(2003) Brides of year 2003


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Hi pucca,

Yap those are the ones which i don't one...actually the assistant threw up the back of the gown and while the gown is throw up the photographer snaps...very funny cause we threw up a couple of times....


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Hi taddess

Think most of you like the outdoor one. Me 2. Cos we both quite relaxed and my FH got into the mood of taking photos liao. Me like the ones with the coconut trees most. Actually the trees v. short only, i had to sit n my FH had to kneel. the photographer took it from down-upwards so that the tree looks taller.

My WG pic i like the one with the pearls one n another one which I did not post cos 2 many liao

Ya, the orange effect is with filter. If u notice, there's one with an extreme blue sky, tt one also a bit of filter, top only.

V. funny leh, throw the gown up a few times b4 get the correct effect but u must hv smiled until quite tired rite?

Hi pucca

No lah, WG off-shoulder one for outdoor only. My actual one is the one with sleeves. That one i MTM.

Hi Cin

Send liao.
I think GWP means Goodwood Park Hotel. I know cos i consider this hotel b4. Think u can get the lamps from those old old shops in Chinatown. Think no need oil one lah, wait chor lor ah then got fire.
just kidding! My mum say battery-operated ones can liao.


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HI Jan2003,

The one who do my make-up and hairdo charge S$150/-.

Very good comment on her. Let me know if you want.


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HI Jan2003,

Me going fr my honeymoon as well.

HI Gals,

You all can try Cold Storage fr wine. I got it @ S$12.90/-.. taste good as well, the actual price is S$19.90/-.


Hi Vin and Pausini,

Yes, very keen. Can you please check out for me their best price and whether they are free on 2nd May mornining? It's a Friday. Alternatively, can give me their contacts and I can do the rest. thank you very much.

Pausini: the lady i asked who quoted me $250 is from my bridal shop. too expensive already. i am trying to save money.

May: at first thinking of getting 6 dozens. but now with attendance unconfirmed, may cut down. i same thinking as you. life still have to go on. alot of people are already adopting this attitude. i am hoping things go on well for everyone and the recovery rate shoots up. best is for WHO to come up with cure asap. honeymoon. thinking of canada package. after hearing where Jazz is going, i am very tempted. that's why now pulling all corners to save money. you think wise choice. not the toronto part but the vacouver part.


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Jan: check for u tm cos JLC closed today.

Wanted to get wine too but restaurant charges me corkage charge. If i get from them wil be $25 per bottle for eaglehawk red / white wine. Ex! so we decided to forgo the wine and just take the 20L beer FOC for us.

Jan: Carrefor got alot of France wine. I also like France wine. Especially Red wine...


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Hihi Pausini
U r v artistic. Show us your guest signature book u decorated when we meet up ok
When r u collecting your album?

Hihi Jan
I only have a wine wholeseller contact. Dunno wat is the px. Vin's recommendation is cheap.
Your colleague is not infected wif SARs is it?

Hihi May
I have 47 photos but my album is magazine style so some shots r repeated. Boy, my album is v heavy, think it weigh abt 3.5kg.
Wat is the charges for Nail art?

Hihi Maya
Traditionally, Chinese don't like to b Jun bride.

Hihi Vin
Wat is the brand of the wine u got @ $12.90. How come u pd $12.90 when the actual px is $19.90?


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Shook: No lah, well i really dun have much on my wedding. I dun have montage, FH dun like to be sabo on stage. No this and that. So i just want to make other things more interesting and sweet. All i can only work within the boundary. Sound sad rite! but lucky i check the guest book. Aiyo, really very simple guest signature book. Althot, after the wedding i may just throw one side and never look at it again but i still want to make it nice nice.
Just like we will safekeep one of our wedding cards too!

Wah, u album so heavy, just like Jas77. look like all magazine style album is like that!

I dun know when i can collect my album. JLC havent call me. Wanted to redevelop one of the pix to place infront of the guest signature book.


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Pausini, *laugh* I'm sure your FH will come out very fine with the singing.
I think everybody will be so touched.
Hahaha, no need HP lah, just connect to normal dial up will do, do video conferencing, more shiok, can see the entire ceremony. :p I paid full in price 'cos special promotion offer, so have to pay up in advance. Will see how then.

Shook, thanks for your sweet thoughts!

Vin, I just submitted letter to appeal. Hope that the appeal will go through.

Sue, *laugh* I understand how excited you are to see the picts. I was excited too. We couldn't decide the picts on the spot so the photographer told us to take the picts home to decide 'cos my FH have to fly off the next day. Then we went back one week later to discuss which picts to select.

