How are you planning your wedding with potential swab tests?


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Hello brides-to-be!

My HTB and i are extremely torn on how to start planning for our wedding because we are afraid that attendees of weddings will need to be swabbed. As reported in Oct 2020, the govt is piloting the ART swab test for weddings, which will take 15-30 minutes for the results to be out.

This means that for wedding venues, we will need to take into consideration whether there is an additional waiting room to hold my guests while they are being swabbed. Some guests might even need to come 2-3 hours earlier to be swabbed because they have to be staggered? Additional costs for the bride and groom to take on the swab costs (currently $60 per swab for cruise so i am assuming the same rate)?

How are other brides-to-be planning for your wedding with this potential scenario in mind? Or are you planning and betting that the swabs won't be implemented?