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May 2013

5 Essentials Every Bride Needs to Know After Choosing A Wedding Gown

It is not easy to be a bride. Aside from planning your wedding and choosing the gown of your dreams to walk down the aisle in, you’ll also have to think about how long it takes for your gown to be ready for your first fitting and collection, and how to store the gown before your big day. After all, what happens after you’ve chosen the perfect gown is just as important as the search for it. To prepare you on what you should expect after choosing your wedding gown, we’ve compiled a list of 5 things every bride needs to know.

#1 – When Will My Wedding Gown be Ready?

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At last, you’ve chosen your wedding gown, paid the deposit for it and had your measurements taken. Now, you want to know when you can see and try your gown on. When your wedding gown will be ready for fitting depends on how far away your wedding date is. The further away your wedding date is, the longer you’ll have to wait for your first gown fitting. Why? Because as compared to a bride who needs a gown now, you’ll have more time to research and discuss with the designer how you want your wedding gown to look like.

Your designer will plan a timeline for the creation of your gown and the necessary fittings based on your wedding date, so be sure to inform them of the date to ensure that your dream gown will be ready for your big day.

#2 – I Need Changes; Can it Be Done?

Whimsical Retro Wedding in Alkaff Mansion 3Coral and Mint Retro Garden Wedding in Alkaff Mansion by Bryan Jean Photography

Generally, the answer to this question is “yes”, but you should always check with the boutique if the changes you want can be done and you should do so early. Adding or removing embellishments from your gown, or altering the bodice to be tighter or looser will take time and you shouldn’t wait until the final fitting to request for them. It may be too late and as a result, you may not be able to get the changes you want in time. So, always bear in mind, if you have any alterations or changes to the gown, do voice them out early.

#3 – My Wedding Has Been Pushed Back – Can I Get a Refund?

Claire and Tammy's Rustic Garden Wedding in Alkaff Mansion

When you visit a bridal boutique, you should clarify any questions you have with the bridal boutique, including understanding their cancellation or refund policies. Does the bridal boutique have a cancellation policy and allow refunds in the event your wedding has to be postponed or cancelled? Will your deposit be withheld or refunded? If yes, how much will you be refunded? Weddings may not always go without a hitch; always prepare for any unforeseen circumstances by arming yourself with these information.

#4 – Once a Size 8, Always a Size 8

Andre and Bibi's Romantic Rooftop Wedding in Taiwan 520 Library 9André and Bibi’s Romantic Rooftop Wedding in Taiwan by 520 Library

Most brides aspire to slim down for this once-in-a-lifetime event and usually order a gown that is one or two dress sizes smaller than they can actually fit into. But sometimes, things don’t go as they had planned and when they turn up for their fitting, the gown is now too small for them. If you’re determined to walk down the aisle in a slimmer silhouette, follow through to the end and lose the amount of weight you need to to fit into your down-sized gown. But, regardless of whether you ordered a gown two dress sizes smaller or one in your size, you should always try to maintain your weight to ensure that no big changes in dress size takes place in between the measuring and the fitting of the gown. If your wedding gown needs a drastic alteration (whether it is down-sizing or up-sizing), it may mean a change in the appearance of the entire gown, as the structure and design of the gown may be affected in the alteration process.

#5 – How to Care for a Wedding Gown?

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Never try to store your wedding gown by folding it in half. It should always be stored in a long garment bag, hung up somewhere high to allow for creases to drop out and prevent more from being created, and kept in a spacious wardrobe. When the wedding gown needs to be in a car, it should be laid stretched out along the back seat of the car. You may opt to hang it on the window as well, but the rest of the gown should be laid out along the seat.

And as excited as you are to show it off to your friends and family once the gown is in your hands, try to refrain from constantly putting it on or pulling it out of the garment bag, especially if your gown is made of silk or other delicate fabrics. Doing so might result in you leaving marks on the fabric unknowingly and over time, these marks will become worse if left untended.

Keeping these five things in mind is key to making any bride’s wedding gown shopping experience a less stressful one. It keeps her informed and on top of things, and preserve her dream gown properly for her big day. Go to our Wedding Gown Guide to find the perfect gown for your big day. Then, spend some time reading up on the rules of wedding gown shopping and pick up tips on how to choose a bridal boutique that meets your needs to make your search for the dream gown less stressful.

Credits: Feature Image from Silhouette the Atelier’s Queenly Wedding Gowns Fit for Modern Royalty for Spring/Summer 2017.

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