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September 2015

Modern Si Dian Jin You Can Wear Every Day

Poh Heng unveils their newest Si Dian Jin collection, Links of Love. Designed to add glamour to a modern bride’s wedding day as well as style to her everyday wardrobe, Links of Love symbolises her new family’s auspicious wishes in a contemporary, wearable style.

The gifting of 四点金, or Si Dian Jin, is a tradition that has been handed down from the Teochew culture. Comprising four items of gold jewellery, such as a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, and a ring, Si Dian Jin was historically a reflection of the groom’s family’s wealth and status. Today, families gift their daughters-in-law Si Dian Jin to express their love and acceptance. The set of four gold jewellery pieces is presented to the bride during the formal betrothal ceremony, also known as Guo Da Li, to welcome the bride to her new family. Poh Heng celebrates this ancient tradition of family bonds with their modern take on the classic Si Dian Jin. Designed for the modern bride, the gold jewellery are a statement of elegance that can be worn with pride on a bride’s wedding day, and that also add glamour to her everyday style.

Reimagining this beautiful tradition in modern designs, Poh Heng’s modern Si Dian Jin feature auspicious symbols of familial bonds that are thoughtfully designed to reflect today’s fashion-forward bride’s sense of individual style. The new Links of Love collection is crafted in 22K yellow and white gold to symbolise a pair of lovers entwined in new bonds of marriage and family. Celebrating the joy and warmth of this bond, the Links of Love collection features contemporary layered chains and intricate coin motifs to represent the couple’s blissful and abundant marriage.

Poh Heng Si Dian Jin Necklace copy

Contemporary gold link chains create a stylish and modern statement necklace that will inject your pencil skirt and blazer outfit with an extra sheen of confidence for your important presentation, or add glamour to a romantic evening out.

Modern Si Dian Jin Poh Heng bracelet

The bracelet features layered chains and intricate coins in a modern design. It will sparkle daintily on your wrist as you exchange rings, and when stacked with a classic gold watch, add effortless chic to an office ensemble.

Modern Si Dian Jin Poh Heng Earrings

The classic link earrings catch the light and reflect your glow of happiness on your wedding day, and will highlight the understated elegance of your everyday style. With their sleek lines, the Links of Love earrings elevate almost any work outfit.

Modern Si Dian Jin Poh Heng Ring

Evoking a classic three-stone style that signifies the past, present, and future, the Links of Love ring is a contemporary groom’s assurance to his bride of his lasting love.

An elegant rendition of the traditional gift of welcome, Links of Love adds a beautiful touch of radiance to a bride’s special day, and every day after. Full of auspicious promise as well as contemporary elegance, the new modern Si Dian Jin collection by Poh Heng is a versatile set of jewellery that the modern bride will treasure throughout her marriage.

Please visit Poh Heng for more details on Si Dian Jin and other wedding jewellery by Poh Heng. Prices upon application.

Credits: Images courtesy of Poh Heng.

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Modern Si Dian Jin You Can Wear Every Day