(2004) Brides of year 2004


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i saw last night shots that sanyuan's hubby so upset like lost daughter like that, so i tot bo liao... nvm, we go watch tonight then wil know the ending liao


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cool cool!

ya ya... aiyah how ah? must find someone's house to watch... any girls volunteer? ;p
we can organise a pajamas party hehehe.

hehehe *wink wink* peeping oraia sounds fun hor!!
*sticks out tongue*

i dunno leh, i tot i saw the adverts leh...


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hi blim blim,
when is the earliest/latest you must register in the website? you mean David Loh would not be JP next year? That's funny...

hi mist,
ya next time we can go each other's house liao
then i go rotate on your rotating chair!


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wait i cot you peeping then not very cool liao hoh!

wat time you leaving office hah???

*pull your tongue*

think piglets offer her house liao
who offers pyjamas??


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eh? secret garden oso near city hall ah? yay! can meet for lunch leh hor? we meet piglets in raffles pl -- central point hehehe...

heh heh... i peep oso u wun know mah hor? i pretend pretend go into mac shop and see ipod lor ;p *wahahahaha*
dun tell u wat time i leaving office ;p

wah!! really meh? will paiseh or not? wait piglet's lao gong pengz.


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heehee... If you all don't mind... My hubby staying there leh... If not come my parent hse lah.... Im still staying wif my mum


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ya ya me very near city hall!
2 against 1! so piglet can come over!!!

not the other way round

you dun anyhow peep hoh, wait your eye got the bak chang!:p

better dun diturb piglets house lah! must think of soem other place!


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Hi Secret Garden,
The earliest is 3 months and the latest is 21 days ahead. Ya... we were puzzled too and even call up rom to verify and they refer us to the JP list provided. Cos I still see David Loh being mentioned recently in the JP threads leh.


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Hi gals,

Welcome to those newcomers!

Hi blim,

David loh name is under the grassroots section at the ROM website. He will still be the JP next year. My gf booked him for her Feb 04 Rom.

Mr chan was late for one of my gf's solemnisation. :p

Hi brambles,

Agreed with u!! this thread moving too fast already. For your AD photographer, take your time and think carefully. And avoid seeing too many becos u will be very confused.


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Alamak! Mr Chan late ar? How disappointing. I read good reviews about him, that's why chose him.

Didn't know David Loh under grassroot section. Err... grassroot is different from JP right?


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hi blim, doremon,

maybe mr chan too busy liao that's y late ...
so David Loh is grassroots leader? Grassroot leader can be JP right?
if we request david loh to be JP, how early in adavnce must we contact him?

take you time to read okie :p

brambles, just shortlist afew else you like me *blur*


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Hi mist

i love the rotating chair and wonder if i should get another to prevent the 'fight'. was thinking of choosing green or beige colour. is urs beige? does it get dirty easily

how is the service. heard their delivery is always late. i got it from Harbourfront branch during sale.


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my parents got a sofa set from celato some time in may this year. the delivery is on time on the dot. sofa as per what we requested. no arguements n all. They bot it at the shop at furniture mall along Beach Rd.


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Hi ladies,
Had been off from this thread for a very long time...can I join back this thread so that we can prepare for our weddings together? Could I add myself to the list?

Lovey (Divine, Merchant court)


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Hi gals...
Finally i can put my name up in this list!!! hahahahaah...

Weddings in 2004 (EFFECTIVE Monday, December 30, 2003 – 7pm)

3rd – yoyo (Sophia Wedding, Park Royal Plaza, Bishan)
3rd – Bonjon (Thomson Wedding Design, The Chervons, Jurong West)
7th – Cin_p (Universal, Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Sengkang)
7th – ino (Everbliss, Hotel Inter-Continental, West Coast)

21st – xue (Grassroot’s Club)

20th – BinBin (Divine Couture, Conrad, Bukit Panjang)

24th – Ang Bee Kah (Milan Wedding, Grand Court Vegetarian @ Orchard, Bukit Gombak)

22nd – DJ (Flamingo, GCW)

5th – Bread (Silverlining, Wang Jiang Lou, Aljunied)
20th – Fairymoss (Irene’s Creation, Sheraton Towers, Bishan)



