1. B

    WTB Weekend banquet 2024

    We are looking for a banquet venue for 150-200pax. Either Sunday Lunch or Saturday Dinner. Chinese food menu is preferred. Please let us know if you’re letting go your venue at a loss (negotiable). Thank you.
  2. B

    WTS+Cover $15k Wedding Dinner @ Parkroyal Pickering (28 Oct 23 fixed)

    We are giving away our wedding package at the Parkroyal Pickering hotel and will cover $15k of the total cost as well. Venue: Parkroyal Pickering Date: 28 October 2023 (fixed) Time: 6pm - 11pm $36,360++ total / $1,818.00++ per table Minimum 20 tables / 200 pax Deposit of $5k has already been...
  3. J

    Four seasons 2022

    Has anyone worked with Anna Yeo from four seasons? Any feedback on whether she is a nice wedding coordinator? Have the vibe that she’s not very flexible.. thanks!
  4. V

    High tea wedding

    Can anyone suggest any restaurants or hotels around city hall area that can do high tea for 50pax? Our church wedding is around 1 to 3pm, ideally we would like to serve high tea after 3pm but seems like most restaurants close at 2.30pm and open after at 6pm.
  5. W

    Affordable Wedding Venue WOLA @ Sembawang

    Love is the light that brightens each other heart's Celebrate your special day at WOLA now! WOLA is an affordable wedding venue with a beautiful interior to make your special day picture perfect We are accepting booking such as weddings, birthday parties, filming and more! (of course...
  6. chuapy

    How are you planning your wedding with potential swab tests?

    Hello brides-to-be! My HTB and i are extremely torn on how to start planning for our wedding because we are afraid that attendees of weddings will need to be swabbed. As reported in Oct 2020, the govt is piloting the ART swab test for weddings, which will take 15-30 minutes for the results to...
  7. G

    Mandarin Oriental

    Hi, anyone has the 2021 lunch package for MO? Any reviews on it will be appreciated too :)
  8. S

    Selling off Coffeemin @Orchard Gateway event space rental

    Hey, Planning any big event ahead? Looking for an event space to host your baby shower or 1st birthday celebration or ROM? im letting go this rental spAce to anyone who is interested to take over! Its a great accessible venue, can accommodate up to 80 pax? Date can be change to your preferred...
  9. Happiness360

    Pre-wedding shoot at Jewels

    Hi, Does anyone know if Jewels Changi Airport allow shooting for pre-wedding? Any permit to apply? Appreciate if you could let me know.. Much thanks!
  10. S

    MPH Rental

    Hey! I'm a 2020 bride and was wondering the cost for MPH rental? I'm aware that the prices are on the town council web but I hope the experienced malay brides can share more? The accumulated/estimated amount including electrical and such? Thanks. :)
  11. Q

    Budget venue?

    Hi all, 2020 BTB here. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on budget wedding venues? Planning a saturday, seated, self catered buffet style lunch for about 150 pax. Alright with slighter pricier venues if it comes with tables and chairs for guest seating? Thanks!
  12. LinaY

    Letting go : Dinner Banquet at W Hotel Sentosa

    Hi all A wedding banquet to let go. Date: 22nd Sep 2018 (A super good date just before mid-autumn festival) Hotel: W Hotel Sentosa Ballroom: Great Ballroom Type: Dinner Banquet Minimum table requirement : 40 tables - Food tasting NOT DONE YET (8 course plated menu) - Complimentary 2 nights...
  13. J

    2019 BTB

    Hello!! Any 2019 BTB? I don't think at this point of time is too early to book your banquet now. Any any?
  14. YSDami

    Urgent need a venue for up to 15 pax on May

    Hi all I need a venue for solemnisation urgently on May. Attendees up to 15 pax, prefer indoor, will have a small catering also. Please help
  15. ckjmxx

    Solemnization venue & lunch

    Hi BTBs & graduated brides! Any recommendation for solemnization venue with nice view/scenery? (eg. overlooking MBS or outdoor nature view) Am considering buffet or Chinese restaurant for 80-100 pax :)
  16. N

    WTB Banquet Lunch Package - 2nd Half 2018

    Please feel free to PM any lunch packages for 2nd Half 2018 (June - Dec) that you would like to let go :) Thank you very much!!
  17. R

    One 15 Marina Solemnisation

    Due to an increased number of guests we're expecting, we unfortunately have to let go of our solemnisation package with One 15 Marina Club. The venue is tucked in Sentosa Cove and it's really lovely for a small cosy solemnisation ceremony (able to accommodate max of 60 people). Ideal for someone...
  18. noelboyd

    Garden Solemnization & Wedding Venue @ Changi

    We have a beautiful garden venue complete with decor for solemnization ceremonies and wedding banquets. Our venue has an in-house audio system, stage and our international buffet is at $36.00 per pax. We would love to provide the perfect garden wedding for you. Do call me at 85870068 or visit...
  19. N

    Any venue suggestions for 8 July 2017?

    Hello all, I am looking for venue options that could accommodate 200-250 guests for lunch. Ideally, we would like a venue: - max. $1000 per table - with daylight - air-conditioned Anyone has experiences with organising a catered lunch at a rented venue? I like the idea of holding it at a...