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August 2013

Versatile jewellery for your wedding and everafter

During Guo Da Li (过大礼), a customary ritual in traditional Chinese weddings, the bride is presented with a set of gold jewellery from the groom’s side, called the Si Dian Jin (四点金). This custom comes from the Teochew province in China. Houses of the province had four elegantly curved roofs that looked like the Chinese character jin (金). Commonly referred to as Si Dian Jin, these roofs indicated the status and wealth of the family. When the mother-in-law offers her daughter-in-law Si Dian Jin in the form of jewellery, it is a way of saying, “You will always have a comfortable life and a roof over your head.”

Poh Heng, an advocate of Chinese wedding traditions, presents two new collections of Si Dian Jin, with a modern twist. Without taking away the authenticity and meanings behind the tradition of Si Dian Jin, Poh Heng’s Love in Bloom and Rings of Happiness collections combine tradition with style, resulting in modern, versatile jewellery that complements any wedding gown style as well as everyday outfits.

Apart from being able to be worn together as a set, each piece of jewellery in these Si Dian Jin collections are so versatile that they can be worn separately. Here are some ways you can wear Poh Heng’s Love in Bloom and Rings of Happiness collections.

Versatile jewellery for your wedding and everafter

The Jewellery: Flowers have always been an important feature in a wedding, so Poh Heng’s Love in Bloom collection is perfect for the bride who loves surrounding herself with florals, enhancing both her beauty and her wedding dress. The collection, made from 22K high karatage gold, is inspired by the abstract notion of the many petals on a rose, providing more depth and variety to the individual pieces. The fanciful motif is fanned out into simple lines, this makes this set easy to wear even to work or out to a party.

The Gown: This white strapless number by Elie Saab for a ultra-stylish woman features a demure neckline and a mig-thigh cape. The beadwork on the bodice is signature Saab, rendered in silvery embroideries on lace and tulle of varying transparencies. Pairing the gown with the earrings and necklace from the Love in Bloom set, the look is modern and playful, and yet does not take away the sparkle from the bodice.

The Outfit: Also from Elie Saab, the everyday work outfit is all about contrast. Apart form the obvious black/white pairing, the softness in the silk blouse is matched quietly and elegantly with the structured cotton skirt. Without taking the attention off the cut of the outfit, the bracelet and ring from the Love in Bloom collection is, again, a delightful addition and are great conversation pieces.

Versatile jewellery for your wedding and everafter

The Jewellery: Never-ending circles speak of eternal love. Poh Heng’s 22K high karatage gold Rings of Happiness takes this meaning and interprets it into gold circles and endless chains of round beads, symbolising the strong link of marriage. Don’t be fooled by the glamour of the pieces; they are actually very elegant and easy to wear. Because of the smooth finish on this collection, even slightly complicated material such as lace or sequins on gowns will not clash with the jewellery, but instead will give the bride an aura of sophistication for the evening.

The Gown: Inspired by the water while sailing around the Mediterranean sea, Monique Lhuillier brought the waves at night onto this gown with sparkly beading and layers of black tulle. The addition of dark illusion neckline leaves the neck and arms free brides to play with jewellery, and this collection’s fluid yellow gold earrings and ring stands out incredibly against the soft, peekaboo look of the dress.

The Outfit: Monique Lhuillier is not only known for her wedding gowns. She worked a peplum onto this strapless, belted top with reflective sequins and beads. The very slimming pants in crepe georgette completes the cocktail look, resulting in a very subtle and sexy confidence. The necklace and bracelet adds a flirtatious aspect to the otherwise structured silhouette of the outfit, and yet still continues the “wavy” theme with the movement that coems with wearing the circles in the Rings of Happiness collection.

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Versatile jewellery for your wedding and everafter