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February 2015

Wedding Shoes 101: 5 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Pair

You’ve learned of the different heel heights and most common heeled and non-heeled shoes for your big day in the first installment of our wedding shoe guide on everything you need to know to shop for the perfect pair of shoes. But that basic knowledge alone isn’t enough to aid you in the search for the perfect pair of wedding shoes, and finding just that right pair is crucial to your overall enjoyment of your big day.

To help you find the pair that’ll fit you like a glove, we’ve gathered 5 essential tips you need to know on how to choose the perfect pair of shoes for your special day in the second part of our wedding shoe guide.

Tip #1: Time Your Shoe-Buying With Your First Dress Fitting

Wedding Shoes 101 - 5 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Pair 1 Image cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Mandy Mayberry

It is advisable for brides to pick out their wedding shoes around the same time as their first dress fitting appointment as the height of the shoes will determine the length of the dress. You can always ask the boutique to give you an allowance of 2-3 inches to accommodate the height of the shoes you are going to wear, if you have yet to decide on one. But for accuracy’s sake, do bring along your actual pair of shoes to your dress fitting sessions.

The best time to try on and shop for shoes is at the end of the day, as our feet tend to swell over the course of the day.

Tip #2: Place Comfort Above All Else

Wedding Shoes 101 - 5 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Pair 2 Image by Muse+Hues from Pledge of Love at a Military Wedding

Picking a comfortable pair of shoes, whether they are flats or pumps, is absolutely important as you’ll be on your feet for almost the whole day on your wedding day, and fidgeting about while posing for photographs or going home with blisters on your feet is not what you want at the end of the day. So, make this the most important rule when you are out shoe shopping.

The key to finding a pair of comfortable shoes is to go with the height and shape of shoe you’re most used to for an enjoyable time on your wedding day. Only opt for stilettos is you wear them often. Otherwise, you may want to avoid these to prevent tottering around awkwardly or precariously on the day itself.

Tip #3: Buy Shoes You’d Wear Again

Wedding Shoes 101 - 5 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Pair 3 Image cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Mandy Mayberry

Although your wedding is a special day, there is no need to pick out a pair of shoes that you’ll probably never wear again after the night’s over, especially if you’ve invested quite a bit of money in it. Rather, opt for shoe styles that you are comfortable with and know you’ll wear with, preferably with a timeless design so you can re-wear them in the future.

Tip #4: Match Your Shoes to Your Dress and Venue

Wedding Shoes 101 - 5 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Pair 4 Image by Samuel Goh Photography from A Bohemian and Rustic Affair

Your wedding venue plays a part in which type of shoes you should pick for your big day. Having an outdoor lawn or beach wedding? Then consider a pair of embellished sandals or flats instead of stiletto heels, as the thin heels of the latter may sink into the grass or sand. But ditch them if you are having a formal church or ballroom wedding.

Also, try to pick a pair that complements your wedding dress. Save a photo of your dress on your mobile phone and refer to it while shoe shopping to ensure that you pick shoes with similar embellishments as your dress for a more cohesive and continuous look. Opt for lighter shades such as blush, nude or gold instead of the traditional white or ivory shoes. Or, if you are bold enough to add a punch of colour to your wedding dress, go for richer shades such as red, cobalt blue or even black.

Tip #5: Accustom Yourself With Your New Shoes

Wedding Shoes 101 - 5 Tips on Choosing The Perfect Pair 5 Image cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo by Albert Palmer

New Shoes tend to bite, especially those with a narrow front or hard heel backing. Break in your new shoes by wearing them around the house a few weeks before your big day to soften possible problem areas. Start by walking or standing in them for a few hours and gradually increase the time your spend in them. Once your feet is accustomed to the shoe, you’ll be able to wear them the whole night without fear of pain during your wedding.

Finding a pair of shoes that complements both your dress and theme is an amazing confidence and feel-good booster. But if they hurt your feet, then you may want to consider getting a back-up pair of flats to change into during the dinner and video montage portion of the evening, or a more comfortable pair of heels to mingle with guests or party the night away.

Stay tuned for our last installment of Wedding Shoes 101!

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