Meekoo, think most friends and colleagues are fine. It's more of the elders who prefer to cancel it. And I do have an exceptional reason too. So better follow the wishes of the elders.

Maya, let me go back and check if I still have the calendar, which animal chong on 17th Jul, give me abt 2 days. If I can't find the calendar at my house, my mum's house have it and I'm going back tomorrow, so can help you check.

Jan, thanks for the comfort! I dun really want to postphone 'cos have to go through all the hassel reorganizing and rearranging everything, and that the date has been chosen for us. And like what you said, will feel abit funny to have banquet like a few mths later. Then if really postphone, then dunno postphone till when, then I'll never ever get married if SARS is still around. If you're going Canada, let me know if you need any info.


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Hi seiko,
mine is abt 22+ tables w 2 spare tables..my PS is on 25/04...4 outdoor maybe will go to sentosa,but have 2 check with the photographer....

Hi bortei,
no lah juz hope it is sunshine 4 all of us..so how is yr prep going??


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U gals so funny, so is it 6,7 or 8 mths to go???

<FONT COLOR="ff0000">8.DEC</FONT>

8 mths lah....


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Hi Snoopy
glad to know there are more warmth in UK now. take good care of yourself ya!

Seiko, for me, i really like outdoor shots. so i discussed with my bridal shop and they are okie with it. Anyway, one of the location would be near the shop, so we can walk there. no problem. For sentosa, will be 1 WG and 1 EG then.

yaoyap, so far hee...preparation okie lor. Not yet select timing leh...btw, check with you gals..does anyone of you check with the tongshu for good timing for the bridegroom to come over?

i think we will only start to get pretty busy in late may and june!


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hi sunshine &amp; micky,

sorry for the confusion

i think sunshine is rite...it shld be 8 mths...
maybe too excited
my PS is 1st sept...


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sammi, the shoes fit ok. condition of shoes ok also.
guess i was lucky huh?

you've done your PS already? that's FAST !!!
how was it? was it fun?
any advise for us on what to do/ bring/ prepare etc?

may bride


think u shld not over-react unless really no choice.

myhotel just told me that they had a wedding dinner yesterday &amp; the turnot raise from 32 tables to 48, so i think basically pple are still quite ok with that.


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Hi Jbride...

ya.. i think sunshine is right... we both are too excited liao

oh i think mine is very early leh... 25th july...


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Not yet lah..i meant i booked PS oredi...hee hee..sori for the confusion.

Ya loh u lucky...what's your shoe size? Mine is like in-between..sometimes 37.5 or 38 depending on cut. So far, i browse locally no potential leh...yesterday saw some at Hue at Scotts..so expensive..every other pair I take n c cost $200 plus..Some more I have to look for a 2 inch ht one...otherwise i taller than my FH..


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oh yah, me too. I looked high and low, far and near for my bridal shoe but to no avail.

My size is also in-between. Sometimes size 8 can, sometimes 8.5. If narrow cutting, can even go up to size 10 (alamak, like a canoe!).

Buying the shoe online was a big fat risk, coz shoes must try. But i was really at wits' end, all the shoe stores didn't have what i wanted. Spent many many lunch hours to look for it, even weekends and after work.

In the end the online store had something that i set out to look for, so take the risk lor ... i knew i didn;t want to custom make (i hate leapin lizard!) so i really had not much choices left.

2 inches is hard to find, unless you custom make?

The ivory pair i bought for my bridal gown is 3 inches, think my feet will be VERY tired on the photoshoot and actual days.

Initially i also started out looking for shoes within my budget, in the end i realised v difficult. Eg i bought a pair from HUE for $179 (for my evening gown), a silver pair with swarovski diamonds from Tang Studio ($159) and a red pair for my kua ($99, tangs studio). Already blew my budget ... now worse, the silver pair doesn't look nice with the bridal gown, so spent another $70+ on the online shoe shop. Very broke ah!

After a while, when i started getting desparate, i became price-insensitive. So as long as the shoe matches, i quick buy.
There was 1 pair i hesitated; went back 2 days later and it was sold already.

Esp HUE, they only have 1 pair of each size. Got to grab !


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Advise - Dun buy Gou Da Li Things from #01-97 Chinatown

SingaporeBrides.com - Discussion Forum For The Singapore Wedding Couples: Anything Under The Sun: Advise - Dun buy Gou Da Li Things from #01-97 Chinatown

Happen to see this page.. Gals.. Please take note...


