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September 2018

Fionne and Shi Liang’s Sweet Woodland and Beach Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Coney Island

Sneak a peek at Fionne and Shi Liang’s romantic pre-wedding photoshoot in Coney Island.

Fionne Pang, 28, Human Resources Generalist, and fiancé Tan Shi Liang, 30, Self-Employed, met through a mobile dating application and found love and companionship in each other. The sweet lovers decided to embark on a woodland and beach themed pre-wedding shoot (their second one!) to celebrate their love of the sun, sand and sea. Sneak a peek at their romantic adventure in the forest of Coney Island and on the beach of Punggol Beach here!

What was it about your partner that attracted you?

Fionne: I was attracted to his smile and confidence, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that he is good-looking as well! I love the little day-to-day things he does for me that shows me that he notices and cares for me.

Shi Liang: Likewise, I was drawn to her beauty and patience. She has always been very patient with me and cares for my family.

Share with us the concept behind your styled pre-wedding shoot.

Fionne and Shi Liang: We wanted a romantic beach theme for the shoot because we love Singapore’s sunny, tropical climate, and wanted to celebrate our love of the sun, sand and sea. We engaged our team of vendors, Liz Florals, Tinydot Photography, Esta Hsu Makeup Artistry, Anseina Brides and EverythingwithCrates to style our shoot, and we’ll let Liz elaborate on the concept that they created for us.

Liz: Together with our team of vendors for the shoot, we decided on a rustic woodland themed shoot set in Coney Island, followed by a romantic beach dining set-up at Punggol Beach as requested by Fionne and Shi Liang. The shoot starts out with an enchanted meeting in a forest that culminates in a romantic dinner by the beach.

To bring out the natural essence of the two venues, we used the colours white, green and blue in conjunction with tinges of blush, burgundy, silver and chocolate brown to create a vintage and rustic mood that blends in with Mother Nature.

So, Fionne and Shi Liang, bring us back to the day of your pre-wedding shoot.

It was actually our second pre-wedding shoot, so we were relatively more relaxed and just wanted to have fun – which we did! The weather was great after some early afternoon showers and our team of vendors were experienced and being really meticulous to ensure that we look good in all the shots. We were fortunate to have our team of experts taking care of every detail of the shoot, from hair and makeup to the gown, bridal bouquet, styling and photography.

Did you encounter any obstacles during your pre-wedding shoot?

Because it rained earlier in the day, the ground in the forest and on the beach were soft, so it was hard for Fionne to move around in her shoes as her heels were sinking into the ground. So, we decided to have her hold her shoes instead and walk barefoot on the beach as if she was taking a romantic stroll by the beach.

What was the most memorable moment of your pre-wedding shoot?

It was the moment we looked deeply into each other’s eyes with the beautiful sunset behind us and the sound of waves lapping onto the shore. We wished that moment would last forever.

What advice would you share with couples who are embarking on their pre-wedding shoot?

Shi Liang: First, make sure that you are well prepared for the terrain of your chosen location. Next, ensure that your bride is always comfortable and happy throughout the shoot because a happy wife equals a happy life! And, don’t bother going on a diet – there’s something called Photoshop! But more importantly, just relax, enjoy and have fun!

The Photographer: Jerald from TinyDot Photography
The Wedding Gown: Anseina Brides
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Esta Hsu Makeup Artistry
The Wedding Florist: Liz Florals
Space and Concept Stylist: EverythingwithCrates

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Fionne and Shi Liang’s Sweet Woodland and Beach Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Coney Island