(2004) Brides of year 2004


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zann - the beach ah.....very near to safra chalet/SAF yacht? the photographer told us the place used to be very clean and alot of couples loves to go there for PS but because of the development (construction) the place becomes very dirty.....

shern - my outdoor ps gown is not my AD gown so never mind. BS provides outdoor gown so even if it is dirty also not a problem ;)

Ah ger - fun ah ... not really. Very tiring lor...got to smile :D the whole day. And the weather very hot makes my head pains....


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morning all,

hi Twinkle, my schedule is the same as urs, my fitting this weekend and my PS next fri :p
think everyone's PS is coming up. Everyone must take care ok..

hi Purple,
glad to know that your PS went well :D, must remember to share those nice pics of urs..

hi adidas,
you too, enjoy your PS this friday and keep me updated ya..


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good morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Morning pretty gals.

Office internet access not stable these 2 days ... hence din talk yesterday.

Yesterday went down to BS again ... pleased with the removal of ruffles n re-beading done. Din try the gowns cos alot of ppl yesterday ...Will collect my gowns for PS tis Thurs/Fri after some alterations.

Had posted a few pics in yahoo for last Fri's fitting and CS fitting on Sun.


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Morning!! ladies.....

any one of u here got do video slide for the wedding bor? me still thinking should have a not leh.... heheheee...

Adeline, got more pixs?? ok, I will go see it out!!


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Annie, are you going to join us for outing?? Pls reply ASAP!!

Skylar, Ralphine and Kokopooh,

Pls send me your email address, real name and contact no.

Jen Sia,

Rec'd you mail ... no contacts given leh ... :p


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Hi Kokopooh, Lala, No-time, Eternity & MayMay (who?),

Autumn Ivy would like to fix appt with us to go down to aussino for the combined puchase on 03 Aug (Tues).

Can you gals make it on 03 Aug?
Pls suggest venue ... Suntec, Paragon ... or ... ????



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ya lor, mostly these are quite ex one leh, but there is a lobang leh, now for a 30 photos slide of about 4 mins which cost only $68 leh.... promotional rate, somemore in DVD format, I think its really a STEAL lor, where can find cheaper rite?? u want the contact bor?

me gg to meet up with the girl who will do these as her schedule is packed to end of this mth leh. u want to meet her up with me together??


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weekends onli ah? should be ok lor, coz they will meet only in the evenings leh & they are free only end of this mth man!! so see u how lor, u want then we 2 go together see see their past works first lor....


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hi adeline:
glad that u like ur EG.

u know last night i sudden went crazy n told my hubby that the "band" on my arm for my WG not nice, the straps on my EG make me looks fat. i wan to change them. hubby keep saying they look okie. hee heee hee..

no time: u have doggies too??? u went to shop for their collars???? manage to buy any?

i dont wan to think about $$$$. think liao also sianz.... my poor hubby pays for most of the things cos i hv no money. now regret that i din save up for my marriage since baby!! ha ha ha. we just tried to minimise our spending.... for us the biggest amt should be our diner!! hope we can break even!!!! scary..... no time u going to see the actual setup at roxy this sat?
skylar: u print ur cards at T dragon too? me n no time also. i hv confirmed my draft last week. duno can collect when. t dragon said less than 10 days.


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Thanks! Yesterday went down to BS again ... pleased with the removal of ruffles n re-beading done. heehee ... can sleep soundly now. Deveopled pimples cos of tis ... hahahahaha
Pics in yahoo is before alterations ....


I'm free on wkdays after next week too ... u let me noe ok ...............
Hey, send me your email add n contacts leh!!!!


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hi again,

dog-lovers, cute dogs leh.

zann, not me who needed kua...it's ah ger who's looking for kua shoes. think i know who 9west shoe you talking about
i'm also looking for those with heel strap, worried shoe fall off.

lynn, lucky you, my photographer worried if i wear AD gowns will not look natural cos i'll be worried about dirtying it.

baobao, really no nice ones huh? they did say another batch coming in, but it'll be too late for my PS.

ah ger, house of ettiquette


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Me don't find anything funny... One like one pair but it S$ 180 white in colour... Can't go with my EG and ES loh.... So can't buy

Later go paradox see


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Coco and Babysheep:
I hope so ..
Now still feel very weak ..
And the work is piling ..
Then still got the ongoing reno ...

Have u collected your wedding cards fm MM yet ??
Which one do u intend to take ??


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gosh.. super no mood to work.. today din go work again.. sighz... tings go like tis.. will b jobless soon !

adeline... yr EG looks good la... dun worry ok.. glad u can zz soundly now..

hey gals... so we going baker's inn or bboss?


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yeah.. its bboss.. but baker's inn like nice light food oso lor.. sorry lor... i confuse everyone.. haha..

hey... saw yr pics liao leh.. really look ok to me lor... hehehe.... dun worry lah.. tat pink is so outstanding.. u're sure to be the star..


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I saw frm another link - $40 nia, bt I can't post th link here leh, dunno y? I tried to do it on Sun bt bounced the msg back to me.

HOE - I think some of their items quite exp leh, bt nvtheless I will still go & look c look c.

Thks for the info.


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Hee2, EG's design confirmed yesterday.
Me superb fussy mah. Tks to BS for tolerating me. hahahahaa. They're gd at pacifying me

are you at town area?
my colleague PS today ... raining now.
is it raining at town area?


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Good afternoon gals....

Hi Fleur, hehe.... ya lor, must make him feel that still got pple want me, if not, he thought I become "huang nian po" liao.

Wat a dream u had.... Remember to wear clothes that dun nid to pull off from head one. If ur gown is bare back, try not to wear bra. If have to, wear a strapless one. So, that wun have the strap mark.... Will have beautiful back. hehe....

Gals, remember to eat ur bfast. Go toilet before changing into ur gown, even if really nothing....

Hi Moonlight, Thanks, luckily the rain din go on for whole day. When I get the pix, sure will share wif all of u....


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dabee.. my jack russell is a siao gao lo... always spoil her collars.. duno buy how many liao.. hahaah... yeah.. managed to get her a tougher collar... n those 5m retractable leash.. hehehee....

yes... me n HB will b going down roxy tis weekend.. c how it looks like.. so we can noe wat we wan.. hopefully lor... we go together? hehehee.....

u all like so good.. spend HB's $$... i spent my $$ oso leh.. hahahaa.... HB's $$ alone not enoff leh.... die ah.. me n HB.. hahaha...

dabee... dun worry so much abt yr gowns yah? i oso abit worried.. after seeing everyone's EGs... so glam n nice... i chose sumting really kinda "out-of-the-blue".. ahahaa... not glam kind.. u wun be saying "WOW" seeing me march-in.. hahaha..... cos it has a different feel leh.. duno how to put it...


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but portions of the sky quite blue and super white clouds leh.. duno which area tho.. hehehehee... but super windy at my place here...


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ivy mentioned to meet on 3rd Aug??? i thot her discount is for the month of July?? she only asked me last night next week which day i cannot... haven't heard a confirmation date from here....