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November 2014

10 Bridal Shower Ideas To Obsess About

Host a fun bridal shower with these 10 activity ideas that will get all of your guests involved! From pampering sessions to dessert bars, these bridal shower ideas will help your guests have a great time meeting one another and showering everyone’s favourite bride with lots of love.

Organising a bridal shower for your best friend, but at a loss as to what fun-but-not-risqué theme would keep feisty cousin Kirsty from rolling her eyes throughout the party, yet not give 90-year-old Grandaunt Sue a heart attack? Since bridal showers, unlike the hen’s night, usually involve all the bride’s female friends and relatives gathering to celebrate her upcoming wedding, finding some all-ages activities and themes can be a challenge.

If you’re anxious that a bridal shower full of guests who don’t know each other will have the crickets singing, plan a fun and creative activity where everyone will be too engrossed with learning something new to feel awkward. Since there won’t be any men around, take the opportunity to indulge in a girly fest full of dainty cupcakes and flower arrangements! We’ve come up with 10 ideas for a fun and girly bridal shower, from pampering sessions to crafternoon parties, which we’ve pinned to our Bridal Shower Pinterest board so that you have all the ideas handy. Follow us for more wedding pins and ideas!

Pretty Pampering

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1. Soak up the pampering at a spa session

If you’re not hosting a shower with over a hundred guests, inviting everyone to a private spa session could be a real treat for the bride and her closest girlfriends and relatives. Talk to your favourite spa’s concierge and find out what hen’s night spa packages they offer, and book a relaxing afternoon for your bridal shower.

2. Nail it with a nail spa party

For some smaller scale pampering, hosting your bridal shower at a nail spa is a good idea. Pick a pretty, cosy location, or book a couple of manicurists and set up your own spa station in the comfort of home. Create a calming, beautiful atmosphere with candles, flowers and soft music, and your guests will be sure to thank you!

3. Mix it up with a beauty bar

With so many DIY recipes for personalising your own body scrubs and facials masks on Pinterest these days, whipping up a beauty bar should be no trouble at all, and lots of girly fun besides! Your beauty bar will double up as bridal shower décor if you choose ingredients in pretty colours, or set out your sugars and lemons in brightly coloured dishes. Give each guest a mason jar decorated with a ribbon and printed label sticker to store their creations; they can then bring home their beauty products as bridal shower favours!

4. Bond over custom perfume blending

Another mixology bar you could shake up is a perfume bar, with different fragrance oils that your guests can blend to create their own signature scent. Perfumes are blended out of top notes, middle notes and base notes, so you should get at least 5 fragrance oils of each group so that your guests have a variety to blend from. You’ll also need little glass bottles for your fragrance oils, blended with a carrier oil like grapeseed or coconut, one pipette per fragrance, and a perfume roll-on bottle for each guest. Have your guests blend 2 parts base notes, 1 part middle note and 1 part top note in their roll-on bottle to create personalised perfumes!

Entertaining Eats

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5. Sip tea like a lady

A popular bridal shower theme is the vintage tea party, where all the guests sip from pretty tea cups and saucers with their pinkies in the air, and nibble on dainty cucumber sandwiches, or if we’re being honest, scarf down a dozen different flavoured cupcakes. A tea party appeals to the feminine side of guests across all age groups; Kirsty gets to Instagram the pretty macaronsand Granny relives the good old days. To up the girly fun factor, DIY a dessert table with our 5-step guide, and make it a dress-up party with big vintage hats and tea-length frocks!

6. Party outside with a picnic

For a change, pack up the party and take it outdoors! A picnic is a fun change from life in the city, and your guests will enjoy the chance to listen to birds sing and feel the breeze in their picnic-worthy fishtail braids. Decorate your picnic site with hanging poms or garlands, and use pretty patterned picnic ware to add colour. Younger guests can talk over yummy treats on a colourful picnic blanket, but do remember to make sure there are picnic tables and benches for older relatives and friends.

7. Hand over the ice cream or Elsa

Create dessert heaven with a fun ice cream or frozen yoghurt bar. Set out some crowd-pleasing flavours like vanilla or chocolate, and a selection of toppings and sauces so that guests can make their concoctions as healthy or as decadent as they please. To make things easier on everyone (including the cleanup crew), pre-scoop the ice cream into single serve jars, which you can freeze solid, then keep chilled in an ice box throughout the party.

Creative Crafternoons

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8. Frolic with flowers

Get your guests in touch with their creative side with a hands-on floral arrangement class during the bridal shower. It’s a fun activity that everyone will enjoy learning, and the lesson-filled afternoon will eliminate awkward silences. Ask your favourite florist to teach everyone how to create a floral crown or vase arrangement that guests can personalise and bring home.

9. Spin yarns over yarn

Gather everyone in an old-fashioned sewing circle and have a crochet introductory class. If the bride’s Aunt Quinn is a crocheting queen, invite her to teach everyone how to craft cute heart keychains in some bright modern colours, or learn how to knit a quick and easy coin purse. With crafty aunts and grannies teaching beginners how to knit, everyone will get to know one another better.

10. Design DIY jewellery

Invite everyone to add to their accessories collection with some cool personalised jewellery that they can take home after the shower. Look up easy DIY patterns and tutorials, and have them ready and accessible at the shower, along with tools and materials in a variety of colours so that your guests can customise their designs according to their individual styles. Your younger guests can experiment with funkier designs using neon embroidery floss and wooden beads, while daintier pieces can be made with wire and crystals by the other ladies.

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10 Bridal Shower Ideas To Obsess About