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March 2011

Laced With Passion

If red was the ultimate colour of love and passion, then pink must be first runner up. Many would agree that pink is actually red with a little less passion, so what remains is an innocent romance, purity laced with a little sexy. This March and April, we tone our ardour down to a gentle infatuation.

The word “pink” originally belongs to a flower of the Dianthus species. It refers to the frilled edges of the petals found on the pinks, like that of a carnation. In the old days, “to pink” means “to decorate with a pattern”. And that’s where the name of the craft tool, the pinking shears, came from.

However, March and April’s pink is not all frilly and superfluous. Nor is it assertive and dynamic like Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Honeysuckle. This season’s pink is sophisticated and elegant, classically muted and dusty, like the soft sheen from a mauve satin dress. This is the pink you see on the blush of a woman’s cheeks when she is love. At the same time, being surrounded by pink can affect our moods by encouraging action and confidence.

This fashionably upscale tint is also the perfect shade of pink for vintage weddings. From bridesmaids dresses to make up, and from flowers to table settings, Dusky Rose has graced many weddings and is still a very popular colour today. Pair it with Honeysuckle for a playful and youthful solemnisation party, or contrast with Chocolate for a rustic, woodsy atmosphere for an outdoor wedding. Or, you can go for a classic, vintage wedding with cream stationery and linen that goes really well with pink and the lace on your wedding gown. The results of these pairings are sensual, romantic and beautiful.

From the passionate embrace of red, we move on to celebrate the revival of romance. Are you as thrilled as we are?

Michelle Tay
Features Editor

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Laced With Passion