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Hi 1027,

Why u hate Leaping Lizard? Got bad experience izit?

2 inch is really a challenge to find for nice bridal shoes...At first tot can still go Bangkok end of the month to search..but now with the SARS thingy, trip has been shelved. U really burned a hole man for those shoes! Know what u mean...when u see one pair and imagine that it matches, just grab first, only to realise later not so good...Dun think my FH will allow me to buy more than 1 pair as I've like racks of shoes already...he sure insist I go dig and find one that matches some outfit...urgghhh..Men will never understand our needs to find the perfect match..

I will surf the online one later...try my luck.


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Hello everyone...

Its been a long time since i came in..
Been real busy..got quite lost trying to catch up the mails.

Anything gatherings after the 21st, i should be able to attend.. keep in touch


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HI abrinas,

you and hubby look so loving in the photos! i especially like your outdoor pics, no. 5 and 10. Nice coconut trees and blue skies! Sentosa right?

Hi Taddess,

Can share with me your wedding pics? My email is [email protected]

BTW, for those of you who are ROM-ming soon, here is the latest news that just came out :-

Tuesday April 8, 2:17 PM
Crowds to be limited at marriage registries

Couples getting married at the Registry of Marriages and Registry of Muslim Marriages are advised to minimise crowding at the registries.

As a precautionary measure against the SARS virus, the Community Development and Sports Ministry urged couples to come for solemnisation only with their witnesses and immediate family members.

They are also advised to avoid bringing children with them.

But if couples wish to change the date of their solmenisation, they can do so online

Visitors to the registries are also advised to heed the Health Ministry's advice and not be at the registries if they have been to SARS-affected countries, had direct contact with any SARS patients over the last two weeks, or are feeling unwell.


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Leaping lizards shoes (in my personal opinion) is over-priced for its extremely poor quality.

i made shoes with them previously, to match my outfit. I thot the $200 i spend on the custom made shoes should be able to last me for quite some time, at least till its time to retire the outfit.

When i collected the shoe, it really didn't look very good. The workmanship was nothing to shout about, and the quality of the materials used didn't look any better than what shoes i can get at the retail outlets.

why i say over-priced: its essentially a simple pair of shoes, and its already $100+++. Each row of swarovski diamonds (just a teeny weeny little bit) costs $50. Add two rows already $100.

Why i say poor quality: the inner shoe lining was supposed to be leather. When i took my shoe out 9 months later, the inside had ALL disintegrated like PVC (I suspect it was PVC right from the beginning!). When i wore the shoe, the pvc bits were all over my feet. Towards the end of the dinner, it was even flaking off onto the hotel carpet flooring. It was soooo embarassing!!

It was my first time wearing the shoe after collecting it from the shop, but obviously it was not made to last. For that price, i think i've been conned. The only reason why i went to leapin lizard was because the colour of my outfit was hard to match.

So now, BOTH the outfit and the shoes have retired. The shoe, needless to say, is beyond help. The outfit ... got no shoes to match.

No more custom made shoes for me!

(PS My sisters who made shoes from LP also had this problem with the inside disintegrating, but they were luckier in the sense that their shoes only disintergrated about 1 year later...)

Sammi, better not to travel now. Scarlee they dun allow you to enter Thailand.
Eh? Bangkok got nice shoes har?
I know the shopping is cheap, but how about the shoes?

I bought some from Vietnam last time (those beaded ones)... they were sooo cheap, but they're also SOOOO hard i had terrible blisters all over my feet!


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Hi Whitely,

I am with Fullerton. I am keeping my fingers crossed, as June is still some time away. But it is nerve-wrecking...not sure whether to go ahead and print the wedding invites or not...

but i would rather not postpone... after preparing so much and looking forward to June, now if wanna postpone, feel so disappointed and the whole schedule (including honeymoon trip) has to be changed. So the probability of my postponing at this moment is only about 10%. But it would depend on how the situation is come May.


hi flowee,

changi airport for coffee ah?
i haven't done that for quite a while liao since i shifted to JW. really miss coffee bean coffee and their tiramisu cake at changi airport.
will pester hubby to bring me there one of these days.

Max busy with studies? how come never go out with him on sun?

Yap, me having a great time playing and training cookie. she is more or less paper-trained liao.
Oh, at nite, when i reach home, I will clear up cookie, comb her fur, play with her and then my skipping, tatz why seldom go into the chat forum now.
never mind, i will try to go in more often if I can.


