WTS : Taiwan, Taipei, France Paris Pre-wedding Photoshoots Package


I am selling away a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot package from Taipei France Paris 法國巴黎 bridal studio.

Bridal Shop:

台北市中山北路二段116號 電話:+886-2-2560-1361 傳真:+886-2-2571-8612

Bridal Shop Website : http://www.fpwed.com

Bought it for $2,288 now selling away to a lucky couple.

Package Included:

1. Wedding album(18" x 30)
2. Canvas photo (20"x 24")
3. Crystal frame (10"x 1)
4. Poster (60"x 1)*
5. Ferris wheel (photo frame)*
6. Wedding guest book*
7. Palm size album*
8. CD-Rom of selected photos
9. Bride (5 dresses, 5 professional make-up styles, No limitation for gown level tier)
10. Groom (2 suits)
11. Studio + out door shooting entire day

*Items are added by the shop manager written B&W on the paper

Complimentary Items:

1. 2 Nights stay Taipei(Hotel have to confirm with the bridal studio)
2. Bridal veil, hair ornaments and gloves are provided.
3. Groom waist cummberbund, shirt and boutonniere provided.

Extra payment you MAY encounter(SGD):
Selection of additional photos at $65/pcs
Stylist to follow you at outdoor location +$230
Moisture lotion $25/btl
$10/kg + 12% surcharge for the photo freight
Car rental for outdoor shoot $22/hr

Contact me for more details at 9 3 8 2 2 3 5 five, call, whatsapp, sms me as I do not always log in to this forum.