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January 2024

5 Meaningful Relationship Resolutions to Make Your Love Stronger in 2024

Set meaningful relationship resolutions to start the new year right and set your love on the path to growth and deeper connection.

The beginning of a new year is an ideal opportunity for purposeful reflection and setting thoughtful resolutions about strengthening your relationship in 2024. Relationship resolutions are a proactive and intentional approach to deepening your love and promote growth as a couple. Setting goals together encourages a shared vision for the future, and reinforces your commitment to each other. Focus on deepening your understanding of each other, meeting each other’s needs, and supporting each other’s growth and goals for the year.

Whether it’s improving your communication, dedicating specific time to each other, or learning new aspects about each other, these resolutions serve as a roadmap for a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling relationship in the year ahead.

Setting effective relationship resolutions takes a little bit of effort. To create meaningful and achievable goals, first sit down with your partner and reflect on the past year together. What worked well, and what could you work on this year? What would you like to see more of this year? What can you do for your partner to help meet their needs this year?

Next, have a specific plan to achieve those goals. Don’t set vague relationship resolutions like “Spend more time together.” They’re hard to measure and are too unspecific to follow through on. Instead, try a concrete action like, “Have date nights once a week.”

Once you’ve set your relationship resolutions, make a plan to track your progress. Check in with your partner regularly to see if you’re following through on what you said you would do. See if there are any areas that need to be addressed. The aim is to grow together and deepen your relationship, so communicate openly and gently as you work together on your mutual goals.

If you’re looking for inspiration on your relationship resolutions, marriage therapists and relationship experts have some advice on what makes a great marriage. Use these principles in setting your relationship goals and love your way to a happier and healthier 2024.

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Relationship Resolution 1: Establish a Culture of Appreciation

Dr. John Gottman emphasizes the importance of a positive perspective in relationships. Resolve to regularly express appreciation and admiration for each other. Small gestures of thanks and recognition can foster a positive emotional environment and build resilience in your relationship.

Relationship Resolution 2: Develop Healthy Conflict Resolution Skills

Disagreements are natural, but it’s how you handle them that matters. Instead of trying to win the argument or prove that you’re right, learn to approach conflicts with the attitude of solving it for the good of the team. Use ‘I’ statements to express your feelings and needs without blaming your partner, and practice active listening to understand their perspective. Accept that each perspective is valid and no one is wrong. Work on meeting each other’s expressed needs.

Relationship Resolution 3: Turn Towards Each Other

Gottman’s concept of ‘turning towards’ instead of ‘away’ is vital. In everyday moments, show interest and respond positively to your partner’s attempts for connection. Whether it’s a conversation about their day or a small request for help, recognise any attempt to connect, as responding positively to these moments build up the store in your emotional bank accounts. For example, put your phone down when they make a comment or ask a question, however small or casual, and give your partner your attention. The more often you respond positively, the more emotionally connected and loved you will feel.

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Relationship Resolution 4: Maintain Individuality

While growing together is important, therapists stress the importance of maintaining individuality. Encourage each other to pursue personal interests and goals. Dedicate time to understanding each other’s inner worlds, share your hopes, fears, and feelings. Understanding each other’s deepest personal goals, and what makes each other feel fulfilled, will fosters intimacy and trust.Respecting each other’s independence strengthens your relationship by bringing in new perspectives and experiences.

Relationship Resolution 5: Create Shared Meaning and Goals

According to marriage therapists, having shared dreams and goals strengthens your bond. Following on to understanding each other’s individual dreams and goals for the year, you can discuss how you can support each other in achieving them for the year. You should also spend time discussing your aspirations, values, and what you want your shared life to look like in the coming year. Plan some things you want to do together; whether it’s purchasing a new home together, adopting a pet, starting a family, or planning a big vacation, and talk about how you plan to achieve these goals.

Your first few years as a married couple are a journey of learning and growth. Being intentional about your growth by making relationship resolutions can help ensure that your relationship evolves in a healthy and joyful direction. By adopting these expert-inspired resolutions, you can build a foundation that supports a loving, enduring partnership. Remember, the strength of your marriage lies in the effort, understanding, and love you invest in it every day.

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5 Meaningful Relationship Resolutions to Make Your Love Stronger in 2024