drawing near...

btw, anyone can tell me wht's the rate of hiring a wedding planner?? say if i'm doin my rom n customary on the same day n no dinner jus a simple garden wedding theme....let me knoe if anyone out there has got info on this. thanks a tonns ;)


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hi purpleblur,

you really are blur as your nick indicates
.if you just go down further into the street (there's a wet market), you'll see the mosque. it's @ the junction but because it's very modern, you won't notice it's a mosque unless you look carefully @ it...

i know roughly where you stay...there's a foodcourt right? i got a friend staying there.


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Hello Sel and oct06 bride,
My BS is only going to start the designing of the gown in early March-06 and then have 1st fitting in Mid April-06...that is like... so long away!!!


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Hi Frais Bleu, If they pissed u off, then strike them off the list, or u'll run a risk of dealing with their attitude later.

My FH has traditional custom which does not allow him to look at the gown. But we sourced our fotographers together, as it's important that he is comfortable with the photographer & what he produces.

So, if your FH is paying for it, it's best to get his opinion as well. Guys have short attention span & esp with your FH's travel schedule, it's better to shortlist 1st, then bring him down to the ones you already like. You can bring a g/f whom you trust that understands what your style is & offer you an honest opinion.

As for choice of bridal salons, it depends on what you like & your budget? Bridal Veil is simple design with swarovski, which some think is clean cut but others think it's boring. Go through the bridal salon websites & also the threads here to get an idea.

If you're doing foto shoot before wedding, then you will need to finalize the bridal studio abt 6 mths b4 wedding date.


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HI rachelle,
my 1st fittin is in 1st wk of dec... i m curious abt how it turns out.. as for excited... so-so oni

i went for my 1st appt 2 wks back. mine is MTM so my first fittin wud be in 1st wk of dec. is ur mtm or otr?


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Hi all

I am new here.. had my ROM this year in Sept. My AD will be on the 9th Dec 2006. Have booked my wedding dinner venue @ Goodwood Park Hotel. But havent done anything else.

Hmm... actually the wedding preparation has come to a halt for the time being. HB is changing job and myself thinking of going further studies.

I feel that we may not be ready for AD by next Dec. If I really got a place to do my further studies, financially I wont be able to contribute much. And now, HB is in the process of changing job, not very stable too.

Not very sure what to do. Cos dun dare to commit too much...

This ia very yucky feeling... wish our paths will clear up soon.. soon we know where's our direction again..

Just wanna use to this space to let off some anxieties


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Hi magical & greekgal, my PS oso next mth - 27th Dec..so when's urs? I oso praying hard it wont rain!! have u all decided the locations? My final fittings is 2wks before PS. Actually my coordinator says no need to try so early, few days before oso can but i think it wont b too rush or risky if anything goes wrong.

By the way, if u gals wanna do mani & pedi, u can try PINC. Their services are excellent. A new branch just opened @ centrepoint but i'm tied up with another branch @ northpoint.


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O dear..Hope u are feeling better now. Do take good care cos must be a beautiful bride on ur wedding day..

For me, I have enaged both photographer and videographer. How much is Captured Moments charging?


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Hi augustina,
I did all 3 treatments for my ROM at Holland V branch. U can look for Helen. She's auntie-ish, but good skills. She was the one whom persuaded me to do brazilian. As for Wheelock one, I did waxing for my arm there recently, but doesnt find the girl good. She's quite young & inexperienced. I would say.

Hi charsiew,
U r rite abt that.


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Hello all lovely BsTB of Oct06,

I strongly agree dat our thread is moving like a rocket til I lost track too! Oh boy...

Anyhow, I din manage to go to the bridal fair in Ngee Ann dat day cos busy n too tired fm work.. sob sob... (falling sick soon, can feel it coming...)

Wendy, thks very much for the very DETAILED info on PS/VS. So detailed til I've no idea who to choose... Any recom for PS and VS who could quickly convert whatever he has taken during the morning to broadcast during the dnr? Don't intend to spend too much too cos I guess the photos will be in the store after the whole RARA.. heehee... but perhaps video OCCASIONALLY will play it or show them to our future offsprings...

My FH & I are planning to confirm wif Meritius Mandarin but has yet to meet up wif our final stop -- Crown Hotel to see their offer.

Dat day we kinda sign up wif Whitelink n bargain for many things wif e pkg we took. Dunno if I'll regret but did love their WG during the Marina Mandarin show.

Guess my input is too long.. til then,

Have a gr8 weekend! Gonna work again & back on tue..


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hello Irene,
I m chasing them for my confirmation letter.haha.
will be meeting them in dec to collect my wedding card.maybe will try to negiote with them again to waive off the corkage charge


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Hi Spring,Baby squid
will be getting my Ps pics latest by Dec 22 which will be my ROM
...my outdoor PS was done in pulau ubin in the day and fullerton in the night.....hmmm Holland V Strip brazillian wax is good ?....hmmm think I will get it before my ROM
....how's the charges like?
Hi purpleblur, jy and angeldust,
Thanks for all the suggestions! I saw designers BS in the magazine but they state that its by appointment only. So dun really dare to call as I afraid they will be hard selling type. Sigh....Some budget constrain lei... so dun have the courage to actually go down to the designer BS? Are those BS very expensive?
Ladies, so can I actually try the gowns on the first visit to the BS (while I go to enquire)? or must I commit before I can try?
Hi frais bleu,

we are looking at doing rom and customary on the same day n no dinner too..
we want something simple but have not yet decide what to do w it..

i should be 2006 brides too but no proper planning yet..my bf said will be last minutes kind of arrangement for me so i will not be too picky.. crazy him..
hi augustina,
did u get to book the $768 nett package or $738 nett package? Cos they increased the price to $768nett for wkday 8-course dinner. When i went styleweddings show, the promo for free table with every 10th table. Its so worth it but its only applicable for new sign-ups on that day only. Do keep me posted of ur outcome on the negotiation on corkage charge ya!


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hi all , u all r so active, i'm glad i found this forum ;)

i've already confirmed my venue, hotel has been booked at conrad , on 29th april. dun intend to buy flat, my FH prefers to rent cos he doesnt believe in working for the bank & he did some calculations , we're no worse off renting vs buying, so for now we'll rent. Also, may look towork overseas so no point locking ourselves for 30 years.
are you all buying property , or u also have similar views on renting ?

Illna : thanks for your offer, already emailed you ;P

Lipstar : how come u're so afraid of ur director ? ahhaha must be a terror at work

EL: yah i agree with you ,her gowns are so good. initially i've never tot that i'll want a full lace gown , but after trying on hers, i'm sold, and every other gowns pale in comparison leh .... but i tell myself that i need to scout more, ahahha maybe just to convince myself of the decision i've already made ..margaret is also very nice to work with, so feel at ease with her.

do you know who are the photographers and florist & makeup artist that we can choose ?