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June 2013

Inspiration Board: Periwinkle Blue

There’s something very soft and elegant about periwinkle blue; it is so quietly pretty, almost like the smart and shy girl in class hiding behind her glasses, unaware of her beauty, while all the boys had a crush on her.

Periwinkle blue isn’t simply a pale, watered-down blue. It is a delicate colour that is almost lavender or almost grey, depending on how far you want to take it. You can use it as a dominant feature, which shows off its prettiness, or use it with a bright colour such as white or yellow. There are many versions of this colour in weddings, manifesting as porcelain or sky blue, but personally, I think this shade of blue is even more “wedding” than Tiffany blue, don’t you think?

Get more Periwinkle Blue inspiration here. We’ll keep adding to it, so follow us if you want more ideas!

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Inspiration Board: Periwinkle Blue