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March 2021

10 Simple Gestures To Welcome Your Wedding Guests

Make your guests feel welcomed at your wedding by taking care of them and their needs through these simple gestures.

Your wedding guests are made up of a curated group of family and friends whom you’ve specially chosen to invite to your big day because they mean a lot to you, so make them feel welcomed and a part of your celebration by making sure that they will have an enjoyable and comfortable time at the wedding. We’ve gathered 10 simple gestures you can include in your wedding planning and big day to make your guests feel welcomed and included in your celebration.

1. Send out invitations at least one month before the wedding

Cleo and Paul’s Minimalist and Ethereal Art Gallery Wedding by Iki Company

Your wedding invitations should always be send out ahead of time, at least a month or more in advance, so that your guests have ample time to plan. This is especially important if you are planning a destination wedding, or a weekday wedding, because your guests will need time to arrange flights and accommodations, or clear their schedule.

Even if your wedding falls on a weekend, don’t naturally assume that your guests are available to attend. A late wedding invitation might also give them the impression that they are a last minute invite to the wedding to fill up the seat for another guest who was earlier invited but could not attend in the end.

So, don’t start your invitation to your guests on the wrong foot, and send them out as soon as you have them ready.

2. Write personalised welcome or thank you notes for your guests

Mabel and Cheong Jun’s Free-Sprited Lawn Wedding at Wheeler’s Estate by Juanmoley Fotologue

If you want to convey your welcome or thanks to every single one of your guests but are afraid that you may not have the time to do so during your wedding, then consider writing them a short, personalised note to welcome and thank them for taking the time to attend your wedding.

You can either ask your reception to hand it over to your guests as they sign in, or you can leave it at their seats for them to discover and read as they seat themselves. It will be a sweet gesture that your guests will definitely appreciate.

3. Make sure your guests get to and fro the venue easily

Jacqueline and Joey’s Heartfelt Wedding at Novotel Singapore on Stevens by Natalie Wong Photography

Nothing says ‘welcome!’ more taking care of your guests’ comfort and needs at your big day. It could be as simple as placing a sign at your venue to direct them to your wedding venue or having an usher show them the way.

If your wedding venue isn’t as easily accessible by public transport or is a little out of the way, you might want to consider providing transport to and fro your venue for your guests, especially those with younger children or for your elderly guests. It may be an extra expense for you, but it will make getting to your wedding much easier for your guests who are sure to appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

4. Always seat guests with people they know

Geraldine and Kenny’s Pinterest-Worthy White and Green Wedding at The Chapel @ Imaginarium by Andri Tei Photography

Not even you would want to sit with a table full of people you don’t know, so never, ever put your guests in that position and make them feel awkward or out place at your wedding. Always seat them with someone they know so they have company and won’t feel left out.

If you really have to seat some of your guests who don’t know each other at the same table, make an effort to introduce them to one another before the dinner reception starts, so that they can mingle and feel less awkward with one another later on.

When you are making your rounds to speak to your guests during the reception, do pay attention to where these guests are seated and make sure to stop by their tables to check on them and ease any awkwardness away.

5. Put the comfort and needs of your guests first

Christine and Daniel’s English Countryside Raffles Hotel Wedding by Anton Chia Photography

If you are planning an outdoor solemnisation or dinner reception, do prepare a little something for your guests to shelter them from the hot or rainy weather. You can give out paper or portable fans and bottled water to keep them cool in the heat or move the celebration indoors so your guests can stay dry and enjoy the festivities in comfort.

These thoughtful little gestures will definitely warm the hearts of your guests and make them feel loved and well taken care of while they are celebrating your nuptials.

6. Include some pre-wedding entertainment or refreshments for your guests

Cindy and Stan’s Stunning Wedding at Changi Cove Hotel’s Command House by Ivan Seah Photography

Your guests have made the effort to turn up early at your wedding, so don’t make them stand around with nothing to do as they wait for your dinner reception to commence. Try to arrange for some pre-wedding programs such as a photo booth or a drinks bar to keep them occupied and hydrated while waiting.

Don’t forget about the little ones on your guest list when you are planning for your guests’ entertainment. Do them and their parents a favour by gifting them with activity kits that include items that will keep them engaged and busy, such as colouring or sticker books.

7. Don’t forget to prepare favours for your guests

Celia and Ivan’s Tropical Garden Wedding at The Summerhouse by Knotties Frame

Wedding favours are another way you can thank your guests for being there to witness the celebration of an important milestone in your life. It is also a perfect little something for them to bring home to remember the wedding by.

While you don’t have to personalise the favours to each and every one of your guests, it’ll be good if you can pick an item that all your guests of all ages will enjoy, like mini honey jars or a small stack of homemade cookies.

8. Get their food preferences right

Lalu and Chris’ Bright and Colourful Sapa-Inspired Backyard Wedding by Alvelyn Alko

There is nothing more unwelcoming than not offering vegetarian, vegan or halal food options in your menu for guests who may have special food preferences due to religion or personal reasons. So, do speak with your venue to find out if they offer alternative food options to cater to guests with these food preferences or if they can come up with a special menu for these guests.

There is also nothing more disrespectful than getting the food preferences of your guests wrong, especially after they have specified it in their RSVP to you. So, do pay attention to your guests’ food preferences, if any, and make sure that you convey it to the venue and assign someone to ensure that the right dish is served to your guests.

You’ll want all your guests to enjoy the food and their experience at your wedding, instead of feeling unwelcomed and disrespected when your menu doesn’t include their food preferences.

9. Make your rounds and greet your guests

Si Ling and David’s Modern Peranakan Wedding at EMPRESS by Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan

Weddings offer a great opportunity for the couple to reconnect with family and friends whom they hold dear to their hearts but don’t have the opportunity to meet often. So, don’t stay seated at your VIP table throughout the entire dinner reception.

Be a good host and set some time aside to make your rounds to greet and speak to your guests, to check if they are enjoying themselves and the food, and to thank them for taking the time to attend the celebration.

10. Include your guests in your thank you speech

Linette and Joshua’s Autumn-Inspired Bohemian Wedding at Hotel Fort Canning by Androidsinboots

Couples often choose a handful of people to mention and elaborate in their thank-you speeches, but tend to glaze over the part where they thank all of their guests for being present at the celebration. Instead of doing that, you can express your gratitude for your guests by highlighting them in your thank-you speech.

Prep a short and sweet speech to let all of your guests know how much their presence means to you, and how much you appreciate them taking time to attend your wedding

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10 Simple Gestures To Welcome Your Wedding Guests