wedding photoshoot

  1. N

    Artiz Studio (Korean Indoor Shoot) Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

    Dear All, I'm letting go of my pre-wedding photography packade at Artiz Studio at a discount. Package consists of 2 bridal gowns shooting, 2 man suits shooting and 1 casual wear shooting (bring ones own). Altogether 3 styling. Contract expiring in May 2023. Thanks!
  2. N

    Korea Artiz Studio Pre-wedding Shoot

    Dear brides-to-be, I’m letting go of my pre-wedding photography package at Artiz Studio. 2 bridal gowns/man suits shooting and 1 casual wear. Will let go at a discount.
  3. W

    WTS Bluebay Wedding Package

    Hi, Letting go a package with Bluebay wedding. We have negotiated for many perks and the package is open to change perks and locations (overseas or local). If you are keen, you can let me know where is your ideal shoot location etc and we can fix a meeting together with Bluebay to discuss...
  4. IK123

    Studio or Outdoor Photography by Z-Wedding (Chris Ling)

    4 Hours Photography Services (All Soft Copies) Or 30 images in 15R album (with soft copy, 30 selected) Complimentary Items: *1 gown for Bride + 1 Groom Suit Casual (Bring Your Own x 2 Sets) Make-up and Hair-do *gown from photography range Current Price: $2996 (After GST) Letting go at $2600...
  5. C

    WTS : Taiwan, Taipei, France Paris Pre-wedding Photoshoots Package

    I am selling away a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot package from Taipei France Paris 法國巴黎 bridal studio. Bridal Shop: 台北市中山北路二段116號 電話:+886-2-2560-1361 傳真:+886-2-2571-8612 Bridal Shop Website : Bought it for $2,288 now selling away to a lucky couple. Package Included: 1...
  6. L

    Letting go AD Photography (10 hrs) w express highlights

    Hi, Due to change of plans, letting go our AD photography package with same day Express Highlights (6 hrs production time) with reputable bridal in Singapore for $1,700. Come with DVD ROM for all photos and 120 prints. Good reviews of the bridal and photographers, they are professional to work...
  7. N

    WTS: Perfect Wedding Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package w 2N complimentary hotel stay

    Hi all, i have a Perfect Wedding pre-wed photoshoot package to let go due to personal reasons at a much lower price than original value. OPEN DATE TILL SEP 2019!!! More details on the bridal shop can be seen here: Facebook Page- Website-...