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December 2021

Praneetha and Amar’s Colourful Temple Wedding at Perumal Temple

Praneetha and Amar tied the knot in a colourful temple wedding at Perumal Temple, with their nearest and dearest dressed to the nines in beautiful sarees and veshti.

For Praneetha, 29, Finance Industry, andAmar, 31, Engineer, the saying is true–opposites attract. After their friendship blossomed into something more, the pair grew together over the years, and Amar surprised Praneetha by asking for her hand in front of family and friends, in a dance proposal! Their initial grand plans for a big celebration dashed, the couple tied the knot with a temple wedding followed by a ballroom reception in colourful and festive affairs on 26 and 27 March 2021.

Tell us a little bit about your story.

Praneetha: We met through a mutual friend at a gathering in December 2012 and found out we were both from the same university! Amar was from the engineering faculty and I was from Business School. We were in neighbouring university halls and whenever we bumped into each other, I’d end up striking up a conversation with Amar. Our friendship started off with walks to school together, supporting each other at Inter-Hall games and enjoying dinners and suppers at the school canteens. Our friendship blossomed over a plate of chicken rice, me cheering on Amar during his hockey matches, and hanging in the common room updating each other about our day.

The saying is indeed true–opposites do attract. Amar was more reserved (back then) and I was the loud and vibrant one (still am!). We have a beautiful attraction and respect for each other. We grew over the years, together–hand in hand.

What do you love most about your partner?

Praneetha: What I love the most about Amar is his kind nature, his willingness to help anyone, and his quiet determination.

Amar: What I love about Praneetha is her outgoing nature and kindness. What made me fall in love with her were her eyes–whenever she smiles, they look so happy.

What was the proposal like?

Amar: The proposal was back in 2017 and it was an exciting one! It involved our close friends and was held at Monti, at 1-Pavilion. The setup included fairy lights and handmade picture boards of the timeline of our relationship. The icing on the cake was the dance proposal at the end, which really surprised Praneetha–she had no clue I could dance like that. It took a couple of months to prepare for the proposal (i.e., dance practices) but it was all worth it when I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

Did COVID-19 affect your wedding plans?

Amar: We were supposed to get married in August 2020, and since it was the first wedding for both sides of the family, both families wanted it to be a grand affair. We had many plans in place, such as travelling to India to buy our wedding outfits in March 2020, and finding accommodation for our overseas guests, but the lockdown took place and our plans changed entirely.

Praneetha: We had no idea when to postpone our wedding to as the dates in August 2020 were initially chosen as they were auspicious dates. After discussions with both families, we chose the date closest to our hearts in March 2021. Eight years ago on that very day, a love letter was handed to me with the words, “Will you be my girlfriend?” I said yes.

I said yes again earlier this year, this time in front of a wedding solemniser and 100 guests. Groomsmen and bridesmaids stood in unison, adorned in colour-coordinated outfits at our wedding. It was the wedding we had in mind, just in a much smaller scale. Despite the tiring and sleepless nights of planning, we enjoyed both the events thoroughly.

How did you create your wedding?

Praneetha: We had a temple wedding, which was held at PGP Wedding Hall at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and a reception, which was held at Stamford Ballroom at Swissotel. Two functions, with two different themes.

The theme for the temple ceremony was traditional. Although Amar and I are Hindu, we have different cultures and both of us wanted a mix of both North and South Indian practices at our temple wedding. I’ve always wanted to wear a red saree, as the colour itself has a sense of royalty. The pattu saree from Colours Boutique really made this vision of mine come true. To match my colours, my bridesmaids were in cream sarees (traditional Malayalee colour!), with red and green blouses. My immediate family wore mainly cream coloured outfits–sarees for the women, veshti for the men. On the groom’s side, Amar wore a gold wedding sherwani with red pants to go with my red saree. The groomsmen wore cream, to match the bridesmaids. Amar’s family wore green and gold sherwanis and sarees. It was indeed a colourful wedding, with so much life.

For the reception, we chose light pastel colours to match our “floral with formal” theme. The ballroom consisted of floral aisles and the stage was filled with pink and white flowers, against a gold backdrop. Our outfits were selected with the design of the room in mind– I wore a pink floral lengha (together with jewellery) from Bridal Mantra which made me look elegant. Amar wore an off-white tailor made Indian suit, something which allowed him to move more freely. The theme was more laidback–a fun night filled with games, speeches from loved ones, and obviously drinks!

What was your wedding day like?

Amar: After months of planning, the day finally came and it felt so surreal that it left us feeling like we were in a different reality. Suddenly, we were surrounded by friends, family, and coworkers as we were decked out in our wedding outfits, walking down to the stage of the temple, waiting for the ceremony to begin. After the ceremony was over, it still felt like we were in a dream.

Praneetha: There were definitely wedding jitters, but this anxiety came from making sure everything had to go as planned. I felt such happiness when he placed the ring on my finger, when you look at the person in front of you and realise you’re moving together, hand in hand.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Amar: The most memorable moment of the wedding was when I saw Praneetha walking down towards the stage with her parents by her side. She was dressed so elegantly and everyone was looking at her with amazement. At that moment all eyes were on her as she gracefully walked towards the stage. I could not believe that I was going to marry this gorgeous girl.

Praneetha: The most memorable moment for me was seeing Amar speaking confidently on stage. Amar has a more reserved nature, and he has never taken the stage, or done public speaking before. To see him hold the mic and say his vows to me straight in the eye, or to thank his parents for bringing him up–he did it so well.

The Size of the Wedding: 100 pax
The Venues:Perumal Temple PGP Hall and Swissotel the Stamford
The Wedding Day Photographer: Subra Govinda Photography
The Gown:
 Colours Boutique for ceremony | Bridal Mantra for reception
The Suit: Bridal Mantra for ceremony | Ron Master Tailors for reception
The Bridal Jewellery: Bridal Mantra

The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: 
Makeup by Shirin Rei for ceremony | Mahes Makeup Artist for reception
The Nail Artist: Eunice Tan Nails
The Henna Artist: Mona’s Mehandi Magic
The Caterer: 
Casuarina Curry Macpherson for ceremony | Swissotel the Stamford for reception
The Florist: The Interior Collections for reception
The Videographer: Unicorn Films
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Dreamweavers
The Wedding Favours: 
Luxbake for ceremony | Dreamweavers for reception
The Temple Ceremony Decor: Siva Ganesh Services

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Praneetha and Amar’s Colourful Temple Wedding at Perumal Temple