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March 2020

The Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot Destination Based On Your Couple Personality

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot destination. Take this quiz to find out which pre-wedding location best suits you and your significant other’s couple personality. The perfect destination just for you awaits!

Deciding on where to shoot your pre-wedding photos may seem easy, but choosing a perfect place that truly encapsulates you and your significant other’s personality and character is difficult. For many couples, your pre-wedding photos are your guests’ first look into your wedding and your union together. It is a gallery of memories that will last forever both in your hearts and on the walls of your home. It is going to attract your guests on your social media feeds, wedding invitation cards, and reception area. It is the appetiser of your wedding, if you like – it is what sets the tone and it is your chance at a first impression.

As though that isn’t already enough pressure, there are also a million and one locations to pick from. Each of these locations is beautiful in its own ways and can make a perfect photoshoot spot for anyone. While some couples look to more exotic and vibrant locations like Turkey or Morocco, some couples prefer to visit a more relaxing location like Thailand or Indonesia. And of course, some couples prefer to shoot their pre-wedding photos right here, in Singapore.

Fionne and Shi Liang’s Sweet Woodland and Beach Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Coney Island by TinyDot Photography

Take this simple quiz to find out which location best suits your couple personality! Pick one option out of these five options and tally up your scores at the end.

1.Your go-to drink on a Friday night is…

A.Water – you can never go wrong with it!
B.Gin and Tonic
C.Red Wine
D.Green Tea

2.To you and your partner, the best way to relax is…

A.Staying home to chill
B.Being by the sea
C.Visiting a museum or an art gallery
D.A picnic in a garden
E.Exploring the great outdoors

3.In a wedding, what is most important to you?

A.Feeling comfortable with the event and everything that is happening around
B.An intimate program for friends and family
C.The food and drinks variety you offer your guests
D.Decorations and overall aesthetics
E.That your wedding is lively and fun

4.What’s your and your partner’s biggest pet peeve when on dates together?

A.Being in an unfamiliar and unknown place
B.Feeling rushed or stressed out by schedules and deadlines
C.Not having anywhere to go or anything to do
D.Not being able to capture pretty moments and memories
E.Not exploring the world and the opportunities around enough

5.If you and your partner were a colour scheme, you would be…

A.White and Black
B.Blue and Yellow
C.Brown and Orange
D.Red and Pink
E.We can’t decide! We are everything combined into one.

6.How would you describe yourselves as a couple in a group of friends?

A.We are the hosts! This is our house we are all hanging out at.
B.Did someone say party? We’re spending time alone elsewhere.
C.We are the talkers. We love sharing our stories and experiences.
D.We are the quiet ones. Who needs more talking when you can just listen?
E.We are here for the drinks, but we’re leaving for another party soon! You can never have enough.

7.The one thing that makes your house/future house unique compared to other houses is…

A.The many candles and movies we have
B.All the beach vibes from rattan mats to weaved bags to straw hats…
C.Our collection of magnet souvenirs from the places we have visited
D.The many photos and prints we have on the wall
E.The games we have! Did someone say Nintendo Switch?

8.Your friends would say that you’re…

A.Sentimental, introverted, and simple
B.Laidback, easygoing, and relational
C.A big romantic and tender-hearted with that bit of adventurous strike within you
D.Individualistic, creative, and expressive
E.Lively, a risk-taker, and just a little crazy every so often


If you answered mostly A’s, your perfect pre-wedding shoot destination is Singapore!

You and your partner are simple, sentimental, and practical. There’s no place better than home for the both of you! Who needs to go overseas for a pre-wedding shoot when there is still so much that Singapore has to offer? Re-discovering and re-exploring these nostalgic places in Singapore suits you and there is nothing better than staying in a familiar place but looking at new angles and ways to experience and capture your beautiful and intimate moments in. To the both of you, being the most comfortable in your photos is most important.

Singapore Bridelope Productions Anders RachelRachel Wong and Anders Aplin’s Free-Spirited Pre-Wedding Shoot by Bridelope Productions

If you answered mostly B’s, your perfect pre-wedding shoot destination is Bali, Indonesia!

Bali’s chill and laidback vibes suit your personality perfectly. As a couple, you love to relax and unwind without having to think about the busy schedules and tasks you have on your plate. Intimacy is important to you as you spend time alone whether in conversation or even if you’re doing nothing at all. Nothing attracts you more than a beachy, summer holiday to enjoy each other’s presence. With the crashing waves and pastel sunset hues as your backdrop, your intimacy and love for each other will shine out.

Bali Knotties Frame Valerie LeonValerie and Leon’s Sunkissed Bali Wedding Photoshoot by Knotties Frame

If you answered mostly C’s, your perfect pre-wedding shoot destination is Paris, France!

You are romantic and classy at the same time. The both of you love making an exquisitely grand entrance but also enjoy the quaintness of the little things and details. The City of Love is perfect for you with its cobbled stone paths and night lights. You like having a mix of different cultures and aesthetics. You get a good mix of the quaint, traditional structures, but also the modern city buildings – and this mix epitomises your couple personality! A little bit of adventure can spark off this romantic occasion of your dreams.

Paris Darren & Jade Photography Renee RogerRenee and Roger’s Romantic Paris Pre-Wedding Session by Darren & Jade Photography

If you answered mostly D’s, your perfect pre-wedding shoot destination is Tokyo, Japan!

As a couple, you get excited by the prospect of new beginnings and new seasons. While you enjoy something familiar and close to home, you also crave for that extra bit of vibrancy and adventure in your life. You are romantic and sweet to each other, always looking to “out love” the other, and that’s what makes you, you as a couple! The autumn colours of Japan and the pastels of its cherry blossoms create the perfect scene for you to recreate your favourite dramas. Your moods are fuelled by the environment you find yourselves in, and it’s among the beautiful colours of nature and the traditional houses dotted around the city that you will make memories that will stay etched in your hearts in the years to come.

Tokyo OneThreeOneFour Joyce JamesJoyce and James’s Fiery Autumn Pre-Wedding Shoot in Tokyo by OneThreeOneFour

If you answered mostly E’s, your perfect pre-wedding shoot destination is Cappadocia, Turkey!

As a pair, you are the most adventurous of the lot. You crave new experiences and new adventures; you are both always itching to try something you’ve never tried before. Whether it’s shooting amidst the vibrant and colourful hot air balloons or running around rock formations, Turkey is the place for you. Everything about your personality as a couple screams lively and fun. These scenic routes and views will bring motion, energy, and spontaneity into your pre-wedding photos as well. The best part? You get to go on a unique adventure yourself too as you travel around to explore the land!

Cappadocia Kursat Acar Janice GlennJanice and Glenn’s Stunning Pre-Wedding Shoot in Cappadocia, Turkey by Kursat Acar

Credits: Feature Image from Valerie and Leon’s Sunkissed Bali Wedding Photoshoot by Knotties Frame

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Bali Knotties Frame Valerie Leon

The Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot Destination Based On Your Couple Personality