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June 2016

Silhouette the Atelier’s Queenly Wedding Gowns Fit for Modern Royalty for Spring/Summer 2017

Silhouette the Atelier’s latest collection of wedding gowns for Spring / Summer 2017 is, as always with this designer, exquisite.

Inspired by the theme of modern royalty, the new collection captures the luxury and regal elegance that are synonymous with royal finery. Silhouette the Atelier’s newest wedding gowns pay homage to the fashion legacy left to us by the Victorian monarchs, using fine textiles such as lace, tulle, satin, and chiffon to create rich textures and opulent detail.

Silhouette the Atelier 2016 wedding gown ballgownSilhouette the Atelier 2016 wedding gown

The collection stays true to Silhouette the Atelier’s aesthetic. Playing with their signature simple silhouette with a dramatic, eye-catching train, the talented team of designers have wrought gowns that are worthy of a modern royal. “Our designs feature embellishments with ornate detailing that embody the essence of the 19th century,” says the designers. Many skilled hours go into the delicate hand-sewn embroidery, layered lace cut-outs, and 3D appliqué that evoke the lavishness of the grand gowns of the period.

silhouette the atelier sketchessilhouette the atelier designers

“We were also inspired by the art movement Pointillism, and we created many patterns by cutting laces into small pieces that resemble dots, and piecing them to create a truly unique design,” shares the team. “It was an extremely tedious process and everything was made with love!” The team has also experimented with unexpected colours, such as pretty pastel laces on white gowns, giving the gowns a touch of whimsical loveliness. With their exquisitely fine detailing, the collection’s gowns glow with the luxurious sheen of designer quality.

Silhouette the Atelier 2016 bridal separatesSilhouette the Atelier 2016 bridal separates wedding crop top

The opulent and textured embellishments are delicately selected to create elegant gowns in shades of off-white, ivory, and romantic blush. To reflect their modern approach to the theme of royalty, Silhouette the Atelier uses clean lines and simple, classic silhouettes in this collection, giving the gowns a dramatic yet sophisticated presence. “Ball gowns are largely featured in our collection for this season,” the designer tell us. With delicate beading embroidered onto tulle ruffles and inset lace details, the ball gowns are dramatic, yet have a contemporary freshness and lightness to them. My personal favourite is the new bridal separates interpretation of the ball gown silhouette, with its flowing skirt and sophisticated and youthful crop top.

Silhouette the Atelier 2016 wedding gowns laceSilhouette the Atelier 2016 wedding gowns lace mermaidSilhouette the Atelier 2016 lace wedding gown

Slender silhouettes feature too, with the classic mermaid given an update in the opulent lace trend. Mermaid silhouettes are experimented upon, creating fusion styles such as an A-line overlay on a mermaid skirt. “We are also introducing the detachable skirt—a versatile piece that can instantly turn a mermaid gown into an A-line or ball gown,” says the team. Allowing brides to express their fashion flair, detachable skirts easily add a regal glamour, while they can be taken off to reveal a different silhouette.

silhouette the atelier sketchsilhouette the atelier sketchSilhouette the Atelier 2016 wedding gowns

Silhouette the Atelier’s Spring / Summer 2017 collection offers a beautiful series of queenly gowns for modern brides who have a strong sense of who they are. Describing this collection’s bride, the designers say, “She is someone who has her own ideas and her own unique style. She is independent, strong and edgy, yet demure and feminine—a woman who is confident enough to be different.” With strong, clean silhouettes laced with traditional romance and delicate details, the gowns offer confident brides a chance to show all the complex edges of her personality.

Silhouette the Atelier is located at 181 Orchard Rd, #05-38 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896. Make an appointment with them at 6733 7197 or [email protected].

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Silhouette the Atelier’s Queenly Wedding Gowns Fit for Modern Royalty for Spring/Summer 2017