23rd - dabee (seven heaven bridal, century roxy park hotel, marine parade)
23rd - gerlynn (Camellia Houte Couture, Hyatt hotel, Woodland (for a few months!)
26th – Ralphine (Yvonne Creative, Sheraton Towers, Sengkang)
28th – kokopooh (BV, Sheraton Towers)

2nd – happybride (JLC, *no banquet*, Dover))
4th – Ivory (Popular Honeymoon, Hyatt, CCK)
9th - kkwai (Thomson Wedding Design, Carlton, Sem)
27th – forest (Marriott, Yishun)
30th – Michellekoh (GHA, Carlton, Serangoon North)

14th – Taurus (Whitelink, Pan Pacific, Punggol)
20th - mist (Wedding Affairs, Marriot, Telok
Blangah heights)
21st – Seabreeze (White Link, Sheraton Towers, Bishan) *Banquet on 24th Nov.
26th – RoChEr (Marriot)

2nd – Winterhakone (BV, Fullerton, Punggol)
3rd – smallonion (everbliss, Concord Hotel)
5th – Twinkleglint (Whitelink, Pan Pacific, Woodlands)
9th - Secret garden (Conrad, Tiong Bahru)
11th – Michelle Teo (Santiago, M Hotel, Punggol)
12th – Velooi (JB BS, Orient Ocean, Woodlands)
12th – oraia (BridalVeil, Grand Hyatt, Jurong West)
16th – Soupie (JLC, Trader’s Hotel, Bedok/Punggol)
19th – Doremon (Santiago, *no banquet*, Sengkang)
19th – Trisha (Swissotel)
24th – Piglets (BZ, Pan Pacific, Bukit Panjang)


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Ops, should be in this format yah?!
12th- Lovey(Divine, Merchant Court, Bishan)
And Brambles,
Sok Eng from berryhappy's a good choice. She took photos for me for my ROM.


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hi gals,
can i join this thread? i've jus confirmed my banquet and AD... have been hanging around in the Year 2004 brides for a very long time.. kekekek..

my AD is 27th Oct.. and i'll b holding my banquet at Marriott... how abt u gals??? is there a calendar running in this thread? :p

i'm kinda worried.. cos' other than banquet n hse, i havent settled my BS n the rest.. any tips??

i saw tt u have lobangs for wines n liquour??? can email me [email protected]

can send me the tiaras u hve too???? tks!!!!


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2nd - Winterhakone (BV, Fullerton, Punggol)
3rd - Smallonion (Everbliss, Concord Hotel)
5th - Twinkeleglint(Whitelink, Pan Pac,Woodlands)
5th - Meagan (Noble House, Sengkang)
9th - secret garden (Conrad, Telok Blangah)
11th - Michelle (Santiago, M Hotel,Punggol)
12th - Oraia (BV, Grand Hyatt, Jurong West)
12th - neece (M Hotel, Seng Kang)
12th - KPO Lady (Paris, Pan Pac, Seng Kang)
12th - Zhuzhu (Camellia, Carlton, Tampines)
12th - Lovey(Divine, Merchant Court, Bishan)
16th - Soupie (JLC, Trader's Hotel, Bedok)
18th - Fanny (Jawn,Raffles the Plaza,Seng Kang)
19th - Trisha (Swissotel)
19th - Jasline (Htl rendevous, Holland)
19th - Doremon (Santiago, SK)
24th - Fi Fi ( Wedding News, Crown Prince, Punggol)
24th - Piglets (BZ, Pan Pac, Bukit Panjang
26th - wendy76 (Fullerton Hotel)


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Hi forest, my AD is 10th Oct and I'll be holding my banquet at Concorde. I have chosen White Link as my BS..not bad lor, my designer quite friendly and she will do everything to meet my needs..
and I'll be mailing u the list by today..(",)


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hihi piglets/ secret garden,

yay! wah... piglets u v good leh... lunchtime flexi

watching the HK show now. exciting man!!!!


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Of cos can go over for lunch... Tell me the time and place i can come over have lunch wif you all... yeah.... can have more frend liao....


