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August 2018

Claire and Charles’ Vibrant Melbourne Pre-Wedding Adventure

Claire and Charles hit the most beautiful locations during their Melbourne pre-wedding shoot, catching gorgeous sun flares at the Twelve Apostles, and fun, colourful shots at Brighton Beach!

Claire Chua Ci’en, 28, Real Estate Salesperson, and Charles Foo Ce Wei, 28, Project Manager flew to Melbourne for a beautiful pre-wedding session with Darren and Jade Photography. With Aussie local Jade to recommend all the best places for photography in Melbourne, Claire and Charles’s pre-wedding photos are beautiful and fun!

How did you two meet?

Charles: We were actually classmates in secondary school! During that time, Claire did not notice me much in class and she was not very approachable either. Subsequently, we went to different schools and lost contact. After meeting some of my secondary school friends at the gym, a reunion dinner was planned in 2015. That was how I got to meet Claire again and it all started from there. Hanging out with friends together, we reconnected and that’s how we got together!

Claire: Honestly, all along I’ve never noticed him, even after we reunited with our secondary school friends. It was during a trip to Bali with our friends that we made some small talk and I finally noticed his presence. When we got back, we started texting and slowly got closer.

What drew you to each other? What’s one of the things you love most about your partner?

Charles: She’s pretty. Hahaha! She is very attentive and caring.

Claire: He’s humorous and dotes on me. He gave me the feeling that I could rely on him, and he’s quite mature.

What was the proposal like?

Claire: The proposal was really a simple one at Pan Pacific Orchard on Christmas Day, as it was also the day that we got together as boyfriend and girlfriend. In the presence of close friends, he popped the question. He knew that I preferred it to be something simple. 
It was supposed to be a Christmas party organised by one of our friends, which was a yearly affair so it was nothing suspicious. Charles and I went for a short dinner first before heading to the hotel. We arrived, and the moment I saw all the balloons, I knew it was a proposal and did not want to enter the room. I told him “I don’t want to go in!” This was quite a funny moment at that point of time.

Where did you go for your pre-wedding shoot?

Claire: We went to Melbourne for our photoshoot! We had never liked the idea of taking our pre-wedding shoot in Singapore. However, we felt that going overseas for a shoot costs quite a sum. So we were doing research on places in Singapore that would make the photos look less like they were taken in Singapore, and we were also researching on good photographers.

We decided to head to a wedding fair and that was where we met Jade! We looked through Darren and Jade Photography‘s portfolio and it suited our style. After speaking to Jade, she showed us their Melbourne pre-wedding photography package, which was very attractive. At the same time, Charles had not been there before. That was when we decided to just go ahead with them!

Tell us about your shoot experience.

Claire: Darren and Jade were very, very patient and organised! We met up for a discussion as they wanted to understand more about us and our story. At the same time, we discussed the different shooting locations we could explore in Melbourne. We wanted something with more nature in it, e.g., gardens and beaches. As Jade grew up in Melbourne, she has a lot of recommendations which makes the whole process real easy. The whole shoot became more efficient and less tiring.

Plus, Jade earns points for her cooking and her food recommendations! In addition, she was my makeup artist, and she really did a great job. She knew the kind of makeup looks and hairstyles that suit me. To be honest, even my mom loved my make up, especially my hairstyle. My mom is still asking if I can at least have the same hairstyle for my actual day wedding!

Charles and I are not very creative people and we worried about the shoot as we were not sure what poses to do etc. But with Darren around, that is the least of your worries! He can really think of many different poses, including fun ones! Initially, we were quite nervous but shortly after, we got into the mood. The photos he took are really amazing! Both of us really love the photos!

They were nice to bring along their videographer, Xin Yi, and she knew what poses or actions would look good on video. In addition, she also managed to capture some candid shots, which made the whole video very interesting. It really tells the whole story of the photoshoot process. It was so touching! Having a video of your pre-wedding shoot really brings out a different feel that you can show during your wedding.


Watch Claire and Charles’ Melbourne pre-wedding video by Darren and Jade Photography!

When will the wedding be, and what are your plans for it?

The venue will be JW Marriott Singapore South Beach. Honestly, we have not thought of a plan for it, and the venue is already so pretty that we don’t think we will have to plan much!

The Photographer: Darren and Jade Photography
The Bride’s Outfits: Rico-A-Mona
The Groom’s Outfits: Rico-A-Mona
The Engagement Ring: Jannpaul
The Shoot Locations: Twelve Apostles, Carlton Garden, Flinders Station, and Degraves Street in Melbourne
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Jade Yau Makeup
The Hair Accessories: Jade Yau Makeup
The Videographer: Darren and Jade Photography
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Credits: Images and video by Darren and Jade Photography

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Claire and Charles’ Vibrant Melbourne Pre-Wedding Adventure