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November 2017

Renee and Roger’s Romantic Paris Pre-Wedding Session

Renee and Roger’s romantic Paris pre-wedding session documented their story against the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre, and other stunning backdrops in the city of love.

After a romantic proposal in a restaurant in Milan, Renee Teh, 27, Relationship Manager, and Roger Wong, 30, Sales Manager, celebrated their love in a beautiful pre-wedding shoot in Paris with Darren and Jade Photography, dressed in Seletar Broadway.

How did you meet each other?

Roger: We both met while working in a bank where she was a banker and I was an insurance specialist. She was due to attend a Sunday roadshow and I was tasked by the manager to support her as she was a newcomer. We met at the branch, chatted a bit, and headed for lunch together.

What drew you to each other?

Renee: His good looks and tall and muscular build is what caught me at first sight, and after adding him on Instagram and Facebook, I found out that he could cook as well, which definitely increased his brownie points! The thing I love most about him is, under all that, he is meticulous, caring, and kind-hearted, which are qualities that the naked eye can’t see.

Roger: I was first attracted to her bubbly nature and her beautiful voice. She is always very passionate about what she does, especially in her job, which made her all the more attractive. What I love most about her is that she is independent, strong-willed, and has a never-say-die attitude in life. But underneath it all, she still acts like a young little girl with cute chubby cheeks when she’s in my company. How do I not love her?

What was the proposal like?

Roger: We had planned a trip to Italy in February 2015, and I thought Valentine’s Day would be the best time to propose to her. I had initially planned to propose to her on top of the Duomo in Milan, in plain sight of tourists and in front of the cityscape. However, due to bad weather and the closing of the chapel’s roof, I had to switch to Plan B, which was to propose to her during dinner, after we tried a dish of the famous Risotto Milanese. As we sat in the restaurant, I did it the old-fashioned way, by getting on one knee and popping the question. Renee’s reply? “Okay.” To top it off, the waiter congratulated us with two glasses of champagne. Mama mia!

Where did you go for your shoot?

Renee: We chose Paris to be our shoot destination as it has always been my dream, and where better than the city of love?

Roger: We started the shoot at 6am at the Trocadero where we were greeted with an empty plaza and an amazing sunrise, against a beautiful backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. That marked the beginning of our fun shoot and we were just so hyped up both by the amazing scenery and by Darren and Jade’s photography skills! Despite hopping from place to place–from Trocadero, to The Louvre, to Pont de Bir-Hakeim, to Saint-Michel Notre, to La Fontaine Saint Michel–we were able to keep our energy levels high because of all the wonderful sights and sounds of Paris. Kudos to Darren and Jade for making the shoot so enjoyable and memorable. We couldn’t ask for a better team!

When will the wedding be, and what are your plans for it?

Renee: It will be on the 24th of March 2018.

Roger: We plan to do a weekend dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel. We used SingaporeBrides when we were looking for wedding venues and also for inspiration for our pre-wedding shoot.

The Bride’s Outfits: Seletar Broadway
The Groom’s Outfits: Zara
The Shoot Locations: Trocadero // The Louvre // Pont de Bir-Hakeim // Saint-Michel Notre Dame (Metro Station) // La Fontaine Saint Michel (Café)
The Photographer: Darren & Jade Photography
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Jade from Darren & Jade Photography

Credits: Images by Darren & Jade Photography

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Paris Darren & Jade Photography Renee Roger

Renee and Roger’s Romantic Paris Pre-Wedding Session