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November 2012

Inspiration Board: Wisteria

The wisteria is a climbing vine that comes with beautiful hanging clusters of fragrant, pale violet flowers. Some species are very hardy and can even grow in poor quality soils. When unsupported, the wisteria can grow into a mound, but because it is a climbing vine, it is at its best when allowed to clamber up a tree, wall, or other supporting structures. I feel that its very nature is akin to a love that has withstood the test of time. Unsurprisingly, the wisteria is often associated with honour, patience, endurance, exploration, and victory over hardship.

As mentioned in my Editor’s Note, I chose purple as this issue’s colour theme because of the symbolism behind the union of red and blue. Whether you choose a shade of purple that has more red (warm) or blue (cool) for your wedding, you can be sure that it will be a very feminine and magical one. Colours that go with purple include green, light pink, baby blue, and silver. Purple andgreyis my personal favourite.

Get some inspiration from our Wisteria Pinterest board and see how other brides have used purple with other colours for their weddings. To pin the images onto your own board, click on the board below to our Pinterest page. We’ll keep adding to it, so follow us if you want more ideas!

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Inspiration Board: Wisteria