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August 2011

Going Blue and Beyond

There is something very special about blue that makes it so popular. Perhaps it is its vast spectrum of hues, each with a distinct quality, that ensures everyone has a favourite shade of blue. This popularity makes this colour an appealing choice for a wedding.

Blue can come naturally—such as hydrangeas, forget-me-nots, hyacinths, or delphiniums, or arranged in your desired shade in the form of candles, tableware, or favor containers. When used tastefully and stylishly, blue is simply irresistible for weddings.

The key is to first decide on the desired look for your wedding and then to select the particular shade of blue that will be used to create that effect. Blue can be clean and crisp, intense and exciting, or calm and cool. It all depends on which shade is chosen as the dominant one. Alternatively, blue used with different colors also results in distinct looks.

1. Instead of choosing just one shade of blue for our palette, we’ve used four hues to showcase this colour’s versatility, and four other colours that complement and contrast well. From aqua blue, cobalt blue, royal blue to navy blue, you’ll find that appropriate hues of silver, pink, and greens can create all kinds of ambience and moods.

2. For a stunning bolt of blue against the pure white of your gown, go for a rather adventurous bouquet made entirely of blue flowers, such as hydrangeas, tulips or roses.

3. Don’t forget your decorations. Whether you hold your wedding at a church, in a ballroom, or outdoors, incorporate your wedding colours into your decor if you can’t put it on yourself. Go for hardy flowers that can withstand the long hours and weather, such as daisies.

4. Of course the men can wear blue! While it can look very English businessman-ish, a good suit from good tailors will ensure you’ll have a dashing groom in a blue suit. But you can still arrange for your florist to put together a simple blue boutonniere for your groom and groomsmen.

5. We couldn’t resist adding in this cute little dress from Valentino. Perfect for an afternoon solemnisation party, this shade is both serious enough for a wedding, and sophisticated for a bride.

6. Play up a simple dress with accessories, either in your hair or around your face to accentuate that glowing look. This blue camelia looks great either as a hair clip or a brooch. If you have a nice chignon updo, enhance the slenderness of your neck with this light, cobalt blue feather earrings from Miss Selfridge.

7. Aqua is not the colour for everyone. If your bridesmaids look good in them, do go for it if it’s your wedding colour. Against a posy of sweet pink ranunculus, the subtle blue within aqua is lifted, while the pink is more vivid against the cool quality of the blue. The perfect marriage of colour.

8. As always, accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! If you like your wedding gown to be simple, make it more formal for your night with exquisite jewellery like this pair of stunning topaz sapphire earrings from Mondial Vega collection. If you’d like to keep it fun for the outdoors, this charm bracelet from H&M brings out the girl that is still within you. If it’s a hot, sunny day on your wedding, pop on a pair of shades with quirky blue frames.

9. Have lovely eyes? You can bring out that sparkle with a cool shade of YSL Ombre Solo Topaz Blue eyeshadow. This works especially well if you have a fair skin tone and a chirpy personality.

10. Now, we should never compromise on the wedding shoes. Although it stays hidden most of time, believe us when we say someone in the room is always looking out for it. Feel comfortable but beautiful in these cobalt blue satin pumps from Steve Madden and Manolo Blahnik. You know you want to.

11. If your “something blue” must stay hidden, go for a peacock blue pedicure with Dior Vernis ‘Blue Denim’ Nail Lacquer. No one will be able to see it unless you kick off your heels. But, if you’re feeling rebellious, try on a blue French manicure in a lighter shade such as Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, Blue Me Away!

12. We’re not sure about having an entire cake in blue (unless it’s in a shape of the Tiffany box – to match your ring box, of course). Blue and white is a classic wedding theme, and an entirely white cake with a thin satin ribbon around the cake stand says nothing but romance and sophistication, don’t you think?

13. A bottle of Blue Curacao liqueur will be your bartender’s best friend at your party. Just a couple of drops of this gorgeous blue liquid can turn your glass of white sparkling wine, bitter lemon soda or milk into a fantastic blue wedding cocktail. Serve with lots of ice.

14. Nobody can resist cupcakes at a wedding. Especially if they come stacked layers upon layers, with baby blue icing, and topped with colourful rice sprinkles. I’d take one, or three.

15, 16, 17. Because blue is often associated with nature, we think blue-themed weddings are at their best when they are done outdoors. Think of this: blue skies, and if possible, blue seas as well; a white flowing canopy on a white sandy beach or a soft green garden; rows and rows of chairs dressed in white with bouncy blue bows on their backs; your flowergirls scattering blue-stained seashells or rose petals as you walk down the aisle. Picture perfect!

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Going Blue and Beyond