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November 2021

8 Ways to Personalise Your Virtual Wedding Experience

Make your online guests feel like they’re right there celebrating with you, with these tips on personalising your virtual wedding experience.

With COVID-19 limiting the number of loved ones who can attend a wedding, it’s become the norm for couples to celebrate virtually with online guests. When you’re limited to a small number of guests, or when family and friends can’t travel to your wedding, live-streaming your wedding can allow everyone to take part in the celebrations despite the current situation.

However, virtually attending a wedding is a very different experience from being physically part of the celebrations. Your online guests won’t be able to revel in your beautifully styled venue, partake in your carefully curated wedding feast, or play the games you thoughtfully crafted, so you should make some effort to personalise their online experience. Don’t let them feel like they’re simply watching a screen, or worse, staring awkwardly at a grid of silent boxes. Make them feel welcome and included with a few simple touches that can make the whole virtual wedding experience a lot more personal and celebratory.

Phyllis and Leslie’s Lush, Light-Filled Wedding at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering by Kai Picture

1. Make it easy

It might be the first time your guest is attending a wedding virtually, so make it easy for them. Choose a platform that most of your guests would be comfortable with. Popular wedding live-streaming platforms are Youtube, Zoom, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live. They offer different levels of interaction with your guests, so you’ll have to weigh your options depending on your audience and ceremony needs. A few days before your wedding, send an electronic invitation with the link to your wedding livestream, and include all the necessary details on how to access your livestream.

2. Get the technical stuff right

To give your virtual guests a seamless experience, you’ll need to make sure you get the technical aspects of your livestream right. Getting the right camera angles, making sure the Internet connection works smoothly, checking that your virtual audience can hear everything clearly–you’ll need to make sure everything works so your guests can attend your wedding virtually. Stalled connections, blaring feedback, or poor camera angles can give your guests a frustrating experience. If you’re not technologically savvy or don’t feel confident in your skills, consider hiring a professional wedding livestream service with the equipment and experience to ensure your virtual guests will enjoy a seamless experience. Most also include personalisation options such as streaming your pre-wedding photos or customised slides before your solemnisation starts.

3. Do a run through

Test your live-streaming set-up before the big day if you can. Try filming from your venue and streaming it to a couple of friends to see if your set-up works, and run through the major elements of your programme to see if everyone can see and hear you clearly.

Reaiah and Jeremy’s Intimate and Heartfelt Wedding at Conrad Centennial Singapore by Smittenpixels Photography

4. Address your guests during the ceremony

Your virtual guests may not be present with you on your wedding day, but you can make them feel included by addressing them during your wedding. Get your emcees to address your virtual guests as well as physical guests when hosting your wedding. When you make your speeches, include your virtual guests and mention those who couldn’t be there. Look into the camera or even wave now and again. These small gestures will personalise the livestreaming experience for your guests.

5. Spend a few moments chatting

Greet your virtual guests the same way you would greet your physical guests. Set aside a few minutes to chat with them on-screen and thank them for attending your wedding. If most of your guests know one another and you’re using Zoom to livestream, you can set up your meeting a little ahead of your ceremony so they can chat amongst themselves.

6. Take photos with them

Your virtual guests don’t have to miss out on the photo-taking session! Simply screenshot a few snaps with everyone while you’re in the picture. Remember to send everyone a copy after the wedding!

Jie Ying and Jun Hui’s Intimate Solemnisation at Keyaki Garden Pavilion at Pan Pacific Singapore by Multifolds Productions

7. Send something

One way to personalise the virtual experience for your online guests is to send them a little something. Cater a meal or dessert to be delivered to their homes so they can join in the wedding reception, or send over a little wedding favour to thank them for joining your celebration online. Receiving a piece of your “wedding cake” or a wedding favour will help them feel like they’re part of your wedding, even though they couldn’t attend in person.

8. Save a recording

Record your Zoom wedding or livestreamed wedding and send out a copy after your celebration. Your guests will love to be able to look back on those fond memories. Make sure you send out those screenshot photos you took with everyone too!

It’s hard not to be able to have every single one of your loved ones attend your wedding, but technology will allow them to join in virtually. Make your loved ones feel welcome and truly part of your celebration–even from home–by personalising a seamless virtual wedding experience for them with these tips.

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8 Ways to Personalise Your Virtual Wedding Experience