(2004) Brides of year 2004


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my 3 little noti fellows.. kekeke.. and one more coming on the way


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Hi, ladies! Happy CNY!

Wow, congrats Chloe! Seen gynae already?

Mei Mei, u'll be next, okie? Chloe & me give u lots of bb dust, hehe...

Ladies, I was too naive to think, "Where got so easy to strike one?" So never bothered to take precaution or be careful. In the end after married AF never come liao.


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Thanks, Unicorn!

Yeah, bb due 27 Jul. My hb's best friend (guy) laughed at us, say we shot-gun becoz our AD 31/10 but bb coming out in less than 9 mths.

So until now I dare not tell other friends or colleagues/ bosses also. See how long more I can squeeze into my leftover few pieces of clothes & hide the tummy. Stress... (what to do, Asian culture FACE very important mar, haha


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Dun care abt wat others going to say ..
As long as the bb is safe and sound ...
My fren din wear pregnant clothings but still stick to her normal wear but 1-2 sizes bigger ..


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Unicorn, wow, yr friend good lar. Now she how far along already?

Not that I care so much abt what ppl say lar, but can't help feeling a bit "yuen1 wang3" lor, hahaha

Chloe, will u be doing all the blood tests & scans? I haven't decide yet leh. So far only did 1 scan, haven't done blood tests yet.


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i am not sure my EDD,will wait awhile more then see the gyn....which gyn are u gg to???Mine will most likely in MT E....
keep me update too....

U ladies also JIA YOU...


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Hayashi, congrats congrats!
Pretty mommy...

cooldevil, me also rarely club liao, most of the time wanna 'nua' at home :p


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Hi Hayashi
I wonder whether u are the 1st dec forum bride to get preggi ...hee heee
Take great care!

Hi shern
I also hardly ...this is my 1st clubbing after my AD....kekekekekeke... no choice lor....must going exercise and relax myself........


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Hi Ling & Hayashi,


me still working hard leh....

maybe stress at work so a bit difficult to
create the mood. but can't quit till find another job....HELP!!!!!!!!


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Spongme and Chloe!

Congrats to being the first 2 mothers to be in our thread and responding to the government's call! Have a safe and beautiful 9 months, and may your babies be born healthy and chubby,


I had a friend also Oct bride, married 1 day after me on 10/10. First week after married is AF, she conceived on week 2. Very fast too!

For me, I insist on abstaining when it is not safe because I do not wish to get pregnant just yet.

And Spongme, your bb not shotgun la! According to calculations, you should have conceived on 3 Nov, which is 3 days after your wedding!


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Hayashi, wow... congrats, so happy for u. Take good care, can knw how old are u. Ur Hb must be very happy.
Anyone of u planning for baby too.


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It's cfm.. keke saw the sac.. kekeke

mist: tks tks..

purple: quick.. ur turn.. kekeke

hayashi: me cfm EDD 23/10/05... 5 days after my 1st wedding anniversary.. me gynae at Raffles..

twinkle: quick.. when is ur turn?


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Hi Ling,
congrats! wow..
eh.. who is ur gynae at Raffles, is it gd? i am looking for one now.. can share more info with me? thanks.

Hi Hayashi,
congrats to u too! :D

Hi Twinkle,
work hard! very soon, will be rewarded..

well, i don't have plan for one yet! still wanna enjoy 1-2 more years of freedom.. :D


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LING & HAYASHI.....CONGRATS!! hehehhso happy for the two of u.....
great news...wow 4 babys... from the Nov team...hahahahh

Purple..hahhahah u young meh? *grin*

Well for me, no need jia you...though i old liao hahha.... can only try in 2007...but very happy for all the mummys to be in here.....


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planning for bb? Ermm............. def nt so fast for me lar.

Hakida - hw cme u so eager wanna hv bb? 2 bored @ hme is it? Then u want someone to make u bz? ha ha ha...........

Anyway take care. Haben bn talking to u for quite some time liao, miss all the yakking.


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Hi Twinkle,

Dun worry, when the time is ripe, u'll be pregnant. Dun lose hard. Dun "do it" juz to have bb. Do it romantically and lovingly, sure will have sooner or later. Think the job market is picking up. I've got some interviews le. At last....
Cheer up.

Hi Ling,
Not my turn yet. Money have not come in yet. Job din turn up as expected too. So, got to wait. But I'm happy for all of u. hehe.... Next year CNY, dun arrange any gathering hor. So many of u can collect ang bao le. haha..... Ur bb if born in 26 Oct, will have same bdate as Aaron Kwok. hehe.... U want gal or boy?

Hi Fleur,
Me not young, juz underage. haha.....

Dun worry, cannot jia you like me but still work hard mah. ;p


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COnGratulations, guess your hb and your parents must be bery happy. Take good care of yourself.
So can be tai tai soon huh, now still working a not? hehe


Hey gals!!
me back from Japan!

Hakida - congrats!!! production fast fast leh! :p

cheerbear - glad that u r feeling ok now. have i seen ur pics huh? can share with me.

who else haven't show me pics! :p


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Hi ladies,
Thanks alot,just want to share my happiness and sufferings with u all for the rest of the mths....
I haven seen a obstercian yet,but i think i am abt 6 weeks plus now....
finally have abit of energy to come in,have been vomiting for the past few days,today is the worst....Really sucks....
I think will still be working unless the vomiting really drag and i can't tolerate anymore...Coz,i see the Dr in MT.E no need to pay and maybe even the delivery fees will be cheaper...
not Tai Tai is housewife....

I am turning 26 for my next b'day...

Ah Ger,
miss u too....

Yah ,i abit shocked so fast too....U must have real fun in japan....


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Ling and moonlight,

did u gals vomit alot???I have been vomiting for the past few days....and today is the worst...
Really terrible.....
Most probably,I will see the gyn next week.....At the same time get some medicine for the vomiting...


Hi Soupie, jap temp ave at 0 to 10 degrees.
coldest is the nite at a lake near mt fuji. it is -2, but lucky have hot spring. so din feel the cold. :p

Hayashi - fun fun... hope that it would be longer! :p my hubby was hopping to get a made in japan baby!! :p but dun think so lah! ;)