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August 2017

Grace and Dominic’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Melbourne with Magical Light

Talk about the glow of love! Grace and Dominic’s pre-wedding shoot in Melbourne is drenched with glorious Australian light and backlit with neon signs.

Grace Tan, 26, Business Development Executive, and Dominic Leong, 31, Architectural Associate, celebrated five years together with a beautiful, moody pre-wedding shoot in Melbourne, where the talented bride did her own hair and makeup. Drenched with golden rays and backlit by neon lights, the couple documented their love in the forests and on the rocky beaches of Melbourne.

Tell us a little bit about your story, such as how the two of you met.

Grace: We have been together for almost five years! We met during a Varsity Christian Fellowship camp back in 2011 at the National University of Singapore. I was the group leader, and Dom was in my group! We hit it off instantly as friends, and got together about a year later!

What drew you to each other?

Grace: Dom is the sweetest. I love how he makes an effort to take good care of my wellbeing, since day one. He still gives me flowers monthly! I also love that I can be myself when I’m with him. No matter how gross or weird my behaviour is, somehow, he finds it funny!

Dominic: I was drawn to her kindness and sincerity towards people. She always wants to help others and offer a listening ear. Her enthusiastic nature makes me laugh, and though she seems childish at first, she has this very deep, thoughtful character that I respect very much. Oh, and she does this funky dance that makes me laugh all the time.

What was the proposal like?

Grace: We were having our church cell group retreat in Johor Bahru. It was late, and we all gathered in the living room for movie night. After selecting a show to watch, Dom suggested viewing the trailer on his laptop first. As the “trailer” played, I realised it was a video presentation about him and me! It was really sweet, featuring pictures of us during fun times overseas, and reasons why he loves me. After the video, he read me a really touching letter, got down on one knee, and popped the question! After which, he showed me another video – it was a compilation of videos made by my friends, all congratulating us and wishing us well. That got me feeling really touched too! Lastly, he gave me a scrapbook that he made, with all our pictures cut out and letters written to me by himself and my friends!

Tell us about your pre wedding shoot in Melbourne.

Dominic: We decided to go to Melbourne, as we love the scenery and weather. Plus, the food is great!

Grace: It was super fun and stress-free! Guan Hui and Silvia from Bloc Memoire are both extremely talented individuals, and we were in awe at how they were working so in sync with each other. We wanted to just be ourselves, and we didn’t see the need to be in formal gowns or suits.

When will the wedding be, and what are your plans for it?

Dominic: Our wedding will be on 9 December 2017. We will be holding a church solemnisation in the morning at our church Aldersgate Methodist Church, followed by a vegan buffet lunch, then a Chinese banquet in the evening at Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel! After that, we’re jetting off to Bali for some much-needed rest and relaxation!

The Bride’s Outfits: Dresses from
The Bride’s Shoes: Zalora and H&M
The Groom’s Outfits: Benjamin Barker // Timberland // Uniqlo
The Engagement Ring: Goldheart
The Shoot Locations: Melbourne
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Bride herself
The Florist: Style Me Flowers, Melbourne
The Photographer: Bloc Memoire Photography
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides’ Wedding Banquet Pricelist and Wedding Checklist Template

Images by Bloc Memoire Photography

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Grace and Dominic’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Melbourne with Magical Light