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September 2011

An Elegant Si Dian Jin Collection To Symbolize A Timeless Union

In Singapore, much of our traditional Chinese customs are handed down from the Hokkien, Teochew, and Cantonese dialect groups. A lot of these beliefs originated from their respective provinces of Fujian, Chaozhou and Guangdong in China, but because of how westernised Singapore has become, some traditional customs, especially those of the marriage rituals, have gradually evolved, or disappeared altogether.

However, the Teochews have held on steadfastly to the custom of presenting the 四点金, or Si Dian Jin, a meaningful gift from the groom’s mother to the new bride. In fact, this gifting ceremony is so deeply entrenched in the Singaporean culture that even non-Teochew families practice it. Comprising a necklace, ring, bangle and earrings, the four gold pieces traditionally symbolises the groom’s wealth but has now become the modern groom’s way of expressing his love and assurance to his future wife.

Marrying the tradition of Si Dian Jin and modern-day design, Poh Heng’s new Circle of Love collection reflects the bride’s sophisticated style without compromising the auspicious symbolism of the groom’s family’s acceptance and providence. As with tradition, this set of four is presented in an auspicious red box, so that its deep significance is still intact and well preserved.

A versatile piece, this stylish Circle of Love ring adds an air of sophistication to any wedding gown. For everyday wear, it also elevates a casual outfit to a classy ensemble.

Circle of Love’s rendition of a charm bracelet is absolutely lovely in its fussy-free clean lines – perfect for the fashion forward bride with a sparkling personality and the natural ability to make people feel at ease around her.

Regardless of how you style your hair for your wedding or for work, this delicately refined pair of Circle of Love earrings will give you all the shine you need.

Both a statement piece yet understatedly feminine, this Circle of Love necklace is eye-catching without overwhelming your style. Perfectly accentuating the neck and shoulders, this piece goes best with an elegant off-shoulder white bridal gown and also with a sharply cut blazer for work.

Circle of Love showcases perfectly shaped circular rings with delicate link chains, symbolizing the lifelong union of a couple. The four pieces feature a lovely satin finish, which is a very big trend in Europe at the moment, and can be worn independently or paired according to your preference and wedding gown design. Effortlessly elegant, these pieces can be easily incorporated into a woman’s everyday wardrobe even after her big day, making it an even more meaningful wedding gift for the modern bride.

Please visit for more details on Si Dian Jin and other wedding jewellery by Poh Heng. Prices upon application.

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An Elegant Si Dian Jin Collection To Symbolize A Timeless Union