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September 2022

Lyly and Jimmeth’s Modern and Moody Pre-Wedding Shoot Around Singapore

With no confirmed wedding date in sight after it was postponed, Lyly and Jimmeth donned their wedding outfits and completed their pre-wedding shoot as planned.

Lyly Phan, 35, and Jimmeth Ly, 34, had to indefinitely postpone their wedding in Australia due to the pandemic. Once travel resumed to most of the world, they reached out to the photographer they had booked and asked if he was available to do a pre-wedding shoot. To commemorate 28 March 2020, the date that wasn’t meant to be, they put on their waiting wedding suit and dress, and made the best memories they could ask for.

How did the two of you meet?

Lyly: We met when we were around 16 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. We were the only two people at the party that didn’t know each other, which caused a little bit of tension as I was the party host whilst Jim arrived uninvited. This led to us hanging out together afterwards. Both terrified of commitment and not wanting to risk ruining a beautiful friendship, we were stuck in relationship limbo until 13 years later when we finally decided to take a leap of faith, and we’ve never looked back since.

Lyly and Jim's Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore

What drew you to each other?

Jimmeth: It was physical attraction at first but we rapidly grew very close and quickly became besties. We often try to outwit one another with our lame jokes and crazy antics but we can just as easily support and elevate each other during times of need. As cliche as it sounds, we both married our soul mate and cherish every day that we get to spend with each other.

What is it about your partner that you love the most?

Lyly: Our answer is always the same when we tell each other this. We both really feel that we complete each other in the best way. Our individual strengths and weaknesses magically complement each other yet our core values and views of life are beautifully aligned. It really feels like we are doing life together as a team, helping each other overcome obstacles and having fun along the way.

So what was the proposal like?

Jimmeth: Our relationship has been unconventional to say the least, and the same can be definitely said of the proposal. We actually solemnised our marriage without a proposal when we packed up our lives and moved from Australia to Singapore.

The proposal came two years later during a trip to Europe, where I had convinced Lyly to leave her engagement ring and wedding bands in the hotel safe as they were planning to walk through a sketchy area in the outer districts of Paris for dinner. Unbeknownst to her, I had organised for us to be at the Eiffel Tower that night and used the opportunity to officially propose to Lyly using the rings that I had already given to her.

Lyly and Jim's Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore

Tell us about how your pre-wedding shoot went down.

Lyly: Initially, we didn’t have any particular theme in mind other than not wanting it to be a typical pre-wedding shoot. Our photographer Naz was amazing in coming up with ideas after getting to know us and consequently we gave him all of our trust. After speaking with Naz, we opted for a modern chic theme with moody and mysterious undertones to better represent our relationship whilst also paying homage to the wedding that never happened.

We both had so much fun on the day and any obstacles along the way were handled by our wonderful photographers. We initially did some location scouting but Naz handled everything from that point onwards. He got to really know us, directed us on exactly what to do and captured photos that we can only describe as ingenious. We are still in awe at his ability to see things that others can’t.

There was a candid moment during our break where Jim brought me a bag of gummies and I had this giant grin on my face when I saw the lollies. Naz caught this moment on camera and he made it look like I was very excited to see Jim but really I was excited to see gummies!

Lyly and Jim's Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore

If you could share three pieces of advice with couples planning their pre-wedding shoot, what would they be?

Firstly, do your research and spare no expense when choosing the right photographer for your shoot. Secondly, let your photographer know you and also get to know your photographer. They are trying to bring out your essence in physical form so do your best to help them whilst also understanding that you are all on the same page. Lastly, try to have fun! The best photos tend to be the ones where your emotions are genuine.

The Pre-Wedding Venue: Lloyd’s Inn
The Gown: Galia Lahav
The Bride’s Shoes: Saint Laurent
The Suit: Tom Ford
The Groom’s Shoes: Common Projects
The Wedding Bands: Custom Made
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Manis Moments & Fidphoto
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Benji Oo
The Florist: Amytfleur
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Lyly and Jim's Pre-Wedding Shoot in Singapore

Lyly and Jimmeth’s Modern and Moody Pre-Wedding Shoot Around Singapore