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July 2022

Elizabeth and Felix’s Intimate Home Solemnisation with Classic Burgundy and Blush Florals

Elizabeth and Felix tied the knot in an intimate home solemnisation and celebrated with a beautiful post-wedding shoot.

Elizabeth and Felix share similar hobbies and interests, and it was their love for exercise that brought them together. After a cosy and private proposal at one of their favourite restaurants, Elizabeth and Felix decided to tie the knot in an intimate home solemnisation with their nearest and dearest, after learning that COVID-19 restrictions affected the size of social gatherings. After the solemnisation, they even had time to celebrate their newly wedded status with a beautiful post-wedding shoot that showcased their personalities and love.

Share with us your story. How did the two of you meet?

Elizabeth: Felix and I frequent the F45 gym but in different outlets. I used to go to the F45 outlet at Novena while Felix goes to the one at Holland Village. Then came a day when F45 Orchard held a fitness competition called “Playoff” where each gym sends their own representative to compete in a circuit. That was when I met Felix. We both signed up as representatives of our gyms. We exchanged Instagram handles and started dating!

What drew you to each other?

Felix: We have similar hobbies and interests! Her enthusiasm for fitness attracted me and we would often go for morning hikes and fitness classes together. She was the one who introduced me to my first spin class. We also love animals and would often bring our dogs to dog parks and the beach to chill! I enjoy spending time with her. We can be doing the simplest things yet having so much fun with one another.

What is it about your partner that you love the most?

Felix: Elizabeth is very supportive. She’s my cheerleader. She often encourages me to pursue my dreams and not be afraid of challenges. Under her encouragement, I pursued my aspirations and became a Fitness & Spin Instructor! What I love about her the most though, is her cheerfulness. Seeing her smile is my biggest reward at the end of every day.

Elizabeth: Felix is very caring – he makes me feel loved in the littlest ways. He will always make sure I have my meals on time and if I don’t, he will send my favorite food just to cheer me up. He also constantly puts me above himself. There will be days where he is busy at work but still makes it a point to fetch me home before he makes his way back. The journey is long – I stay in Tampines while his place is in Jurong. Yet, he always does it with a smile. His selflessness is what I love most about him.

What was the proposal like?

Elizabeth: We didn’t have a grand proposal. Felix popped the question during dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. But it was exactly how I would want it to be – simple, sweet and memorable, just for the both of us.

Tell us about your home solemnisation. Why did you decide on a home solemnisation instead of waiting for restrictions to be relaxed?

Elizabeth: We had originally wanted a slightly bigger wedding where we could invite our closest friends and family. However, once word came that the gathering restrictions would impact our day, we decided to proceed with a very small gathering at home. The new restrictions did dampen our mood but we were overwhelmingly reassured when our family and friends supported us with an understanding heart.

Felix: We were determined to not let the COVID-19 situation stop us from being married. One thing that we were sure of was that we wanted to tie the knot. Whether there were 500 people or 5 – we didn’t want something out of our control to ruin the joy and ability to be together! The frills and details no longer mattered. Luckily, things weren’t so bad yet and we were still able to have our most immediate families with us.

Was there a theme for your home solemnisation?

Elizabeth: We wanted something that was simple and classic. We sought our wedding stylist, Brenda, for advice and she suggested the burgundy shade as it is universal enough to be paired with other hues to create a beautiful palette. She picked textured burgundy linens for our solemnisation table, and to add depth to the table, she went with a bold golden goblet vase for the centerpiece. The result was a formal affair that still had a home-y and cosy feel to it.

Take us back to the day of your solemnisation. What was the day like and how were you feeling?

Elizabeth: Our family made it possible by decorating the home and ordering food for our guests. My close family members watched as I put on my wedding dress, and prepared to walk down the “aisle”. Not a single moment did we feel disappointed, just excitement to finally start our journey together. Close friends showed support in non-physical ways, yet so intentional and meaningful. It was beautiful. We were happy that we continued with the wedding despite COVID-19’s restrictions. The wedding was touching, personal and emotional for Felix and I, and also for our loved ones.

Felix: After the solemnisation, we even had the time to go several places to take our wedding photos. Our photographer captured all the beautiful quiet moments I shared with Liz. We even went to F45 – the place where we first met. We did everything that a wedding day was supposed to be, just on a smaller and more intimate scale. No less love, no less significance!

Share with us the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Felix: The most memorable moment of our wedding was during the exchange of vows. It felt like the world stopped and there was only the both of us. I am happy to be finally married to my person.

What is one lesson you’ve learned from your wedding planning that you’d like to share with other couples?

​​Elizabeth: To be flexible and not to get lost in the midst of planning for your big day. It’s easy to get lost in everything going on and start thinking you have to do all of these small details that add up to big costs. But, if something you’re planning / trying to do just isn’t working out and it’s stealing your joy, you may want to re-think it or come up with other options. Most importantly, don’t lose sight of what really matters in all of the planning and preparation that goes on.

The Venue: Elizabeth’s home
Size of Wedding: 10 persons
Cost of Wedding: $3,000
The Wedding Photographer: Pixioo
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Honour Makeup
The Florist: Sweet as Cosmos
The Wedding Stylist: b.whyhello
The Solemniser: Doris

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Elizabeth and Felix’s Intimate Home Solemnisation with Classic Burgundy and Blush Florals