Just to share... My husband and I were disappointed to hold our wedding at MO back in April 2021. We had signed with the hotel because of its reputable services and cuisine but this is a contrast with how things were being managed during our banquet reception. We experienced a change of three different coordinators within a span two months and that was two months before our wedding day. What was the most exaggerating was a change in the coordinator just three days before the wedding day. I was only informed through my husband even though there was a group chat with that coordinator, my husband and myself. There were also other things that the team did not manage well.

1. Stage decor

We first signed the contract which included decorations in 2019. However, we were not informed that these perks were removed until Feb 2021 (two months before our wedding). At this point, we already had a change in coordinator, E, and the second coordinator, T met with us to discuss about flow of event and mentioned that change in the contract. Upon request, T agreed that the hotel would provide minimal decoration for the stage. From the past experience, I had asked T several times prior to the actual day about the stage decoration because I wanted to be sure of what was being provided. It was confirmed that flowers and stage backdrop will be provided as per picture sent by T. However, what I saw on the actual day was a blank backdrop, which was not quite the same as what was promised.

Other perks were also removed without informing us prior to the meet up in Feb 2021. Understand about the covid situation, but we had signed the contract in 2019 and MO had a full year in 2020 to inform us about the changed but nothing was done.

2. Birthday cake

Prior to the wedding, I have clearly mentioned to our third coordinator, E that there would be a birthday surprise for my husband during the wedding as I wanted to make arrangements with her for the cake delivery. I have confirmed that the birthday cake was a surprise for him during the ceremony. I was very upset that it was ruined when it was not communicated to K, the operation manager and he told my husband about it when we were going through the table arrangements the day before the wedding.

3. Table arrangement

Despite going through the table numbers and arrangement with K, the operation manager the day before the wedding, K was unable to get the table arrangement and seating correct on the actual day despite going through with him a second time in the morning. Understand that there can be mistakes but I think it was very uncalled for when he was angry at my bridesmaid and snapped at her to rectify the situation. Till date, my guests could remember his attitude when we talked about the wedding.