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September 2016

Rachel and Edmund’s Pre-Wedding Photography in Melbourne

Rachel and Edmund took their own pre-wedding photography in Melbourne while on a road trip through Yarra Valley and the Great Alpine Road. All the gorgeous photos were by Edmund himself!

Rachel Kong, 28, Civil Servant, and Edmund Ng, 30, Changi Airport Experience Creator, took their pre-wedding photography session into their own hands. The adventurous couple set off on a road trip through Yarra Valley, Melbourne, and created a beautiful series of photographs with just the two of them and a tripod!

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How did you meet each other?

Edmund: I met my wife in the National University of Singapore. We both stayed in Sheares Hall. We are both very different people; we had different views and beliefs in life. After years of being together, we have learned that right and wrong is a matter of perception, and started respecting each other’s opinions in life.

Rachel, we’ve heard that the proposal made you see stars! Tell us about it.

Rachel: It happened in Yosemite National Park where we met up with our friends in San Francisco for a hiking trip. That night, we drove up to the “Glacier Point,” which has a spectacular view of the Half Dome and the Valley. It was the perfect place for stargazing. When we arrived, it was getting chilly and windy, but the promise of an awesome sighting of the Milky Way kept my spirits high.

Edmund: As darkness fell, it was getting really cold. My friend took this opportunity to bring her to the car to keep warm, and promised to let her know when the Milky Way emerged. When she was gone, we started lining the entire trail with tea lights leading to the lookout point. It took us about an hour to line the entire place! When we were done, I went to the car and excitedly told her about the “awesome view” of the Milky Way.

As we walked towards the trail of lights, I played her favourite song on my phone. She asked me why there were lights set up in the middle of the forest, and being an annoying boyfriend, I casually told her that maybe some other hiker was planning a proposal. She honestly had no clue till she saw the big heart shaped by candles at the end of the lookout point, with our photos in the centre. To live up to my reputation as an annoying boyfriend, I had to make her go through a puzzle before popping the question. There was no view of the Milky Way that night, but her answers beat any stars in the sky.

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In which areas did you shoot your pre-wedding photography in Melbourne?

Edmund: They were shot in the regions outside of Melbourne city, namely Mt. Hotham, Great Alpine Road, and Yarra Valley. We find it awkward to shoot in front of strangers, so we enjoy shooting in the great outdoors where there are hardly any people around. In addition, the cool weather in Melbourne during autumn is perfect for shooting. All the photos are actually taken by myself. All the makeup and hairdo was done by Rachel herself. It was just two of us, a camera on a tripod, a clicker, and the beautiful landscape!

That must have been quite an adventure! What sparked the idea?

Rachel: We love taking road trips and wanted to capture the kind of holiday we both enjoyed. It gave us the freedom and flexibility to be spontaneous and to explore different locations, from the roads lined with the colourful trees of autumn to the random roadside stall selling nuts. The places we shot were often off the beaten trail and unconventional.

Was it difficult to shoot your pre-wedding photographs?

Edmund: We usually drove around in the afternoon looking for potential scenes to shoo,t and headed back in the evening when the light was perfect for shooting. Every day, we spent two to three hours shooting for a total of six days. It was really relaxing and we had all the time and space we needed to complete the shoot.

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When will the wedding be?

Edmund: It was on 2 July 2016, on her birthday, coincidentally. It was held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. We opted for long tables, which were more modern and classy. The long tables were decorated with beautiful floral arrangements and we were very pleased with the outcome.

The Gown: Swaggers Couture
The Bride’s Shoes: The Shoemakers Elf
The Suit: Swaggers Couture
The Engagement Ring: Bride
The Photographer: 718AM

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Rachel and Edmund’s Pre-Wedding Photography in Melbourne