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May 2019

3 Ways Wedding Planning Can Help You Prepare for Marriage

It is true that you shouldn’t spend so much effort on wedding planning that you forget what the most important thing is. But since this is a process you have to go through, make the best of it and train yourselves for the future!

How have you been enjoying the wedding planning process? Like it or loathe it, the process of planning a wedding can be exciting, stressful, and joyous—sometimes all at once! But planning your wedding can help prepare you for more than simply exchanging your vows. This is your first big project together as a couple, and the way you tackle this undertaking can help to prepare you for the realities of marriage. Here’s how you and your partner can prepare for your marriage while planning your nuptials.

1. Communicate

One of the pillars of a strong marriage is clear and open communication, and it starts when you’re planning your wedding.

Lack of communication doesn’t necessarily stem from having ill intentions, but rather from making assumptions. Perhaps you don’t wish to have a religious wedding, and you are certain that your fiance feels the same way. But have you actually had a conversation about it? You might be surprised to learn the wedding details he cares about, and decisions in which he’d like to be involved. Who knows—maybe he does want to help pick out the flowers! By keeping the lines of communication clear, misunderstandings and hurt feelings are less likely to arise later.

Resist the urge to bypass your partner and discuss your problems with a third party. It’s okay if you need to vent to your friends on occasion, but you’ll be better off if you speak to your fiance directly. Problems with communication are much easier to fix before you tie the knot, so iron out these issues before your wedding day.

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2. Compromise

The ability to compromise respectfully is at the core of any successful marriage. Start implementing this process early on in your planning, and it will pay off later.

What if you want your wedding in Bali, but your fiancé wants to stay local? A 50/50 compromise will land you at a destination wedding in the middle of the Java Sea. It’s important to understand that, even in your dream wedding, you won’t always get your way. This doesn’t mean you have to always cede to your partner, but getting married means you’re forming a team. You both need to make decisions based on what’s best for the team, not just yourselves as individuals.

There is a myth that compromise always involves an even split. After all, it’s 2019 and everything should be divided down the middle, whether it’s paying the bills or doing chores around the house. It can feel unfair if you contribute more of your paycheck to household expenses, or if your partner is stuck doing more housework than you. But the reality is that, no matter how hard you try, the division of labor and decision-making will always be somewhat skewed in one direction or the other.

A strong marriage involves two people working in tandem. Learning to make decisions together is an important skill, and it might start with something as small as choosing the colour palette for your bridal party. But mastering this skill now can help you two to make more consequential decisions later, like having children or moving to a new city.

Keep the spirit of compromise alive while planning your wedding to reinforce those values as time goes on.

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3. Have a Sense of Humour

Have you had a wedding planning meltdown moment yet? When, for example, your wedding hall calls to say they can only accommodate 75 people, and you have over 100 on your list? You feel like screaming, (and probably not for the first time), “We should have eloped!”

It’s during moments like these that you simply need to laugh, and you need a partner who will laugh right along with you. Bringing a sense of humour into your wedding planning will not only make the process more enjoyable, but also ready you and your husband to steel yourselves against greater challenges in the future. Being able to laugh at a stressful situation doesn’t necessarily make it easier to resolve, but it does make the process more enjoyable. If you two can keep your sense of humour while planning your nuptials, it will bode well for the future together.

Plan to Prepare…

Remember: your wedding is just one day. Be sure that, while you’re planning your wedding, you’re also taking the time to prepare for your marriage.

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3 Ways Wedding Planning Can Help You Prepare for Marriage