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January 2021

Lalu and Chris’ Bright and Colourful Sapa-Inspired Backyard Wedding

WULALA! wedding stylist Lalu and her love Chris got married in a beautiful and vibrantly colourful backyard wedding, with their dog for an escort and a private chef to feast their loved ones at their intimate celebration.

When a wedding stylist gets wed, you know the wedding is going to be super creative and gorgeous—even if they had to pivot to a last-minute 10-pax backyard wedding because of the pandemic! Lalu Wu, 30, Event Stylist at WULALA!, and Christopher Lim, 31, Financial Services Manager, transformed their backyard into a bright and colourful wildflower field on 22 September 2020, where their dog escorted the bride down the spiral staircase aisle, marriage advice was given on beautiful cakes, and a private chef served their dearest loved ones.

How did your story begin?

Chris: We met at a friend’s wild 21st birthday party nine years ago. I was performing a magic trick and not only did I find the right card, I also managed to find the woman of my dreams that night.

What do you love most about your partner?

Lalu: We are polar opposites of one another, hence there’s always something to rattle on about and this makes life more interesting! LOL. No really, I love that Chris is calm and composed. I do feel that all the new perspectives I learnt from him have made me a more well-rounded and open-minded person.

Chris: Lalu is quirky and cares a lot for her friends and family. That’s a trait that I really admire about her. I think it was her bubbly character and amazing personality that first attracted me to her.

What was the proposal like?

Chris: It took place on Nami Island in Korea. We ziplined into Nami Island and I proposed to her with the help of my colleagues right after she looked at some ostriches. She was not impressed with my proposal and is still reminding me of that fact till this day.

Lalu: There was no speech and he was laughing as he asked me to marry him. Luckily, the ring from Ivy Masterpiece is gorgeous. I said YES to the ring!

What was wedding planning like amidst COVID-19?

We used the articles on SingaporeBrides to prepare for our Guo Da Li and to look at the auspicious dates for the month.

We were supposed to have a destination wedding in Sapa, Vietnam. When the COVID-19 situation got serious, we initially decided to postpone. But four months later, we realised the situation was not going to get better anytime soon and we made the decision to cancel the destination wedding and do an intimate wedding at home with our closest loved ones instead.

Having styled so many weddings with WULALA!, what was it like styling your own wedding?

Lalu: I was still bitter about missing our Sapa wedding, so we decided to hold it in our little backyard where it’s open-air with greenery around. I also included pops of colour to inject character and reflect our hopes for an exciting future ahead.

The process of planning this (last-minute) 10-pax wedding was stressful. Because I am in the wedding industry, there are so many vendors that I admire and I just wanted to work with everyone! Ultimately, I just sort of left it to fate and all the magical people came together to make our day extra special.

Our cake table was fun. Because I absolutely love desserts and know most of these talented bakers/owners personally, I thought it would be interesting for them to include marriage advice or quotes about marriage to surprise us! I only gave them a mood board that shows my theme and colour scheme. I actually didn’t know how the cakes would look or what they would say until they were delivered.

Where did you hold your solemnisation?

Lalu: Instead of the usual wedding schedule, we actually did our portraits and tea ceremony at The Love Studios in the daytime before we scurried back home to prepare for our solemnisation in the evening. The smaller set (where Chris and I wore traditional Chinese wedding outfits) was styled by me, so I wanted to take photos with it as keepsakes.

We held our solemnisation on the little lawn in our backyard. It was nerve-wracking due to the weather. The skies were super dark and gloomy and everyone was praying hard as all the decorations and planning would go to waste if it poured. And as our videographer Kenneth described the day, “A little bit unusual and oddly amazing. Dark clouds but no rain. Today feels like a dream. What a beautiful dream.”

What was the most memorable moment?

When we brought in our second solemniser, our good friend Bryan Foong, to do a surprise English version of the ceremony. It has always been Bryan’s dream to be a solemniser and we were so glad to include him in our ceremony. This last-minute decision was made a week before our wedding over a bowl of ramen. Having him in the ceremony made the wedding a 100% better and more intimate.

Lalu: The tearing down was very memorable for me too. A home backyard wedding meant that we were responsible for our own mess. I felt extremely touched and thankful to see everyone scrambling to clear the space with us. Like getting a glimpse of what’s to come, I feel more confident and have faith in our future together with the help of our supportive families.

The Size of the Wedding: 10
The Venue: Groom’s Home
The Wedding Day Photographer: Alvelyn Alko
The Gown: Top by Stitch by Stitch Co. // Bottom by 3EIGHTH
The Suit: Zara
The Groom’s Shoes: Zara
The Engagement Ring: Ivy Masterpiece
The Wedding Bands: Ivy Masterpiece // Cartier
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Jenn of Iheartblooms // Clara Song Makeup
The Nail Artist: kiyone+LIM
The Private Chef: Chef Ronald Li from Viio Gastropub
The Wedding Cake: Olsen Bakehouse // ABITE ATELIER // Baker’s Brew // Zee & Elle // Bob the Baker Boy
The Florist: INA.SHEA // Florals by Benita // Keira Floral //
The Wedding Stylist: WULALA!
The Tea Ceremony & Family Portrait Photographer: The Love Studios
The Videographer: Freshfromkenneth
The Live Stream Videographer: Kactus Singapore
The Wedding Calligrapher: mstofu
The Solemniser: Mr. Tan Ah Pek (Mandarin) // Bryan Foong (English)
The Wedding Furniture: Events & Weddings Rental
The Balloon Vendor: Misty Daydream

Credits: Wedding day images by Alvelyn Alko and studio images by The Love Studios

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Lalu and Chris’ Bright and Colourful Sapa-Inspired Backyard Wedding