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February 2011

Smouldering Red Bridal Bouquets

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the words “red” and “passionate”? These designer florists—artists in their own right—reveal their red hot inner passion with these unique hand bouquets.

The colour red is not for the faint-hearted. All over the world, red represents the strongest of emotions – fervour, loyalty, fury, and sacrifice. It is the colour of fire and of the sky at sunset. But it is also the colour of desire, beauty and the tint on a blushing bride’s cheeks. Most significant of all, it is the original colour of passionate love.

Each one of these indulgent floral creations, characteristic in their arrangements and choice of flowers, evokes a certain sensuality that will intensify the sentiments of its bearer on her wedding day. What does your passion look like?

The Carnation

The Carnation belongs to a genus of flowers called Dianthus, which is loosely translated as “flower of the gods” in Greek. Even with such a lofty status, the Carnation is modest on its own, but spectacular in a simple bouquet, bursting forth with vivid colours.

~ Lavish ~ by Love Droplets

Deep red carnations with beaded embellishment, $155

The Celiosa

Brilliant in hue and velvet in texture, this interesting bloom makes for a dramatic bouquet. Its name is derived from the Greek word kelos, which means “burned”, obviously for its fiery red spikes that seem to go up in flames. It is a hardy flower that dries very well, perfect for brides that want to keep their bouquets for the memories.

Lush Velvet ~ by Nicholas Don Lim of FLORES BY NIC

Purple Calla Lillies, Skimmia, red Celiosa, pink Gloriosa, $320

The Rosa

One of the oldest and most famous symbol of love, the beauty of the Rose has won over the hearts of poets, lovers, and royalty since time immemorial. The sacred flower of Aphrodite, the classic red Rose is versatile yet effective in its communication.

~ Scarlet ~ by Simply Flowers

The Gerbera

This cheerful daisy needs no introduction. Used as a single stalk or in a bunch of colourful flower combinations, the Gerbera explodes with unabashed affection. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me.

~ Love Rhapsody ~ by Poppy Flora Studio

Red African Gerberas, coloured Holland roses, berries, striped tulips

The Ranunculus

Commonly known as the Buttercup, these ruffled blossoms are often mistaken for the rose or the peony. Discreetly elegant, they work well with other flowers but should be allowed to shine in a modern and mysterious hand bouquet.

~ Passion ~ by Simply Flowers

Dark red Ranunculus, red Pincushion Protea, red Amaryllis, Hypericum berries, $200

The Anthurium

The exotic red Anthurium is a majestic flower befitting of a confident bride. In a bouquet with other flowers, it stands out with quiet charm, like an angel about to spread her wings. When fully bloomed, the Anthurium fans out to reveal a perfect, heart-shaped spathe.

~ Whimsical Charm ~ by FLORES BY NIC

Red Ecuador roses, red Amaryllis, red Anthuriums, $280

The Calla Lily

Technically not a true lily, the Calla is just as elegant as its namesake. Sitting atop a graceful stem, the funnel-like bloom curls sleekly into itself, sophisticated and mystical at the same time. Stunning in a handful, the Calla Lily can be used to add a touch of class to any bouquet.

~ Hepburn’s Desire ~ by Love Droplets

Red and black Calla Lilies, red and Abracadabra striped Roses, Gomphrena, $190


Love Droplets
Designer: Jac
Shop: 122 Owen Road, #01-01, Singapore 218926
Tel: 6298 0063 / 9027 3622

Designer: Nicholas Don Lim
Tel: 9627 1469
Email: [email protected]

Simply Flowers
Designer: Jane
Shop 1: JEM (Jurong East MRT)
Tel : 6100 1559
Shop 2: 313 @ Somerset

Poppy Flora Studio
Designer: Sarah Lim
Shop: 311 Old Birdcage Walk, #01-05 Singapore 798484
Email: [email protected]

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Smouldering Red Bridal Bouquets