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July 2011

True Blue is the Hue

White hasn’t always been the colour of weddings. Before this colour of innocence and peace took over, blue had always been the colour of purity, cleanliness, and happiness. In the Middle Ages, bridal dresses would be of any colour, but the bride and the groom would wear a blue ribbon somewhere on their outfits. It was considered a symbol of luck for the married couple. Even the SingaporeBrides logo has “something blue” in it.

There is something very attractive about blue that gives it such a universal appeal. Everybody has a favourite shade of blue, maybe because it represents so many things to different people. Often, blue is seen to connote serenity, mystery, the sky, or the sea. There is almost nothing negative about this colour, which makes it a very popular wedding colour, even in modern times. Of course, the highly-recognised and trademarked blue of Tiffany and Co. has helped reinforce the status of the colour as THE wedding colour.

Blue is also any wedding stylist’s dream colour. This colour, in all of its wonderful shades, can be found in nature, and can create different moods and emotions. White and baby blue, probably the most popular colour combo for weddings, creates a clean, crisp look. Those of you aiming for the vintage look—which is all the rage nowadays—can go for blue and brown, and blue, together with cheerful colours like the pinks and yellows, creates a fun and flirty atmosphere for festivities.

Use them for decorations, on stationery, and on your wedding favours. Your “Something Blue” could mean a hydrangea hand bouquet, or a blue sash on your gown. I am partial to Royal Blue paired with silver myself, for I think it creates a rather snazzy, yet soft and inviting mood for happy occasions.

So which blue is most you?

Michelle Tay
The Editor

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