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September 2014

Modern Si Dian Jin 四点金 for the Stylish Bride

One of the most beautiful things about a wedding is how two hearts and two families join together in a wonderful way. An advocate of the ties that bind, Poh Heng celebrates traditions and love in their stylishly modern Si Dian Jin collections. The fashion-forward jewellery pieces are stylishly designed, yet honour the customary ritual of Si Dian Jin, where the groom’s family presents the bride with a set of gold jewellery to welcome her into a comfortable life with her new family.

Poh Heng presents two new collections of Si Dian Jin that faithfully maintain the symbolism of this tradition, but are crafted with a modern sensibility that translates the jewellery effortlessly from wedding day finery to everyday statement pieces. The stunning designs in Poh Heng’s Lover’s Knot and Globes of Eternal Love collections will add lustre to your wedding gown, and be a stylish accent to your everyday wardrobe. Work these meaningful pieces together or separately to add glamour to any outfit.

Poh Heng Lover's Knot Si Dian Jin

The Jewellery: Inspired by the exquisite Chinese knot, a classic motif in Oriental art and culture, Poh Heng’s new Lover’s Knot collection is an auspicious gift for any bride. The delicately intertwining design is symbolic of unity and harmony. Like the modern infinity knot, the Lover’s Knot represents everlasting love and the unbreakable bond of marriage.

The Wedding Day Look: With its intricate whirls and delicate tulle, this lacy wedding gown from “Reem Acra’s Spring 2015 Collection” is femininity itself. Add a touch of romance with the Lover’s Knot necklace next to your heart, and let the charmingly whimsical ring gleam upon your finger to complete the image of girlish loveliness.

The Everyday Look: Perfect for a day on the yacht, this kimono from Reem Acra’s 2014 Resort Collection is every sun-kissed girl’s dream. Layer on the Lover’s Knot bracelet and chic earrings to complete the nautical look, and you’re ready for some fun in the sun.

Poh Heng Globes of Eternal Love Si Dian Jin

The Jewellery: The sparkling baubles in Poh Heng’s Globes of Eternal Love collection symbolise togetherness and harmony. The modern combination of yellow and white gold make this jewellery, like the entwining of two lives, works really well to make a bold fashion statement in both wedding and everyday styles.

The Wedding Day Look: Helena, from “Jenny Packham’s 2015 Bridal Collection”, is a luminous sheath shimmering with pure elegance. Enrich the look with the glowing gold of Globes of Eternal Love by gracing your neckline with the dancing orbs of this Si Dian Jin necklace. For the finishing touch, let the earrings’ drops of molten metal dangle from your ears and reflect your bridal glow.

The Everyday Look: This embellished lime shift from Jenny Packham’s 2014 Resort Collection is something only a style maven would wear. And to show off her matching clutch, the bold bracelet is perfect. The cluster of glittering yellow and white gold orbs on the ring holds up to the pop of lime from the dress, and works to make the whole outfit a real style statement.

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Credits: Product images courtesy of Poh Heng. Feature image from “When a Ray of Sunshine Fell on an Angel”.

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Modern Si Dian Jin 四点金 for the Stylish Bride