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April 2022

10 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

The wedding planning process can get overwhelming. With a thousand and one things on your mind, you could be susceptible to these common wedding planning mistakes!

If you’ve started on the wedding planning process, you’ll know just how much organisation it takes. With so many decisions to make, so much math to do regarding your budget, and so many details to remember, it’s very common for brides and grooms to make mistakes. Read on to find out the most common wedding planning mistakes couples make, so you can sidestep them!

1. Not Thinking about Your Wedding Vision First

Before delving into Pinterest or researching venues and vendors, it’s important to take a moment to think about the kind of wedding you truly want, and that will reflect you and your partner. Ask yourselves what really matters to you. If you don’t take the time to craft a wedding vision, you can easily get sidetracked by all the inspiring ideas you find on the internet, which may not gel into a cohesive celebration that really spells you.

2. Not Setting a Wedding Budget

In the excitement of being newly engaged and dreaming of your perfect wedding, it’s not so fun to think about the money that’s going to pay for it. After buying your dream gown or booking your favourite band, you might be shocked to discover that you’ve spent much more than you anticipated and don’t have enough for the rest of the things you need.

Setting a firm wedding budget is an important first step in the wedding planning process. Sit down with your partner and discuss the funds you have available and the money that will be coming in, so you have a good idea of what you can afford. Get a sense of what each item on your list will cost so you can prioritise your budget. Most importantly, keep track of your expenditures, deposit amounts, and due dates so you don’t go over budget as you progress down your checklist of vendors and items.

Audrey and Fadzillah’s Intimate Cliffside Wedding at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa by Kent Wong Photography

3. Not Being Organised

Newsflash, there are A LOT of things involved in planning a wedding. It’s a huge milestone, a celebration of your love, but also, a big event that require a lot of logistics to pull off. The best way to stay organised is by keeping a wedding checklist. SingaporeBrides has created a free wedding checklist that’s tailored to local needs, which you can make a copy of on Google Sheets and customise to suit your celebration. Get your copy now and start checking off items on your to-do list!

4. Messing Up the Marriage License

Make sure you can get legally married by filing your notice of marriage with the Registry of Marriages (ROM) on time. That means at least 21 days before your wedding, but not earlier than three months before your wedding. Check out our guide on everything you need to get your license!

5. Forgetting to Budget for Details

When you start planning your wedding budget, make sure you remember all the details. For example, if you set aside $3,000 for your bridal look, remember not to blow the entire amount on your wedding gown alone. You’ve still got to get accessories, shoes, a veil, undergarments, and jewelllery. Your beauty budget will include nails, grooming, and hair treatments on top of your hair and makeup artist too. Little add-ons such as delivery fees, extra hours, and the like can also sneakily pile up and burst your budget if you don’t plan for them at the start.

Giselle and Sean’s Classic Wedding at W Singapore-Sentosa Cove by Chris Ling Photography

6. Not Allowing Enough Time to Customise Items

Bespoke designs such as custom wedding gowns or bespoke illustrated wedding invitations all require lots of lead time. Bespoke gowns usually take months to design and sew, as well as alter to fit your form perfectly. Begin your bespoke process early to give your designers plenty of time to customise your items.

7. Trying to Please Everyone

A lot of people won’t feel any compunction in telling you what they think you should do for your wedding, and you may feel pressured into pleasing everyone. While you should take the feelings of important people into account, don’t lose sight of your wedding vision just to make someone else happy. Ultimately, your wedding day will matter the most to you, and you’ll be the only ones regretting decisions down the road if you give up something that’s important to you just to please someone else.

Praneetha and Amar’s Colourful Temple Wedding at Perumal Temple by Subra Govinda Photography

8. Trying to Do It All on Your Own

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so if you’re lucky enough to be offered help, accept it! Don’t try to do everything yourself, which can get overwhelming. Delegate tasks to the people who volunteer their assistance.

9. Assuming DIY Is Cheaper

Embarking on 20 DIY projects might seem like a way to personalise your wedding and save money, but trying to do too many things yourself could easily backfire. Projects can quickly become overwhelmingly time-consuming and costly, when you factor in the tools and supplies you’ll need. Limit your DIY to areas with maximum impact, or personalise factors that will most resonate with your guests.

10. Missing the Point of Your Wedding

The point of your wedding isn’t the fancy setting or the beautiful gown—it’s a celebration of the two of you and the new life you’re starting together. Through all the stress or mishaps of wedding planning, remember the main reason you’re holding this whole shindig. While you may argue over the flowers or song choices, keep the point of your wedding in perspective. Schedule in date nights, have honest conversations, and remember that you’re doing all this to embark on a brand new chapter together.

Credits: Image from Siti and Husaini’s Elegant and Ethereal Clifford Pier Solemnisation by Colossal Weddings

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10 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes