(2004) Brides of year 2004


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skylar! i add one lah... HAHAHAHAHA.... i actuali loaded the pic.. den decided against it.. so juz close the webpage... din know it will load up liao?! haha... sorry hor... so disgusting... tot let adeline see wat CS is like mah.. hahaha... its actualli double the size when it first appeared.. den slowly dry up n shrink in size lor..

juz now no straw at home... drink water.. the cup hit the CS... den left oni one puny small corner.. so i pek chek.. tear it out lor.. hahahahaa.......


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adeline.. sorry hor.. juz now like exploded everything to u... u noe.. i'm usualy not like tis... u can imagine my

but nothing much can b done liao.. juz my luck...


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u tear it out!@!!!
aiyoh... super disgusting leh!!! kaoz... me lunch dun need to eat liao lah...

relax no-time, we are all here for u one!! hehehe...


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no lar...got new flat is good...what i mean is nice idea to stay together now...if not got to wait 4 yrs then can stay together...


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Hi Fleur,

Thanks for the info but is there any significant landmark near that Chinatown shop u mentioned? Very clueless abt Chinatown area leh.

Huh? Pyjamas? My mum oni told me gota get one for myself but nv mention anything for hubby leh???? Very confused now.


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hi shern, linda and hayashi
Thanks :p but I dun know my BS is in the list or not ..... I dun think so lah cos my BS not very well known...


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I agreed with you. They just dun bother!

Dabee/ No-time,

Poor gal ... me lend you gals a listening ear cum shoulder ok. Duno wat's the outcome of my album ... hoefully it is ok cos I've no time to make changes olso. I've just applied another leave for next Thurs ... so now on leave fm 16 to 24 Sep inclusive.

I wish tat I'm on leave wef next Mon ... aiyahhhhh .... but cannot leh!


U counting down now?
Me just called hotel and she insisted to use original CD again ... somemore she said ballroom fully book next week (whole day), no slot for us to try.
KNS KNS KNS ... like tat got to rush and buy disk this weekends!! Shit!


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Who has original CD for 'one boy, one girl', finally i found someone, 'lover's concerto' by Toy and 'Bridal March'?


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Can pm me the link to your PS fotos ??
A pity that u can't attend the 38 session on next tues ..
Can see that u are very excited over your new hse and the upcoming wedding ..


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hi gals
cant meet u all again... GDL on the 18th so got to rush to buy things =)

hi lynn
so rush ah.. hey take good care of urself huh.. AD is really comin liao..


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Hi gals ... yep me on leave today. Now at home.

Adeline & Skylar,
wav format is better than mp3. I only have original CD for "one boy one girl". Even converting mp3 to wave or recording from original CD to CD at home, I would consider them "burnt" CD.

CS said bye bye to you liao hor ... a piece of good news indeed !!! now can be mei mei


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huh? me burn all MP3 ome leh.. so meaning now i gotta re-burn to Wav liao lor..
ohh no....

u all ah! u know when u all say CS = cold sore rite? i still thot its ChengSam leh... make me so blur,....

now me busy packing all my stuff at work liao.. last day amah.. hehehehe...


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You mean you're using original CD for all songs?


Hurray.... so hapi for you!


I've just called hotel. She said best for me to use my own songs cos they dun hv much selection. Moreover she said, we can onli chose the songs on AD itself, if we chose not to bring! Goodness man!


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Hi Amy,
I juz pray hard that my mum in law will ask me along to choose wat I want. haha....
Wat is digdig gold?

Hi ladies,
Think the pyjamas only certain dialect required. Not everyone.



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Hi Gals,


Thks Amy & Fleur for the info. will popby chinatown area c c look look probably next weekend.

HAYASHI HAKIDA, I booked the premium package.
Price & details of the package can be found in
their website www.emtionpix.com
Basically they will be doing the videography, photo montage & express highights for us.
Think is Alex doing the videographer for us on our AD. They are very friendly, can give them a tingle & arrange a time...they dont force sell one...Your frend signed up with them too?

Peg, Purple, hmmm....me looking for 4 dian jin. though I am hokkien, but my FH is teo chiou. my MIL give me the option to buy myself or she can accompany me go buy.
I love diamonds with champage gold or white gold.
Saw a nice cheap set from SK (Jurong Point), maybe buy ala cart from Lee Hwa too...

Moonlight, Aleenta yes yes I heard is a very romantic place. my colleague has booked & is going away for her 2nd honeymoon next sat. quite expensive too


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Montage - One boy one girl => original CD
1st March-in - True Love => original CD
2nd March-in - Fly Me To The Moon => MP3 convert to CD.

For the rest of the dinner & 1st dish, the hotel will be using instrumental CDs.


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Hi hi....
Its FRIDAY ...Yippppppppie...

