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August 2011

DIY of The Month – Blue Bow Boutonniere

Want to be a hands-on bride and make something really special for your Big Day? There are actually many exquisite wedding ideas just waiting to be materialised by your nimble fingers. Try something small, simple and yet significant… like a personalized Save-The-Date card, heart-shaped wedding favours or a vase of paper tulips. You won’t even have to be great at craftwork.Most brides-to-be dream of a white wedding, but the colour of innocence is not the only choice. Long before snow-white gowns gained popularity, blue was the order of the day. How about adding a tinge of blue to your groomsmen’s sleek black suits? We promise they won’t be too feminine for your manly friends. Serene Lee, floral designer and co-founder of, shows you how to DIY elegant Blue Bow Boutonnieres.Here’s what you need:1 stalk of blue rose, easily available from major flower suppliers and florists in Singapore1 roll of blue satin ribbon1 roll of floral tape1 safety pin1 pair of scissors1 tube of craft glue (we used UHU)A rulerTime take for each: 5-7 minutesAverage cost for each: Less than $5Level of difficulty: Easy1. Hold the blue rose in your hand. Using your scissors, cut at an angle 1.5 inches down from the bloom.2. Pick up the safety pin in your left hand. Place it against the stem with the head facing upwards. Pull a little floral tape out from the roll with your right hand. Take the tip of the floral tape and wrap it tightly around the safety pin and the stem.Tip: Pull at the floral tape as you wrap it tightly around the safety pin and stem. The act of pulling actually helps it to stick better.3. This is how your rose stalk should look after the safety pin has been neatly wrapped around it. Set it aside.4. Place the ruler on the table. Depending on how big you want your bow to be, measure and cut between 25cm to 30cm of the blue ribbon. If in doubt, cut a longer strip – you can always cut away the excess.5. Pull the blue ribbon through the safety pin (and under the stem). Tie a bow. Adjust it to the size you want and cut off the excess. To fix the bow, drip a bead of craft glue to the knot and leave dry.Suggestion: There are so many different shades of blue to choose from – tiffany blue, periwinkle and azure. Pick the one that closely matches your wedding colours.6. Your Blue Bow Boutonniere is done! Make enough for all your groomsmen.Perfect for:Blue-themed weddingsSeaside/resort celebrationsPocket-friendly receptions

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DIY of The Month – Blue Bow Boutonniere