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April 2011

Wearing Pink At Your Wedding

The colour pink may have been associated with all things girly, but isn’t that precisely who weddings are for? Don’t let anyone dissuade you from wearing this versatile colour at your wedding.

Let’s not deny it: there’s a pink freak in all of us, no matter how tiny. But not all pink are equal, so it’s just a matter of finding the correct shade to match our skin tone. Pink can be sweet, fun, and sexy, depending on the hue you choose and the colour accents you choose to complement it with. Using Dusky Pink as our main colour, here are all the ways you can wear pink at your wedding, and be the envy of all the women who didn’t.

  • Using this palette of complementary and contrasting colours, you can control the theme of your wedding according to your preference. Dusky Pink with a darker pink or purple reveals the flirty and sexy personality within you, while earthy colours like green and brown shows your affinity to Nature and all her gifts. If you’re the vintage kind of girl, you can surround yourself with shades of blush and silver to match your pink dress.
  • If you decide to wear a pink dress for your wedding solemnisation or ceremony, don’t be afraid to match it with a pink hand bouquet. Ditch the roses and have your florist design a simple handful of lilies with long stalks and bright green foliage. They’re perfect for outdoor weddings.
  • A mixed hand posy of pastel roses and still-closed peonies complement a white lace gown well, and the petals are hardy enough to withstand all that grabbing when you toss your bouquet after the ceremony.
  • Fresh, fully-blossomed peonies are gorgeous for table settings and centrepieces. Just a single bloom on each guest’s serving plate makes such a big impact, or have them in clusters running down a long table. It adds a very subtle and delicate Asian accent to a wedding.
  • Not enough brides wear flowers in their hair. They should. Let your florist know you’re going to use flowers in your hairdo, and they’ll know exactly what kinds of flowers to send you. Bright pink flowers are very feminine and bring out the blush on your face.
  • Even if your bridesmaids are not wearing pink, have your florist prepare corsages that go with your colour theme. Small flowers work best here, and you have a wide variety of flowers to choose from.
  • This little flower barrette from TopShop will look good on any flower girl, especially if they have a matching, blush-toned dress.
  • Charm bracelets are very traditional wedding accessories that have seen a revival these days, which is a very good thing. Silver and pink are very complementary and these bracelets make a good replacement for corsages.
  • Work with your make-up artist to find your shade of pink. Wear it on your eyes, your cheeks, or your lips, but not all at once!
  • If you’re wearing a very simple gown, accessorise it with jewellery to bring out its elegance. For a little strapless number, this Lanvin Fleurs Tissus flower necklace is understated yet feminine.
  • How could any bride have bare nails at her wedding? Treat yourself to a good manicure and pedicure treatment. Most brides will choose a classic, French manicure with white tips, but who cares about the rules nowadays? Show off your wild side with your fingertips.
  • If there is anyone who can carry off pink, it would be the little girls. Pink was made for little girls, it seems, and they are usually more than happy to wear pink. Together with ringlets of hair and a flower barrette, they look like little angels.
  • Show off those toned gams with a strappy stiletto and a short tea dress. These blush Bella shoes from Coast London are so pretty, and they go with almost any type of dress. Just don’t hide those florets under a long gown.
  • If your gown is a long one, that doesn’t mean you can get away with wearing just any old shoes. Walk down the aisle with pink bows playing peekaboo under your skirt with pink pumps like this one from Valentino.
  • If white is still your main colour for your wedding, be a little rebellious by replacing your sash with a thin pink belt. If your bridesmaids are wearing coordinated, single coloured dresses, make them wear pink belts too!
  • Serve pink drinks. Who says you can’t? In the day, serve pink grapefruit punch with a drop of grenadine syrup. At night, have the bartender prepare special flamingo pink margaritas for after-party drinks.
  • Instead of an over-the-top pink wedding cake, have a cupcake tier with pink icing and pink toppings. Serve bowls of fresh strawberries and raspberries next to the tier of cupcakes for the extra “icing” on the cupcake.
  • Cater a candy-flossing machine and have someone be the Candy Man of your wedding reception. What better way to inject that pretty colour into your wedding than to have your guests walking around with fluffy clouds of pink sugar? Here’s a reminder: adults love candy floss too.

Last, but definitely not the least, have your man wear pink too. Nothing too overwhelming, like a pink tie, a pink pocket square, or a pink boutonniere. Tell him that not every man can wear pink, you know. Only the really manly ones.

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Wearing Pink At Your Wedding