Hmm.. my mother say Hokkien dun have "shi Dian Jing" and mother in law already go buy the traditional "long feng" bangle......
Kekek so i told hubby maybe i go buy myself hahahha cos i like the white gold diamond bangle from Lee Hwa *grin*

Twinkle...yes lor surprisingly the SK set quite nice hor....but i just cannot comprehend how come they can sell so cheap ah...

Hmmm..wot else do we need to buy for Guodali... Purple.. u the expert..Help....


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ya, necessary for 1st dish song leh..

Adeline u leh??
settle songs liao bor??

me busy packing my stuff now hehehehe....


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Hi gals,

i hv a qn: wat is generally the cost of SDJ pieces dat the in-law side will buy & gv the bride side? wats the middle price range like?

of course, i know wat may be high for some, its low for another person.. so am asking for mkt rate..?


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I think there isn's a fixed range of prices. Some of my friends whose in-laws weren't very well off, and my friends themselves not into jewellery, chose all simple WG pieces without diamonds. whole set less than 1k.

some people din even choose 4 items. just got a token bangle, bracelet or earrings.

i also noe some pp who had very ex SDJ. $20k.

i think mine was abt 3k for all 4 items in WG and diamonds if i am not wrong. thwe most ex is usually the bracelet.


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I think I prefer purple diamond. hehe....

Fleur: Me not expert yet. I noe abit cos both my bros are married and that time got kpo abit and see what they bought. And got accompany my sis in law to buy this and that. Next time then I ask my mum wat else, ok? But me dunno will follow wat, maybe juz basic things. Cos, me hokkien and hubby kek. Mum dun like "ma fun", mum in law dunno their tradition well cos she oso hokkien. But if u go those kind of shop, they will advise u wat to buy.

Wow, Ling, u really rich huh! 5K ah!


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thks, i've rec'd the link....so nice to hv your very own website...envy! Why don't u put more photos on the website....see not enough leh..heehee


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i saw this Club Chinois advertisment in the new Style Weddings Mag...they got this complimentary hotel rm for wedding co-ordinators...don't know whether can ask Eric if we hv the free rm too? But hubby said its only for those weddings on weekdays....


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they are not selcting based on ur BS but on the best featured couple.AT the most all the dec2004 brides vote for u lor.....


better to pay by cash than getting renovation loan,interest rate is so high.Otherwise,maybe u can borrow money from parents or ur in-laws first.Moreover,u still have other things like furniture,ur mthly utilities bill,ur conversancy fees,etc.... to pay for.What if u got children in four years time?Lagi more things to pay.

Better to save more money now.


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Tat means I really try tis yr liao is it? Cos I think there is a couple in the mag whose wedd is over liao. Hmm.......... nvm, when I go to BS 2mr, I'll ask them, c can join for fun or nt.

If can join & my BS is 1 of the participating BS, I'll let u gals know. bt of cos must make sure the pic is mei mei lah, if nt so sia suey.

bt I think is those BS who advertise in Style can participate already right?



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ah ger,

i guess as much u are at hb's house.The magazine have a page for u tofill up and send inur photos what,U never see meh???


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Yeah I saw, bt I tot is applicable for those who'se getting married in 2005 mah.

Nvm, I go BS & ask them take a mei mei pic then I use tat & participate.

U so cleber arh, can guess correctly. Can give me 4D I go buy boh? Ha ha ha....


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Hi Lynn, Rabbit and Mei Mei

Can i see your pics too?

My email add is [email protected]


Btw, any idea by when should the wedding invitation cards be send out? My AD is on 23/10/04, dinner on 25/10/04. Going to collect my cards from the printers tml.


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fong2, think the invites can be sent from 14 onwards if not wrong. Think the 7 month ends on 13th sept if not wrong. =)


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i thought can send 1mth before for those that need to send by post...my mum said those relatives one, GDL that day then give together with the cakes...my AD on 30/10..GDL on 17/10......


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i panda... u are right... i misread her question as to when can she start sending, so that wont clash with 7th month. hahaha... blur me..

for me. my wedding is on 18th oct so its time for me to send... just that my cards are not ready. hahaha...

my relatives did that too, give invitation only at GDL... =)


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coco, better go n rush your printers...must stress them...so that u will have time to write the invites....

i collected my cards liao...just haven print the maps out...headache ah...hv to print 70 pages (3 maps in 1 A4 paper)..must go office & print secretly....hahahaaa


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hi april
oh...sorry typing too fast again...i mean Big gold..hahaha
hey you reallyreally Love purple meh...are you going to haver everythings in Purple for wedding??

hi twinkle
do you know how alex look like? is he very small built with curl hair....or do you know what surname is he?
becos I think my friend work there?

he ling
wow so much ... 5k...must take a look leh..hehe must be very sparking..in you...hehe