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June 2013

5 Ways to Build a Harmonious Marriage with Fengshui

From matching your “bazi” to marrying on an auspicious date, you consulted a professional before making any major decisions for your Big Day. Now that you are wedded, it’s time to align the wind and stars for an auspicious start to your married life. SingaporeBrides lists five fengshui tips to implement in your new home.

With the hustle and bustle of your big fat Chinese wedding behind you, it is likely that you are now fussing over your new home instead. And if you are doing renovation works or buying furniture for your love nest, it may be possible to use classical fengshui to enhance your marriage.

Master David Tong, founder and principal consultant of Chinese Metaphysics Global (CMG) Consulting, explains: “In classical fengshui, the focus is always on the ‘qi’, which is the energy that permeates everything around us. The quality of the ‘qi’ that flows through your home will influence your relationship with your spouse, for the better or the worse.”

So, newlyweds can look at their new home to try to understand and tweak the complex interplay of fengshui factors that could ultimately affect their marriage. Master Tong says: “Concentrate on the key areas of a home, like the main door, kitchen stove and marital bed. If the location and direction of these areas are inauspicious, it may negatively affect your relationship. Quarrels, extra-marital affairs and even divorce may result in the future.”

He adds: “Classical fengshui harnesses the energy of an apartment or house, as well as its surrounding environment, to support the health, wealth and relationships of its occupations.” So, if you are moving into a new apartment or house soon, make sure that the key areas are located and oriented in the right direction to receive auspicious “qi”. Here are a few tips to try:

1. Make your main door work for you

When it comes to fengshui, the main door is the most significant area of any home. After all, this is the door that you use most frequently to enter and exit your apartment or house. So, this is where the “qi” flows through. Says Master Tong: “Generally, if the ‘qi’ at the main door is auspicious, then the fengshui of the house will be good. If the ‘qi’ is inauspicious, then the fengshui of the house will be bad.”

As the layout of every apartment or house is different, it will be impossible to determine whether your main door has good or bad ‘qi’ without consulting a fengshui master. But there are some general tips that you can follow. For instance, the main door should ideally be made of a solid material, like strong wood, to protect your home. There should be no blockages – recycling bins, cracked pots with dying plants and other bulky items – before it to ensure a smooth flow of “qi” into the home. It should also not face a staircase or toilet. Master Tong adds: “The importance of this area should not be underestimated.”

Joyden Hall Wedding with a Thousand Paper Cranes - Jophia and Larry 17Jophia and Larry’s Mystical Origami Crane Wedding at The Joyden Hall by Caline Ng Photography

2. Place the marital bed in an auspicious “qi’ position

For a harmonious marriage, it is best that the marital bedroom be located in an area of positive “qi”. Essentially, this means choosing the best bedroom to use. “What many married couples may be shocked to find out is that this may not necessarily be the master bedroom of their apartment or house,” says Master Tong. “In this case, if using the common room is not an option, then the geomancer will have to use elemental cures to minimise the negative ‘qi’ in that bedroom.”

Don’t neglect to consider the location of the bed. It is likely that you spend an average of eight hours on the bed every night, so you will be greatly influenced by the energy of the area, advises Master Tong. This is why the auspicious placement of the marital bed is crucial. He explains: “For instance, if the bed directly faces the door, you will end up sleeping in what is known as the ‘coffin position’. This may lead to you waking up feeling tired and restless. In the long run, it may affect your mood and bring down the intimacy levels between you and your spouse.” However, there is no standard solution for this as every bedroom layout is different, so check with your fengshui master.

3. Check that the kitchen stove does not face the sink

In the kitchen, make sure that the stove – which represents fire – is situated such that it faces away from areas that represent water, like the sink, refrigerator or washing machine. If it does, the incompatibility will lead to disagreements between the husband and wife living in that home. The same can happen if stove faces the main door, or the master bedroom. Master Tong adds: “The location of the kitchen stove can also affect the health of the occupants. If placed wrongly, it may bring about health issues like infertility and miscarriages that may disturb a couple’s intimacy.”

However, it is not always possible to determine the placement of the kitchen stove in a new home. If your stove faces an inauspicious direction, there may be a fengshui “cure” for it. So, it is best to consult a fengshui master on how to negate the bad effects of such a placement. Other things you can try to keep your kitchen in optimum fengshui health is to follow some simple day-to-day habits like keeping clutter at bay, not letting dirty dishes pile up, and not overloading the space with gadgets.

Singapore engagement photography session 21Weddings in Pictures: Moody and Dreamy Engagement Photography by AndroidsinBoots

4. Do not install water features on a whim

Many people have the vague idea that installing a water feature – like an aquarium or a fengshui fountain – can bring about good “qi” to the home. After all, water has always been interpreted as a fengshui symbol of abundance and prosperity. However, they are only half-right. Master Tong explains: “Water, by itself, is neither auspicious or inauspicious. Instead, it is the location of the water feature that matters. If it is placed in a corner governed by romance luck, the water feature will trigger the romance energy. This may lead to either the husband or the wife having an extra-marital affair.”

But if the water feature is placed at an area with good energy, it may boost the harmonious relationship of the couple instead. He adds: “There is actually a 50-50 chance of getting the placement of the water feature wrong. Ideally, consult a fengshui master before installing a water feature in your home.” Generally, never add a water feature to the bedroom. Even a painting of rivers, waterfalls and lakes can lead to loss of harmony in the relationship of the couple sleeping in that room.

5. be wise in your choice of colours

In Chinese metaphysics, the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood are represented by different colours. So, it is possible to use colours to create a harmonious home. “Actually, in classical fengshui, colours have less significance. However, they do exert a certain influence,” says Master Tong. To improve the intimacy between you and your spouse, he advises using a soft pink shade in the bedroom. Pink, a lighter shade of red, is a part of the fire element and represents passion, warmth and romance.

“You don’t have to design your bedroom like a Hello Kitty paradise. Painting your wall a soft pink, or using pink curtains and bed sheets will work just as well,” says Master Tong. If shades of red are not suitable, you can use yellow instead. Generally, stay away from colours like white (which may leave your bedroom feeling too cold and clinical) and blue (which may smother the flames of romance).

P.S. Check out your Bazi Destiny Chart too

Of course, the fengshui of the apartment or house is only part of the equation that governs a couple’s marriage. “Another equally important factor is the couple’s individual Bazi Destiny Chart,” says Master Tong. During the analysis, requirements like your exact date and time of birth are collected for a detailed overview of your destiny.

So, let’s say that there is an excessive romance star in your husband’s destiny chart, there is a strong possibility that he may end up having an extra-marital affair at some point in his life. With that knowledge, he will need to have the willpower to resist any temptations that come along. If not, destiny will fulfill itself – even if your home boasts great fengshui. Master Tong adds: “In other words, the fengshui of a house can only pacify or enhance, but will never completely solve any problems. For the ‘complete picture’, both a couple’s destiny charts and the fengshui of their home have to be taken into consideration.”

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5 Ways to Build a Harmonious Marriage with Fengshui