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Hi stressed,

I have finished only 1,2,6 and 7.
Shoes not bought yet
Transport? Meaning the bridal car? Would be using his dad’s

Hi 1027,

I am actually thinking of getting one pair to match all… hee hee (cheapo)
My designer said champagne coloured shoes should be able to match all my outfits
That’s why still searching around

Heard a lot of bad comments about leapin lizard as well
Initially wanted to have a look, now, I think I’ll probably forget it. Hee


Heard that Thailand requires all visitors from Singapore to wear masks, otherwise kena fined
So good thing you are not going, otherwise may be discriminated…


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Jan: xzen charges really cut throat. Think you better off with Pausini and Vin's recommendation.
I dont know abt going to Canada for honeymoon. Seems like people there r more paranoid abt Asians then this region. So dunno if you will have problem entering the country.

pausini: i actually bought a guest book in thailand for S$ 5. It was damn cheap and for that price - i think it is not too bad. Will try to take a photo and show u gals.

Vin: what brand of the red wine did you buy?

Shook: nail art charges S$ 45 for off peak i think. It comes with a foot soak as well. And they have hands scrub too which i like a lot. I have gone for pedicure at Hollywood and it is not that great. Think nail art is much more relaxing.
Why nobody like to be a July bride?

May bride: which hotel is your banquet? Quiet sceptical that they can increase so many tables. Mayb the couple that got married do business so got lots of associates. I dont mind if i can maintain my no.

Jazz: what did you pay in full?


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hi flowee n yi........

Finally manage to bake an edible cake! yeh!
I baked a choc oreo cheese cake.... next gathering, bake some for u all. :eek:)

Been super busy these two days... No time to exercise

housewife? how i wish i can be a full time house wive...shake legs at home. haha
No lah....I like cooking onli...dun like washing up and dislike housework too!

yah, When can we see ur actual day foto?

Since ppl are advised internationally to avoid travelling to singapore, this makes travellers take extra precautious hence u can see many ppl putting on mask.
SARS is really scary hor?...

Hi jady...
how have u been? still busy with renov ahh? where's ur new place huh? i forgotten


hi stress,

i have done 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 already.... My PS is 7 May, so how on diet

my dinner at sentosa, so rasa is providing coaches and we have 60 car passes, so its more or less settled. still scouting ard for actual day photographer, will be reviewing all the abv recommendations : )

hi 1027,

i used to make my shoes from leaping lizard too! quite nice you know, not as bad as what you have all claimed. I made a pair of pink pantent-material shoes 8 yrs ago and its still in tip top condition (of coz i would never wear that dreaded color again)! its not as comfy but u get the exact design and material you want.

btw u can buy ur own swarovski "diamonds" (crytals) and stick/sew on existing shoes and make ur own masterpiece! alot of hassle but definitely one in the whole world. i am making my own wedding accessories from swarovski crytals too. hope i can make it for my PS.

hi sammi,

better not go travelling unnecesarily, better safe than sorry. wedding quite near already, so why risk?

hi jus,

did don and rick recommend their actual day services to you? 1000 right? but he didn't tell me include wat....



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Wah, wendy u champion lor!

So are u prepared for your PS? Read that u were worried abt contracting SARS, now u all right hor? If u dun mind, since u're the no. 1 gal in this thread to have PS, share with us your PS experiences, like where u went, wat to do and wat not to do, and show us your pics... have fun!


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thanks for sharing!! I love the black and white / sepia indoor shots as well as the outdoor ones like the sunset ones....... Sentosa's coconut trees so cute one ah...I actually tot u went overseas leh...

I'm really getting antsy abt our own PS now....desperately trying to cut down food etc...jialat...

I really have to start doing more substantial planning :p..got people asking for invites liao...hahaha


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Hi sweets

Thanks for liking them
Ya lor, me 2 like the coconut trees n v. surprising tt the outdoor turned out so well. Did not waste our effort baking in the sun

Excited about PS liao rite? Enjoy yourself and relax, the photos will turn out well.

Ya lor, u also? Me also got ppl asking. Hv to tell them can only give them next mth


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Abrinas, Sweets
so fast got ppl ask for invites liao ah ??

abrinas, pix turn out well gd lah .. hee.. its a relieve right ? was worrying abt the outcome too .. now still worry abt the album's outcome ..

u got ur pix ready liao ah?


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When can u get your album ?

Yah lor, got people asking for invites liao and my dad also suddenly asked for them this morning, my Fiance asked for the emailable ones and mum was also checking in to see if I was progressing not on wedding preps...which I am not lar :p

Cin, u got pix liao ? I wanna see..