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HI Fifi
Got the mail. So r u meeting up with them to view their samples? I think har, if nothing goes wrong, probably take them lar..so sick of looking around..the faster I confirmed the better

My AD is 12 Dec.


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hi ladies,
me read before somewhere on Guo Da Li... actually it's not really called Guo Da Li in the old traditional customs....

in the past, people has "San1 Shu1 Liu4 Li3" (three letters and six etiquettes). What we do now on Guo Da Li is wat people in the past do for "Na4 Zhen1" (Formal Gifts for the Bride's Family), one of the six etiquettes.

The groom's family will pick a 'good day' and send the bride's family the following bridal gifts: gifts, cash, cakes and food and sacrifices for worshiping the ancestors. This act confirms the marriage agreement between the two families.


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hi lovey,
1st time chatting with you!
you also with divine?
me planning to sign up with divine too

just that i m waiting for the bridal show.
who do you liaise with in divine?
i m liaising with kim

what's your package like?
can share share?
when you starting your 1st consultation with them?
did you tie up with any of the photographers that divine tie to?
wah! good next time i got you to talk to about BS liao
somemore our wedding dates are so close!!!

hi oraia/soupie/piglets/fifi/zhuzhu,
just finish watching the show and taken my bath!
u all leh? I have signed up with ernest liao tonight! boy! today he got to see so many couples

fifi- are you the one with short brown hair? very happening look one? your hubby in grey shirt?
i think i managed to take a peep at you hehe

zhuzhu-u talking about ernest? if yes, most go book quick quick b4 end of this year , ya

okie! next time we can have lunch together okie??? when when??



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hi doremon and secret garden... yup! am narrowing down my list by a lot a lot!!! this is sooo v much easier! will be seeing a few more b4 we decide


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AUgust 2004 is not a popular month cuz it's the 7th Lunar month or ghost festival.. but mine's early august and it's not yet Ghost festival yet... it's the end of the 6th lunar month....

i've decided on venue and bridal shop...



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Hi all

Hope all had a lovely Christmas!

I just went for my very first fitting at Bridal Veil today - its feels quite scary and strange to put on a gown (which is not quite completed yet, and no crystals) cos I kept thinking "this is it" the only gown I should wear for the rest of my life!! And it is not a exceptional dream gown - somehow it did not feel magical like I imagine it would. Sigh, I think I have been brought up on to many fairy tales.

Its 38 days to my big day, and I have heaps to do - such a slow B2B. Still need to find some sort of entertainment - like a live band/dj, walk in song, get evening dress done, invitations printed, find emcees (the couple we originally asked is on a brink of marriage disaster), buy the traditional wedding stuff, sitting plans, thank you presents for helpers. If I start thinking about it, I somehow panic. Just try to get by a day at a time. What's worse is that you keep thinking that you should put in more effort as there will be only one wedding - but I just have no enough time!!

Hope you all here are in a better position than I am - I am so stressed that my hormones have gone into overdrive, and thus now have skin to rival a spotty teenager..

cest la vie


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Hi Ladies!

Sori I have been MIA for a while, busy with wk.
I have changed my wedding date to ... 10/10 oso!

Hope no more changes coz my fiance and I haven't told his parents yet n they are the superstitious type.

Hi steph and forest, welcome to this thread.

Gather fr the threads that u do tiaras. Are u into making all those beaded jewellery too? I am actually interested to learn but duno where to go. Any advise on that? Is anyone here also int'd to learn, then perhaps we can go together. I am hoping to make some jewelleries for my gang of jie-mei

Since today New Yr's eve, here's wishing everyone a better year ahead, filled with love, joy, good health and all wonderful blessings fr above!


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forest.. hehehe, yes final ur name is up in the list. kekekek

secret_garden.. no rubbing sale lah...hehehe but really south tat part is actually very popular area & housing value is high. Mine friend apply for the ballot for Tiong Bahru, now waiting for result.


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Yes, I agree. Not many people will want to have their wedding in Aug because of that reason. Mine is on 8 August, at the end of the 6th lunar month. Actually, even for the 6th lunar month, not many people like it because they say it's something to do with half of a year!

Yes, I've decided on venue (Four Season) and bridal shop (Amanda Lee) too. What's yours?


