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February 2011

Sizzle in Red at Your Wedding

If you love the colour red and what it represents yet have your reservations about a red gown, worry not. From deep crimson to pretty rosebud, here are six ways you can incorporate a splash of red into your wedding.

  • Power to the Flower!

    Ah, of course, the all-important bridal bouquet. Red blooms are perfect for the bride who wants to steer away from the usual white and pastel flowers. And while you’re at it, go right ahead and be adventurous; leave those red roses for another occasion. A unique bouquet is guaranteed to give you a dramatic entrance! If you have flower girls, make them walk down the aisle holding red Gerberas – they are hardy, look ever so fresh and cheerful, and are perfect for little hands.

  • The Bevy of Beauties

    If you’d like to keep with tradition and exchange your vows in a white gown, you can still work the lucky colour into your wedding theme. You may want to consider getting custom-made red dresses for your bridesmaids, or simply ask them to put on their own red dresses if they prefer. You’ll have no shortage of nice group photographs with such coordinated outfits!

  • Go Back to Your Roots

    With a nod to your heritage, opt for an auspicious red Peranakan kebaya or Chinese cheongsam and request that your relatives show up in their own! That’ll not only give them a good reason to deck up in traditional gear, but will also be a wonderful addition to your wedding album. Or ask that each of your guests put on a red accessory – the ladies will have a field day with jewellery, scarves, shoes and bags and men might respect the request with a red tie or shirt. Ask that little girls show up in red dresses, and you can give each of them fairy wings. There’s nothing they would like more, and it’ll be so cute having a group of fairies running around, particularly if you’re having a garden party.

  • You’re Invited!

    Most hotels include complimentary wedding invitations when you sign up with them. If you choose not to use theirs and want to custom-make your own, check if your wedding coordinator is able to offer something in exchange, such as free flow of beer or a complimentary night’s stay. You may also like to align the design and colour of the wedding invitation cards with other wedding stationery such as menu cards. If you have place cards, invite your guests to pen down their well wishes or marriage advice on them and have them drop the cards in boxes placed on each table – you do away with the traditional guest book and have a wonderful keepsake from your wedding.

  • Eat, Drink and Marry!

    Got an outdoor wedding in the day? Guests might appreciate a thirst quencher. Have your names or monograms printed on personalised labels on a deep red background, stick them on handy-sized bottled water, and leave them on your guests’ seats. They will appreciate the simple gesture. If you are having a wedding dinner banquet, you might want to consider having some light refreshments during the cocktail reception for your guests – little heart shaped cakes, cookies or mini cupcakes with hearts are the perfect yummy munchies. Stack them high on a 3-tiered cake tray for best effect.
    Here’s a tip : Little nibbles like these can be pre-ordered from most confectionaries. Some tend to charge extra for weddings, so you could simply say that they are for a special occasion.

  • Jazz up the place!

    If you are having an alfresco-styled wedding, string up some pretty paper lanterns to create a fun atmosphere and get everyone in a light and cheery mood. The challenge with an outdoor wedding is the threat of thundery skies. Some people believe that hanging red chillis at the venue will ward off rain. No harm trying! You could either hang them discreetly, or turn them into part of the décor – that would not only look adorable, it will also create a good conversation topic among your guests.If your wedding reception is indoors, use those same lanterns and hang at varying heights from the ceiling – a cost-effective and efficient way to jazz up any venue!

Apart from being just an auspicious colour (your parents would be so happy!), red is also a vibrant and dramatic colour that is synonymous with love. Remember to balance your reds with other complementary colours as well. Most importantly, relax and have fun planning your wedding!

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Sizzle in Red at Your Wedding