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November 2011

Her Heart Belongs To Tangerine

We’ve been seeing a lot of orange this time of the year, not only because of the very recent Halloween parties, but also because orange is a colour you see a lot of in autumn as well as the upcoming S/S fashion collections. And if you’re Chinese, you’ll see lots of mandarins if your wedding is in January next year.

We started the year with the colour red, a colour of fire and passion, and shall end it with orange, which signifies the warmth of the sun. It is also a powerful colour that stimulates enthusiasm and creativity, as well as vitality and sincerity. If you’re looking for a wedding theme that is unlike the others, but just as stylish and beautiful, this dynamic and versatile colour is for you.

You will have no problems trying to find decorative items or flowers for your orange colour scheme. Roses, gerberas, tulips and poppies come in all shades of orange. Even if you don’t use the colour on the flowers, you can still have a summer or autumn wedding with tangerine-hued tulle or organza bows against a clean backdrop of white or pale yellow linen, or design your monograms in burnt sienna for an elegant wedding invitation stationery set.

Because it is such a dynamic colour, it is able to adapt successfully when used with other colours such as soft pastels for a cozy mood, or with rich and bold hues for stunning effect. Think rose pink, mint green or lemon yellow with light, citrusy orange for a very refreshing and cheerful wedding—great for an afternoon outdoor wedding. For the evening in the ballroom, try a dark coral with royal purple, deep fuchsia or chocolate for a mysterious, oriental theme.

The idea of orange conjures scents and flavours as well, so don’t leave them out of your wedding. Mandarin oranges are traditional symbols of abundance and good fortune for the Chinese, so do feel free to give them away in pairs as wedding favours, beautifully done up, of course.

At the bar, serve up a creative kumquat martinis or a non-alcoholic kumquat-honey concoction, and your guests will have nothing but sweet blessings for your Big Day!


Michelle Tay
The Editor

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Her Heart Belongs To Tangerine