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hi brambles,
so which ones are you looking at? care to share?

hi smallonion,
really? I wish your feind all the luck she needs for the ballot!

hi ladies,


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Hi secret garden and blim,

According to david loh, they made a mistake and that is why his name appears under the grassroot leader section. No worries, he is indeed the JP becos he does solemnisation at the ROM registry also

Guess what? He stay in sengkang too!


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HI lovey,

Do u mind to share with me your ROM pictures too?

Thanks! Pls click on my username for the email.

Hi brambles,

I send u a mail...pls review and let me know your comments.


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Hi EC,

I think you are too stressed out (though I am equally guilty of that at times too) :p

Do stay focus... the wedding is only a celebration but the marriage should be the core of the whole preparation. You can call me lazy... but I don't put in alot of efforts trying to make my wedding an extraordinary one or unqiue from others. There is nothing wrong with getting down to all the nitty gritty details... but sometimes stress is created unduly if you try too hard to live up to it. For instance I wanted a blue theme for my wedding dinner... but going by the colour of the ballroom... the colour will clash so have decided on gold/champange instead. I figured that nobody will remember it one year down the road except that they had attended my wedding :p

For the gown, I guess that it is only the 1st fitting and without the crystals it will look a bit plain. Speak to Michelle about it and let her know your concern... I'm sure she can do more to the details of the gown.

Having a live band/dj will liven up the place... but playing songs from a CD will do just fine as well.

Emcees... erm try other friends... I'm sure they will be glad to help.

Bring your mum or your FMIL to shop for the traditional wedding stuff. At least they know what to get and buy what they require rather than ding donging to and fro. Do not hesitate to get family members involved in things... it makes the whole process easier for you (do not look at it as losing control... they love you and want to feel that they are part of it as well). My mum and FMIL have been very involved in things and am glad that they are... otherwise I would have lost my sanity by now... and its good to see everyone getting excited about the wedding.

Sitting plans can come much later... just do up a guest list for now... because the sitting arrangement will change when friends RSVP. I cracked my head over it initially and found myself shifting everyone around for at least 3 times... complete waste of time and effort... and realise subsequently from the banquet co-ordinator that they can fit even 11 or 12 persons to one table and all I need to do is just inform them beforehand which tables will have more guests... to think I was trying so hard to fit just 10 persons into one table. :p

Thank you presents for helpers can come in the form of a dinner or lunch. We will be buying lunch for our helpers... think it will save alot of time shopping for the gifts. What's more you won't end up buying things which may end up chucked in one corner.

If you can't quite think straight... sit down with your hubby and come up with a list of things to be done and prioritise. Do the bare necessities first... frills can come later when you have the additional time. I had to constantly sit myself down and list down what needs to be done and by when... otherwise I find myself losing my bearings too... you are not alone kay... so be strong =)

If you have any queries... shoot away here... we may be of some help... heh heh me so thick skin :p

Stay focus and take care.


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hi inc,

hmmm, i also heard alot of bad comments from the thread too!!! i was pretty worried then....

but i think they have improved and are better now. their delivery was quite okay.

my sofa is beige, you have to take care of the sofa loh, especially little black dust is very visible on beige sofa.... but usually i just wipe it with solution soap and they are clean liao... quite easy to take care. My friends also "fighting" for that rotating chair when they come to my place!!! anyway, it's quite okay lah, my hubby always let me sit on that chair and he sit somewhere else loh... ;p

hi secret garden,

ha, you also wanna join in the fun for the rotating chair huh?? ;p




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Hi Forest,

Glad to know that u have cfm ur AD. For BS, u got to start shopping ard now, esp if u r gg for MTM. My banquet will be held at Pan Pac, BS is Golden Horse Awards. Hope that u can find ur ideal BS soon.

Btw, I have sent u the pics of the tiaras oredi.

Hi Hanyan,

The tiaras are not made by me. Cos the design cannot be handmade.

Me oso interested in learning jewellery making and I've been looking ard for books the past few days but din see much nice design except those imported fm Japan ones. Too bad leh, I cant read Jap, or else, I wld have bought liao. U r interested too? Maybe we can go check it out together.