Checking, for invites , does the groom's name come first or bride's name come first ? If the bride and goom are the hosts....


May: i didn't contact xzen. i contacted the makeup artist direct. anyway, glad that vin and pausini is helping me out. hopefully either one of their artist can make it.

Pausini/Vin: thanks for helping me. i have no knowledge so will need your help on wine too.

Vin: what is the brand you used for your banquet. $12.90 is a good price for my budget. can recommend brand and what kind of wine is it?

Pausini: i know what you mean. i went to cold storage and ntuc, nearly fainted. so many names and brands and of course prices. i don't know which one is good. i don't want those too strong one, fruity is good you gals think?

Shook: so far so good. my friend is cleared. just bad bout of flu.

Jazz: are you cancelling your trip to canada? keep me updated yeah. if i go, i will be leaving earlier than you. i most likely take package because cheaper and less planning. thanks for the offer for info, will let you know.


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earliest nx fri ...crossing my fingers tt it will be nx fri .. hee

i tink groom's name shd come 1st .. man is the head of the hsehold mah ..


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dearest all

I haven't log in to puter for soooo long.

Guess i miss lot loads of fun and golden advices..keke

I'm still half bucket water about weddings...sighs
Any Cantonese who can advise me around abt the traditions? So clueless and hubby is chin chye about all these. Always wanna let me decide.

Be sure that I be back soon!



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Glad your friend is in the clear.

I may be postponing my wedding too. Depends. Looks like my PIL are rather keen on that. Will get back to you all about that.

Is Nail Art very good? Now I'm also tempted to try.


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Hi 1027,
What to do? FH already 'fall in love' with their work
. Actually I was eyeing Choon Huat too, but he doesn't use digital camera

hi jus,
yah, I've been MIA for some time
I looooove the pics at everafter website where the bride is floating and kissing the groom *drool*

hi stressed,
so far I've only done #4 &amp; #6 leh ... 1st fitting will be in May, PS in July. I'll buy shoes after seeing the gown

hi sammi,
I paid $1.9k for actual day. The package consists of 32 pgs of 12R in album (including montage), 300 pcs of 4R in album, CD-ROM of all pics. I think their standard package is 20 pgs of 8R but I dun remember the price *sorry* Oh, he uses digital camera


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Hi Freesia,
I have not been to Benny's studio, but i think $1800 for 30 photos is reasonable. Picture Box is more expensive. Moreover, i heard Benny is a nice guy to work with. I think you will have a good time for your PS as all the other brides who engaged him


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Hihi Pausini
Wasted your talent dat your FH doesn't want so many things.
Did Jas77 display her album during her banquet? My parents asked me not to bring my album as they r afraid it will hurt the guests if it drops on the flr. They r oso afraid it will spoil if handled by too many hands

Hihi Jazz
Your photographer so nice to let u bring the photos back to select.

Hihi May
Jul is the 6th moon in Chinese calender. 6 is half of a yr. Half symbolize incompleteness. Chinese like completeness (yuan yuan mang mang) They r v particular especially for happy occassion

I arranged appt to re-select gown tis sat at 5pm. Sue not available, how abt Pausini n Vin? Actually u gals prefer to join me for final fitting where I only need to pick fm KIV gowns or re-selection of gowns. Re-selection of gowns will take longer time.


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Hi Sweets, Hi Pucca,

Not yet, haven't gotten them yet. Selected the pics two weeks back, will be looking at the draft layout next week or so... will only get the photo cd-rom about then or when we collect our album in early May. Hope to share with you guys then


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I've checked online invites, samples mention female names first, but I am also aware that this is a western "sample" hence checking to see what is the norm over here.

Cin! will be waiting to see your pixes


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I ask whether all those items are done because I wait for my designer to call until I go bonkers. Then everyone around me ask if the dress is ready. Why not ready? Blah Blah.... Then I see girls posting their fitting photos, I lau nua. Thank goodness, my bridal call this afternoon to say that my fitting is on 25th of April. YEAH!!!! Phew!


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Hi Min,
Actually wrist coursage is something easy to do and don't really need to spend so much time on it.
you just have to roughly cut the length of the ribbon you want and sew the flowers in the middle, thats it..! So do you think its simple?

Hi Meow,
Thanks for updating my details.

Hi all,
Today just went for my first visit to the gyne and saw my BB for the first time, soooo.. cute and its already 1cm big hahaha.......it may seems small to you all but to me I feel very big liao and I also heard its heart beat too, so amazing..!